Press logo the difference between transcription and translation in language
The Difference between Transcription and Translation in Language

If you’re interested in working in translations you might have heard some people mention or confuse translations with transcriptions. These two words might sound oddly similar, but they actually don’t have much in common.

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The Relationship Between Globalization and E-commerce

Global market is changing rapidly and constantly, demanding a corresponding flexibility from businesses. Globalization issues prove to be one of the crucial factors when it comes to a brand's recognition and overall viability.

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Clutch Announces Its Top B2B Global Leaders - The Word Point is on That List

As a translation agency that has been serving international enterprises for years, The Word Point is committed to top-notch translation and localization services for businesses/organizations of all types and sizes. Our reputation for superior products and services has now earned us a spot on’s list of global business leaders.

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Content to Localize

A website is a heart of an online business. Therefore it needs to be maintained active, nice and engaging. This post gives some tips on how to deliver your message on a global scale and deal with the competition.

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The Most Important Languages for International Business

Businesses that do business internationally need to work with individuals and organizations who speak a diverse range of languages. If you want to grow your presence abroad, it’s important to appreciate the key languages used by your target demographic. This will help you tailor your written and spoken material to new audiences.

Press logo localization the key to success in an international market
Localization: The Key to Success in an International Market

The benefits of expanding a business internationally can be tremendous. If you can penetrate a new market, you can boost your revenue. You can also expand your talent pool, attracting new workers that bring fresh ideas to your company.

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The Guide to Make a Successful Technical Translation

With the fast development of information technology, companies are getting more opportunities to trade and cooperate with overseas businesses. But a problem is that the language barrier is still a communication issue. And a technical translation is the most challenging part of it.

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Social Media Localization for Business: Why You Should Care

International companies wrongly believe that they can reach global customers simply by launching a multi-language website. But the truth is that today it’s not enough.

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Making You Feel Comfortable This International Translation Day

There is beauty in listening to a new language, but it gets boring if you can't understand what is being said.

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Transcreation: The Evolution in Translation Industry

Transcreation is a term that not many people used to know about. However, nowadays the translation industry has witnessed the growth of inquiries regarding this service. So what is transcreation, exactly, and how does it differ from the well-known translation?



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