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SDS translation in accordance with all regulations

SDS translation services are extremely relevant these days since the chemical industry keeps expanding. There are thousands of products being produced, sold, and exchanged within both internal and external markets, and each of them is required to have a reliable safety data sheet accompanying it. 

Your customers, colleagues, and other interested parties want to ensure that what you’re offering complies with global regulations and won’t result in any disastrous consequences. Each country you target needs localization in its official language, and since the subject is vital, you cannot afford any mistakes to happen. That’s why TheWordPoint proposes professional, quality assistance.

SDS Translation In Compliance with Local Regulations

Different world regions have different regulations. As a professional service provider, TheWordPoint can help you get quality translations for both English and Non-English speaking countries. In the US, OSHA dictates the terms, so all MSDS should comply with its 29 CFR1910.1200 standard. At the same time, there is ANSI, another American organization that controls labeling. To translate safety data sheet for British market, people should follow REACH regulation — it’s an entirely new set of requirements. Canada is largely bilingual, so if someone is planning on presenting their MSDS there, they need a translation in both English and French. Our services meet WHMIS demands, meaning that your success in this country is guaranteed.  

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is a more general worldwide framework. Its influence stretches across the US, Canada, and Europe at once: if you’re going global, your material safety data sheet should meet its demands.  Europe also has its individual system that requires all manufacturers to follow 2001/58/EC directive. For China, people need to be aware of GB 16483-2000 rules; in Japan, JIS 27250 is prevalent.

TheWordPoint knows all these intricacies. We don’t merely translate stuff into various languages: we comply with rules of your target countries for specialized projects like SDS translating. All you need is to tell us the directive of which region we should follow, and our services will do the rest.

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What Makes Our Material Safety Data Sheet Translation Stand Out

TheWordPoint strives to meet the needs of all its clients. We ensure the provision of certified translation service by top experts, and our SDS services select them in accordance with the industry they specialize in and the experience they have. For assistance with MSDS, we cooperate only with the representatives of chemical and other related sectors. Your satisfaction with our safety data sheet translation is our main goal, so we work hard for offering you as many benefits as possible.

  • Diverse Languages. Our services work with 50+ languages, which means that linguists could help you cover 50+ different markets for SDS documents. Whether you want assistance with English, French, German, or Chinese, our service has appropriate language experts, and they’ll get to work right away.

  • Complete Safety. We protect our customers, their personal documents, data, identities. If you are dissatisfied with quality you got, you can ask for revision or demand a refund. Our team is going to look into the case quickly and make sure that justice is restored. That concerns deadline, too. If your chemical MSDS translation is late for some reason, we’ll provide full compensation. Our terms & conditions guarantee total confidentiality, so your data are 100% safe — that’s a promise.

  • Affordable Prices. Our technical translating is pretty cheap. We always try to correspond to the market average, which helps us pay the best language specialists while also making prices affordable. As an example, starting price for chemical or SDS projects from English into Spanish is $0.12 per word. Use our tool for price calculation and learn how much your project is going to cost!

  • Human Translating + Glossary Tools. As a certified SDS translation company, we combine the best methods for providing our clients with high-quality work. Only human experts provide assistance — we don’t condone the reliance on machines. At the same time, we use the latest glossary tools to ensure consistency and save your money. In most cases, MSDS files have lots of repetitive phrases. It’s common for technical localization, and with a glossary, our experts cover all such instances at the same time. For example, if your order has 1000 words and 300 of them are repeated phrases, you’ll be charged for 700 words only. This allows us to work more quickly while bringing you a bonus in the form of lower costs.

Get Quality MSDS Translation Services and Meet All Standards

 Whatever task you have for us, TheWordPoint will be happy to fulfill it. We’ve been providing SDS translating services for a while now, and we have only positive feedback. We guarantee that we’ll treat your order with all efficiency we’re capable of. Our options are diverse, so you could ask for any kind of assistance, including business, creative, or film script translation service. There is also a USCIS translation service to accompany your English SDS tasks if you need them. Contact us and explain what help you require. We’ll ascertain that you receive your accurate project just on time!

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