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Top Translated Children’s Books of All Time

The Best Translated Book Award has been awarded since 2008. It is given to the best fictional book as well as the best book of poetry that has been translated into English. The translation of literary texts to other languages has always been extraordinarily important.

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International Travel – Surprises That Await You

You have your itinerary. You’ve researched all of the places to visit; you’re booked in the hotels that are best for your budget. You’re “ready to roll.”
International travel is an amazing experience – you’re going to expose yourself to other cultures, eat amazing food, and see things you waited a lifetime to see. But there will be some surprises that you have not anticipated – good and bad.

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What Human Translators Can do That Machine Translators Can Not

Translations services are in no way cheap. Because of this, many people explore the option of using machine translation. While there are some instances where machine translation will work well, it’s not a good idea in the vast majority of cases. This is especially the case when a translation must be accurate and certifiable.

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Tips For Writing an Academic Paper in a Foreign Language

There are a few reasons that you may be given the task of writing academic papers in a foreign language. You might be a student in an advanced foreign language class working under the expectation that all work is done in that language.