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Employee manual translation services for accurate translation of employee handbook to Spanish, Chinese and other languages. We guarantee human translators with certifications and expertise in various industries.

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Efficient Employee Handbook Translation Services of HR Manuals

Running a company is a full-time job with constant challenges. Employers have to control their employees, making sure they understand all rules, policies, as well as requirements. It’s easier to deal with it within your country, but in foreign territories, more problems occur.

To be accurate in conveying your demands, you’ll need employee handbook translation services and employee manual translation. If provided by professional experts, this kind of assistance will eliminate all problems you might have as a manager or CEO, building a strong communication bridge between you and your employees. TheWordPoint has been operating in the market for years: our trustworthiness is proven by a long and successful history of our existence.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Why Select Strictly Professional Employee Manual Translation

Considering the number of agencies vying for the attention of customers, it might create a situation where you’d be conflicted as to which firm to pick. The main thing is making an informed decision and taking all relevant factors into account. First, clarify if employee handbook translation could be certified. Second, check firm’s overall ratings. Any mistakes in a manual would mean failed communication, with employees misunderstanding what’s expected from them. It’ll cost you more in the end. TheWordPoint is evaluated highly by its solid client base. Our service has a strict procedure of working with handbooks like this. So, what information do our employee manual translation services cover?

Non-disclosure and conflict of interest policies

Our service translates competition-related rules all employees must obey after they become employed. It’s essential to make them understand that they cannot disclose anything they learn about the company’s inner processes to others.

Anti-discrimination policies

Many workers are concerned about being discriminated against due to their gender, sexuality, race, etc. The clearer your manual is in this regard, the more positive atmosphere is going to be.

Compensation and Benefits

One of the most important aspects for employees is how they’ll be compensated. It’s vital to avoid any mistakes here because it might affect productivity, so employment translation project has to be 100% perfect.

Work Scheduling and Standards of Conduct

Your workers have to understand what you expect from them and how they should behave when representing their company. Our services could adapt schedule and conduct rules in perfect accordance with the original.

Computer Use and General Security and Safety Regulations

Every modern firm deals with computers. Employees have to understand security mechanisms for ensuring data protection. They must also know how to conduct themselves in other circumstances, which is why you require accurate manual translation.

Leave Policies

This is also an important category of company law that requires correct manual localization. Your workers should understand what they could expect in terms of different leaves, and it’s a language expert's job to ensure they do it.

Languages Into Which We Translate Employee Handbooks

Our company provides a whole range of translator services online. But quality should always prevail over quantity. That’s why we approach the process of adding new languages into our base very seriously. First, we make sure that there is a demand for them. Then our HR department starts selecting top specialists who are capable of ensuring 100% quality.

Our linguists cover more than 50 languages, and we keep expanding our focus on a steady basis. Spanish comprises the widest category, so we have the biggest number of certified experts specializing in it. If you require translation of employee handbooks into some rare language that we don’t work with currently, don’t get discouraged! Leave feedback to our operators and we’ll look into it as soon as possible.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

TheWordPoint’s Translators Team

Since we promise our clients a professional and certified translation service, we approach all HR processes extremely thoroughly. Only the best experts are accepted: they submit their CVs, pass language, as well as localization tests, and when they start working, we monitor their activity for about 6 months. Human translation is vital for employee manuals because it ensures smooth comprehension of documents by the target audience. Our company sticks to this principle in each of our work processes, so when cooperating with us, you can relax, knowing that we won’t fail you.

How Do We Ensure Confidentiality?

Security plays a huge role in every translation process. We seek to alleviate the worries of its clients. We accept responsibility for your confidentiality, meaning that we give you a complete legal guarantee that your data won’t be shared with any third parties. Among our services is a special human resources translation security, which helps select only those employees who understand what privacy is and who are professional to their core. So there is no reason to be concerned — your information from handbooks and manuals is safe with us.

Quality Control of Employee Handbook Translation

Our service has several stages of quality checks that we offer for our customers. Naturally, each order is done by a specialist with years of experience. At the same time, we have a team of editors who proofread all orders. If you’d like to ensure it’s done, you could ask for a double quality check — just specify which customer package you are interested in. We also organize testing with sample groups. For example, if you ordered Spanish localization of employee handbook, we find an expert, wait for them to submit their work, and then hire people with Spanish origins to determine how well it would be perceived by others. This helps us stay on top of this market.

Enlist Our Help and Communicate Freely with Your Employees

If you require assistance, we will be glad to be your dedicated helper. We offer certified manual, handbook, immigration, business documentsfinancial documentsCV translation services, etc., so whatever sector matters to you, we’ll cover it. Contact us via our website, indicate required languages, fill in order form with all details related to your manual, and relax. Your employee handbooks and manuals will be perfectly clear and easily readable, bringing communication issues to a minimum.

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We used translators' from this service for the localization of our app Looksar (http://looksar.com/) and everything turned out to be perfect! We have users from all over the world thanks to the English interface and proper localization. You can definitely rely on them if you need expert assistance.

Translation Services

Probably, the best translation company! The support staff is very friendly and helpful, they really care about you and your needs. And of course, the translators are real professionals! I know that I can always rely on them!

Certified Translation

I moved to the USA recently and because of it I needed a quick and quality translation of all my documents from Italian. They did everything on the highest level. I’ve had no problems with the documents at all. Will order only from them if there will be a necessity.

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I work at the event-agency and we often communicate with foreigners from different countries. That’s why I work with this service a lot and they really are a reliable partner in business. Thank you guys for help!

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Outstanding company if you need a professional yet quick translation service! I’ve already ordered from them a couple of times and plan to work further in the future. They have all that you may need from the translation agency. I recommend it to everyone!

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