Academic Industry Proofreading Services

In addition to translation services, we also offer academic proofreading services to members of the academic world. Our proofreaders will help you by ensuring that the academic documents that you have had translated are free of any spelling, grammar, formatting, or mechanical errors. They will also ensure that any technical requirements you have are also met. Proofreading services are available for any language.

Academic Proofreading Service Options

If you are already using our translation services for your academic papers, articles, study guides, textbooks, and other documents, you can simply add on proofreading services when you place your order. If you’ve already placed your order, just contact customer service and they will arrange to add that service onto your order. If you have a document that we or another service provider has already translated, you can place an order with us for proofreading services only.

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Why Use Proofreading Services For Translated Academic Documents?

If you are creating, distributing, selling, or sharing academic documents of any kind, you know how important it is to ensure that your content is free from any embarassing spelling, grammar, or structural errors. In the world of academics, even the smallest errors can cause you to use loads of credibility. After all, if there are technical errors in your documents, how can you be trusted to get the facts right? Can you imagine working extremely hard on an important research project or academic article only to have it rejected by people in other locations due to a grammatical error? By using our proofreading services, you have an extra layer of assurance that your document is ready for prime time.

How Does it All Work?

As mentioned above, if you order proofreading along with translation services, the proofreading is simply performed after the document is translated and before it is provided to you. If you have additional requirements for proofreading please let us know when you place your order. If you want to order standalone proofreading services, simply place an order and make arrangements for us to receive the translated document along with the original copy. The proofreader will need both to ensure that they can do their job adequately. When your document is finished, it will then be provided to you. We will also inform you of any changes or corrections that were made.

Why Doesn’t my Translator Proofread as They go?

In general, it is a bad idea for proofreading and editing to be done by the person who translates a document. It takes a second set of eyes to find spelling, grammar, and other similar mistakes. The person who has translated a document is less likely to ‘see’ these things than a proofreader whose only concern is to find and fix errors.

Get Academic Content Proofreading Services Today

If you are preparing to place an order for academic translation services, don’t forget to select proofreading as an add on. You will be glad that you did. If you have a document that needs proofreading, you  may place your order today or contact customer support for help.

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