Favorite National Drinks From All Over The World

Food and drink is center to many traditions all over the world. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduations, even funerals nearly always involve eating and drinking as a way to bond over tradition and experience.

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Much has been written on the favorite dishes of various cultures. There’s not  nearly as much information out there on favorite beverages. So, let’s take a look at beloved national drinks around the world.

England: Hot Tea

It’s not just the stuff of period movies and stereotypes. The English really do enjoy their tea. So much so that there’s a daily meal designated just to the purpose of drinking tea and eating complementary snacks. While tastes vary, for the most part, tea is served hot and without sweeteners. Many still add the traditional boiled milk as well.

United States: Coca Cola

There’s no doubt about it, the United States and Coca Cola are a tightly bound unit. Americans associate Coke with holidays, family gatherings, patriotism, and hard work. It’s difficult to imagine any gathering without coke or one of its competing beverages being served.

Nigeria: Palm Wine

This alcoholic beverage comes from the sap of certain varieties of palm trees. It is also the most popular beverage in Nigeria. There it is called Oguru. Although it is alcoholic, it isn’t made to get people inebriated. Younger versions of the drink only have about 4% alcohol by volume. This amount can go up with further aging. However, palm wine that is aged very long quickly turns into vinegar. It is traditionally served in large quantities at weddings and other important ceremonies.

Spain: Sangria

Sangria is served, in its many varieties all over Spain. It is traditionally made of red wine and fruit.  However sangria blanca, made from white wine is also popular. There is no single recipe for sangria. As a result, many families have their own favorite version of the drink.

South Africa: Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is brewed from a brushy looking plant grown in South Africa. In fact, South Africans frequently refer to it as ‘bush tea’. In South africa the tea is used in the same way that tea is used in the United States and other countries. It is brewed in hot water. Many drink it straight. Others and sweeteners and flavorings to it. It is served hot or cold and used in espresso drinks.

Romania: Tuica

This favorite Romanian drink is made entirely from plums. It is traditional for makers of tuica to ensure that their batches have all been made by the Christmas season. This is because it’s considered undesirable to leave unfinished work until the new year. This drink is then fermented for several weeks. It is then distilled. After it is distilled, it ages in barrels, or may be consumed immediately.

Northern Ireland: Irish Whisky

Irish whisky has endured a real roller coaster when it comes to popularity. It went from being the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Then, by the late 20th century its popularity had dwindled so much that there were a total of three Irish whisky manufacturers worldwide. Fortunately, in the last several years it has enjoyed a real resurgence. If things go according to plan, there will be about 30 distilleries in operation in Ireland in the near future. However, you shouldn’t expect to taste these products any time soon. Irish whisky must be aged properly before sale.

Chile: Pisco

Pisco is a popular brandy that is made in Chile as well as Peru. Unsurprisingly, it is made in the winemaking regions of Chile. This is because brandy is a distilled wine. Because the fruit used in making brandy grows natively in Chile, it costs less money to make the spirit there than to import spirits from other countries. There are several varieties of pisco, each comes from a different variety of grape.

Thailand: Mekhong Whiskey

Mekhong Whiskey is a golden colored spirit that is favored among many of Thailand’s citizens. In spite of being known as a whiskey, it’s actually quite a bit closer to rum in its flavor profile and base ingredients. Mekhong whiskey may be drunk neat or mixed with soda.


Clearly beverages are a strong part of the national traditions of different countries. The food and drinks of different countries are a part of each one’s culture and history. Why not give some of these a try. The next time you’re thirsty, considering bypassing your usual and taste a favorite from another country.