Press logo top 4 challenges in agile localization
Top 4 Challenges in Agile Localization

Software development has changed immensely during the last decade, and the need for agile localization has increased accordingly. We went from annual to daily releases in no time and software development needs the agile localization to keep up the pace.

Press logo 5 simple steps for a successful transcreation project
5 Simple Steps for a Successful Transcreation Project

When you want to launch a brand or communicate a goal in another language you need to do more than simply translate your work. What you need is a transcreation specialist, so let’s take a look at what they do, and how they can help.

Press logo hiring an interpreting company 7 things to consider
Hiring an Interpreting Company: 7 Things to Consider

Searching for reliable, professional interpreting services can be stressful. To take the hard work out of the hiring process we’ve created a simple checklist you can work through. It includes key questions you need to ask, plus a couple of considerations you’ll need to make to ensure things run smoothly.

Press logo 10 little translation mistakes that caused big problems
10 Little Translation Mistakes That Caused Big Problems

Speaking a foreign language can be learned, but it’s also something that comes with many challenges. Despite being able to have a conversation in it, grammar rules can be forgotten sometimes, leading to translation errors.

Press logo 5 steps to successful international digital marketing strategy
5 Steps to a Successful International Digital Marketing Strategy

To build a successful international marketing plan, you have to be dedicated and hard-working. It’s not something that will happen overnight, but only through many days and nights of thinking about it and working on it. That being said, you need to step back and think of strategies.

Press logo how to overcome cross cultural barriers in business negotiations
How to Overcome Cross Cultural Barriers in Business Negotiations

Running a business and being successful at it often requires meeting people from all around the globe and doing business with them. Although you have the best possible intentions, it may happen that a business negotiation with someone from a different culture simply goes in the wrong direction and you fail to seal the deal. The reason behind it might be cultural differences.

Press logo how to create an effective multilingual content strategy
How to Create an Effective Multilingual Content Strategy

When it comes to digital marketing, your content marketing strategy is the basis. Everyone company, regardless of how big or small, needs to have a strategic plan on how to produce and publish content for marketing and digital presence.

Press logo 10 examples of eponyms in the english language
10 Examples of Eponyms in the English Language

What is an example of an eponym? “Thanks to his Machiavellian antics, Joe got a promotion that he didn’t earn.” In this sentence, the word ‘Machiavellian’ is a reference to the Italian author, Machiavelli. That’s an eponym. What is an eponym? It’s a word that comes from the proper name of a person or place. Eponyms words can be based on both real and fictional people and places.

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The Word Point is Recognized by Clutch for Outstanding Accuracy in Translation Services

The Word Point specializes in innovation, and we’d like to think that we’ve revolutionized the translation industry as we know it.

Press logo 5 ways cultural values impact marketing ethics
5 Ways Cultural Values Impact Marketing Ethics

Culture is the combination of values, cuisine, beliefs, achievements, traditions, and institutions that a group of people have in common. Culture is something that can be owned by people of the same race or religion, who live in the same geographic region, or any group of people who share the values, beliefs, traditions, etc. listed above.

Press logo lost in translation 6 embarrassing mistakes to learn from
Lost in Translation: 6 Embarrassing Mistakes to Learn From

There’s an old joke involving a monk, living in a monastery, spending his days translating ancient texts. He’s spent his entire life doing this, living under the very ‘restrictive’ rules of monastic life. Then one day, as he’s working, he lets out a tormented yell that can be heard for miles. ‘Oh no! The word was, celebrate!’

Press logo how to protect your brand with trademark translation
How to Protect Your Brand with Trademark Translation

What is a trademark definition? Your trademark can be many things. A trademark translation can be a symbol, element of design, or other signature attributes which uniquely identifies your products and services as your own. and such, trademarks can be applied to signs, brand names, logos, designs, taglines, and other visual elements that are unique to your company.

Press logo 3 reasons why language translation is important for mass media
3 Reasons Why Language Translation is Important for Mass Media

Mass media has the responsibility of covering news from all over the world and sharing it with the entire world. Communicating big news with very large crowds is definitely no easy thing and there are plenty of factors which contribute to this happening successfully. Translation definitely is one of them.

Press logo the difference between transcription and translation in language
The Difference between Transcription and Translation in Language

If you’re interested in working in translations you might have heard some people mention or confuse translations with transcriptions. These two words might sound oddly similar, but they actually don’t have much in common.

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The Relationship Between Globalization and E-commerce

Global market is changing rapidly and constantly, demanding a corresponding flexibility from businesses. Globalization issues prove to be one of the crucial factors when it comes to a brand's recognition and overall viability.

Press logo clutch announces its top b2b global leaders
Clutch Announces Its Top B2B Global Leaders - The Word Point is on That List

As a translation agency that has been serving international enterprises for years, The Word Point is committed to top-notch translation and localization services for businesses/organizations of all types and sizes. Our reputation for superior products and services has now earned us a spot on’s list of global business leaders.

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Content to Localize

A website is a heart of an online business. Therefore it needs to be maintained active, nice and engaging. This post gives some tips on how to deliver your message on a global scale and deal with the competition.

Press logo the most important languages for international business
The Most Important Languages for International Business

Businesses that do business internationally need to work with individuals and organizations who speak a diverse range of languages. If you want to grow your presence abroad, it’s important to appreciate the key languages used by your target demographic. This will help you tailor your written and spoken material to new audiences.

Press logo localization the key to success in an international market
Localization: The Key to Success in an International Market

The benefits of expanding a business internationally can be tremendous. If you can penetrate a new market, you can boost your revenue. You can also expand your talent pool, attracting new workers that bring fresh ideas to your company.

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The Guide to Make a Successful Technical Translation

With the fast development of information technology, companies are getting more opportunities to trade and cooperate with overseas businesses. But a problem is that the language barrier is still a communication issue. And a technical translation is the most challenging part of it.

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Social Media Localization for Business: Why You Should Care

International companies wrongly believe that they can reach global customers simply by launching a multi-language website. But the truth is that today it’s not enough.

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Making You Feel Comfortable This International Translation Day

There is beauty in listening to a new language, but it gets boring if you can't understand what is being said.

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Transcreation: The Evolution in Translation Industry

Transcreation is a term that not many people used to know about. However, nowadays the translation industry has witnessed the growth of inquiries regarding this service. So what is transcreation, exactly, and how does it differ from the well-known translation?

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All You Need to Know About Glocalization

Glocalization is a word that comes from globalization and localization. The context of the usage of the term at the time was marketing, and how companies could offer products and services on a global scale while adopting local consumer preferences and culture in individual countries.

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What Is the Role of Translators in Cybersecurity?

The role of translators in cyber security has never been this paramount. Online users who come across ads or content that is in a foreign language can get suspicious and stay away from these sites. While these sites may contain malicious files, translators may help cyber security experts to learn the architecture and form of these threats.

Press logo the ultimate guide to translate and subtitle your video
The Ultimate Guide to Translate and Subtitle Your Video

Adding subtitles and translations to your videos has become a lot more popular in the last few years and there are many reasons why this keeps happening more and more.

Press logo how to increase market share with effective brand translation
How to Increase Market Share with Effective Brand Translation

​Brand translation is something that should be taken into serious consideration once you decide to go international.

Press logo what the internet of things means for translation agencies
What the “Internet of Things” Means for Translation Agencies

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolves around the interconnection of our computing devices, electronic gadgets, services and systems to the internet on a global scale.

Press logo ce marking and its effects on translation
CE Marking and its Effects on Translation

In today’s global economy, the concept of “free movement” is almost essential for the existence of singular yet interconnected market spaces; an economic system in which services, goods, labour, and capital circulate without hurdles but within pre-stipulated regulations.

Press logo video game localization aspects and challenges
Video Game Localization: Aspects and Challenges

If you are not from this millennial generation, there is a high chance you have played video games in another language as well as with cultural elements different than yours.

Press logo how to measure neural machine translation quality
How to Measure Neural Machine Translation Quality

The concept of machine translation systems has been known and developed for the past 50 years. In the beginning, such systems were used solely and carefully by research entities, large companies and governmental bodies that also helped to finance them.

Press logo overcoming business challenges with translation
Overcoming Business Challenges with Translation

In the globalized world we live in, communication between people from different parts of the world is ever so intense. Similarly, in a corporate context, one of the most common business challenges faced by companies who wish to expand to an international market also has to do with communication.

Press logo what you need to know about managing translation projects
What You Need to Know About Managing Translation Projects

If you have ever worked for a design, advertisement, or marketing agency, for instance, you are probably familiar with the concept of a project – a coalition of temporary activities often done in a group with the focus to develop a service, product, or a unique result of some kind.

Press logo getting started as a freelance translator in game localization
Getting Started as a Freelance Translator in Game Localization

If you’re fluent in more than one language and have a passion for gaming, you may have a bright future as a game translator.

Press logo the role of context in translation
The Role of Context in Translation

Whether you need a few documents translated for a website or are requesting help with a large translation project, we can help.

Press logo create and translate youtube captions
YouTube Captions With Google Translate Help

You already know that there just isn’t a more effective way to reach your intended audience than video.

Press logo interpreter vs translator
Interpreter vs. Translator – What’s the Difference?

At first glance, and correctly so, the difference between a translator and interpreter is the medium through which they actually translate.

Press logo translate your ico for broader impact
Translate Your ICO for Broader Impact

Cryptocurrencies. They are big right now. And they promise to change the entire landscape of financial transactions in the future. Entrepreneurs who are launching startups are now establishing cryptocurrencies and looking for investors in those cryptos to fund their businesses.

Press logo do you use qualified medical translators
What Are The Dangers of Not Using Qualified Medical Translators

What is a medical translation? It is the process of translating any medical document.

Press logo need some business opportunities and ideas
Business Opportunities And Ideas For Small Business Entrepreneurs

For some entrepreneurs, owning a business is a singular venture. They pick one opportunity, pursue it, and that becomes the only source of income that they need.

Press logo attract multicultural consumers
How Marketers Are Using Language to Attract Multicultural Consumers

Today, more than ever in the past, marketers are seeing the value in reaching out to multicultural customers. In some cases, the need is obvious.

Press logo that allow you to work from anywhere in the world
Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World

One of the appealing things about working as a translator is that you can virtually anywhere. You can be a translator from home, if that is appealing to you. If you prefer to travel, you can work pretty much any place that has an internet connection.

Press logo why does your business require content translation
Why Does Your Business Require Content Translation

Does your business need content translation services? There’s a good chance that it might, and for reasons that you may not have considered. Customers, employees, and business partners can all benefit from content translation.

Press logo developing an application
Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile Application

Whether you are creating an app to provide another way for customers to engage with your brand, or you simply have an idea that you believe will be marketable, the time to think about mobile app translation is right now.

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Quick Guide for Improving Your Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2018

For freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses, using social media for marketing is not always clear. Most do have a presence on a few platforms, and use them to post news, special sales or discounts.

Press logo why do our ethical views change when we speak a foreign language
Why Do Our Ethical Views Change When We Speak a Foreign Language

Have you ever wondered how learning languages change you, or if it does at all? The truth is language changes the way we think.

Press logo top translated children s books of all time
Top Translated Children’s Books of All Time

The Best Translated Book Award has been awarded since 2008. It is given to the best fictional book as well as the best book of poetry that has been translated into English. The translation of literary texts to other languages has always been extraordinarily important.

Press logo which industries depend on translation services
Which Industries Depend on Translation Services

It’s possible for nearly anyone to need translation services for one reason or another. The world is getting smaller, and one no longer has to travel far to face situations where they may need to interact with people who speak a different language.

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2 Translation Software Awards Now Belong to The Word Point

It’s hard to be a newcomer in a field as competitive and intellectually challenging as translation. That’s why we can’t help being so excited for receiving FinancesOnline’s 2017 Awards!

Press logo favorite national drinks from all over the world
Favorite National Drinks From All Over The World

Food and drink is center to many traditions all over the world. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduations, even funerals nearly always involve eating and drinking as a way to bond over tradition and experience.