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Who Represent Our Returning Customers?

We are proud to offer our translation services to businesses of all sizes. We have worked with multinational corporations, small businesses, government organizations, start-ups, and everything in between. TheWordPoint also works with individuals, including students, expats, and solopreneurs. Perhaps, you require official translations of your birth certificate or you simply want to make your personal projects available to people abroad.

If you have never used a translation service before, you may be uncertain as to what you can expect. Fortunately, our friendly team will always be on hand. From the time you place your order, we will treat you as the valued customer you are. Not only do we use human translation, but we also use human customer service!

We are delighted to report that many of our customers return to us time and time again. As their testimonials show, they are impressed by our consistent professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to delivering on time. We have steadily built an outstanding reputation as an online professional translation agency over the years, and are now ranked highly as a translation service company.

Whatever the size of your project, we will consider your needs on an individual basis and produce finely-honed text that will ensure your message fits perfectly with your target audience. Our translation agency has different pricing structures for bloggers, business owners, and those who need the services of a translator with a specialist technical background. If you need a translation service company that truly caters to everybody’s needs, TheWordPoint should be your first choice.

Are Our Prices Comparable to Those of Other Services?

If you have researched other translation services, you may have noticed that we are not the cheapest professional translation agency around. This is for a good reason – our services are simply better than those you’ll find elsewhere.

We use only professional English-speaking translators and writers, which means we deliver top-notch translation every time. What’s more, you will know exactly how much you will pay before we start the project. Visit the homepage to find a simple calculator, check the cost of your project, and place your order. There are no hidden extras. Our translation agency is underpinned by values of honesty and transparency.

We operate a layered pricing model that allows you to choose the best service for your needs. For blog posts, user reviews, and general everyday content, we recommend our Basic service, which is just $0.06 per word. For localization, business documentation, and product descriptions, use our Professional tier service, which is great value at $0.07 per word.

Finally, for those who need a patent, medical report, or other similarly technical translation, we offer a Premium service at the rate of $0.09 per word. This pricing model lets you make an informed choice when budgeting for your project. Whatever your budget, you will always receive human translation; we never use machines!

If you need a translation service company that works with clients with a wide range of budgets, TheWordPoint is the perfect choice.

How Experienced Are Our Translators?

At TheWordPoint, we use only top-quality human translation. Currently, we employ over 30 permanent translation and editing staff, along with approximately 200 handpicked freelancers. Our translators live and operate in over 100 countries. They receive a competitive rate of pay in recognition of their dedication and expertise. Many have accumulated a number of years in the industry, offering translation services to hundreds of clients. All applicants to our translation service company are required to undertake a trial project, and their efforts are carefully scrutinized by our team before the translator is permitted to take on any project.

Translation isn’t just a matter of transposing words into another language; in many cases, a translator will need to possess specialist background knowledge if they are to complete the project to a suitable standard. That`s why our translation agency operates a stringent selection process.

We have had the privilege of working with numerous official bodies in dozens of countries, and have received lots of positive feedback on our translation services. When you entrust your project to us, you can rest assured that you are working with a truly professional translation agency.

What Kind of Documents Do We Translate?

We are a truly versatile translation agency. Whatever kind of document you need translated, we have the right translator for the job. Our staff can translate webpages, software, apps, articles, business documents, technical manuals, academic essays and dissertations, book manuscripts, white papers, scripts for audio and voiceover, and even video games.

We are a professional translation agency, and therefore we understand the extent to which our clients rely on us. When you receive a translation of an official document, it will be accompanied by an affidavit. This affidavit outlines when the translation was undertaken, attests to its accuracy, and states for whom it was written.

Whatever kind of translation services you need, you can rely on our translation service company to produce an accurate and timely human translation.