Employee Manual Translation

Employee Manuals Translations

For both legal requirements/concerns and smooth operations of companies and organizations, employee manuals are commonplace. These manuals provide information for the employee about a host of important topics, as follows:

  • Non-disclosure and conflict of interest policies

  • Anti-discrimination policies

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Work Scheduling

  • Standards of Conduct

  • Computer Use and Security

  • General Security and Safety Policies and Regulations

  • Leave Policies

Order Certified Translation of Employee Manuals

When a company moves into an overseas market and will be employing locals, the employee manual will become a part of their training and will be something that they can refer to when they have questions or issues. That employee manual is just as important for your foreign employees as it is for your domestic ones. And it needs to be translated by a professional who understands the import HR function of an organization, along with its terminology and policy details.

Pre-Translation Activity

Company managers and executives will have to research the laws and customs of the host country so that they may modify and revise their employee manuals accordingly. Once that is accomplished, however, they will then need a native linguist to translate the document into the target language. That’s when they come to The Word Point.

The Word Point Steps In

When they use our service, they are going to get an impeccable translation of a document they can immediately prepare for publication and use – no errors in word usage; no mistakes in verb tense or agreement; no mistakes of using a culturally offensive word or phrase.

Perfect Translations Come from Expert Translators

Many a company has regretted using amateurs for their translation needs. Ultimately, they have to re-do documents and manuals that they already paid for once. This will never happen when The Word Point is used. We are aggressive in our search for qualified linguists who have experiential backgrounds in the sectors for which they translate. And we only employ those who can pass our rigorous screening process. When a client gets one of our translators, s/he has the very best in the industry.

Reasonable Pricing and Meeting of Deadlines

Clients will also discover that The Word Point provides pricing quotes up front and that those quotes are quite reasonable. Pricing is always based upon the complexity and length and the needed deadline. We will also do what we can to keep client costs down as much as possible.

To date, we have never missed a client deadline, we have only been asked to revise a translation on very rare occasions.

We look forward to crafting your employee manuals – give us a call today.

When starting a company with a multi-cultural operations systems, it is important to cater to the needs of all of your employees by providing multi-lingual versions of company documents and manuals. Instruction manuals and employee handbooks are essential facets of every organized company. Professional manuals set guidelines and rules that govern that actions, appearances, and conduct of employees within a company. Therefore, when having a multi-cultural staff in your company, it is important to be certain that all employees can understand the complexities of your company’s manual to ensure that they know how the company is designed to operate. 

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