Manufacturing and Technical Translation Services

Exploding globalization means that those in the technical, industrial, and manufacturing sectors must extend their reaches into foreign markets, as well as set up partnerships with their counterparts in other countries. It is imperative, then, that these business and technical organizations have at their disposal professional and highly trained translators for all of their marketing materials, brochures, software, manuals, protocols and other texts.

Technical translations use is vary spread and we are able to provide translation services for any category. For this reason, there may be several different translators assigned to one client, based upon the complexity. Our agency business model ensures that only a native speaker who also has expertise in technical translation is assigned to each individual project. Whether it is a software app or tool, a use protocol for a piece of machinery, or a marketing brochure - only an expert will assume that project.

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High-tech companies who use us for their translation and localization services, including on-boarding and product training. The most common categories in which our technical translation services are requested:

  • Mobile Technology
  • Software & Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Medical Software and Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • CRM applications
  • Games
  • E-Commerce Purchasing Procedures
  • Booking Software for Travel/Leisure Sites

If tech companies want to get into foreign markets faster, with technical translation services that provide reliability and high quality, we have the expertise to deliver adapted products, data, multimedia, and website/social media copy in over 100 languages. Further, our localization efforts will ensure that your company is presented in the best “light.”

We also ensure that if any glitches and/or bugs should pop up, our 24/7 service will handle it within minutes of it being reported.


In the past, when industrial and manufacturing organization moved into foreign countries, there was little effort made to localize anything. They used their own language and relied on native translators on the ground to interpret instructions, protocols, etc. This traditional method is no longer reliable or effective, because as industries increase their international presence, they are also increasingly utilizing local expertise for management and supervisory positions. And as industry and manufacturing is becoming increasingly more complex and technical, the demand for professional translators has increased as well.

Today raw materials may be secured in one country, travel to another for refinement and parts manufacture, and yet to another for final assembly. All along the way there is a number of people, speaking in their own native languages, who request materials and data to be translated into their native languages.

For industrial and manufacturing companies that communicate in several languages we are here to make that happen.

Our native translators possess degrees and/or career experience in the sectors to which they assigned translation and localization projects. Once a project is completed, we do not let it stand as is. We provide proofreaders, also with niche expertise to double-check everything. When a client receives his/her final product, it is perfectly crafted.

Typical Industrial/Manufacturing Projects

For any of these types of technical translations/localization we are able to do our best:

  • Website and related web-based copy, text and visuals
  • Textbooks, Manuals, Product Specializations
  • Regulatory Manuals, Documentation
  • Manuals for Policies, Maintenance, Repair, Service and HR
  • Training Manuals and Materials
  • Operating Instructions
  • Trade Publications, Reports and Research Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Safety Manuals
  • Call Center Materials
  • Legal Materials – Contracts, Patent Applications, Compliance Reports
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • More

We are ready to work for you, just give us a call and let’s discuss the requirement. We have pros in all industrial and manufacturing sectors who are native speakers in any country in which you are establishing a presence.

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