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Let our pros help you translate and localize your video game for any foreign audience. We work with all gaming formats and programming platforms.

Video Game Localization Services for Developers

When you are ready to move your computer game into a global market, video game localization services will be critical. As you place it into a foreign-speaking market, that game should provide an exciting user experience. When its interface resonates in players’ own language, along with the necessary cultural, linguistic, and other adaptations, you’ll have a “winner” with that audience. 

So, exactly how do you find service that does all of this right? The fact that you are here tells us that you are thinking about TheWordPoint. Our services are here to tell you that you’ll be making the best choice with us. And we are about to tell you why that is.

Choosing Video Game Localization Company

First, you need to understand what video game localization involves. If you think it is just a matter of translating language and conversations and superimposing it into your game, you are dead wrong. Suppose, for example, there is a character that uses English expression, “When pigs fly!”, consider how someone in China, Spain, Germany or any country in Africa would understand or interpret that comment. They wouldn’t have a clue. And suppose in your video game, a younger person’s comments to an older person were disrespectful. How would that go over in Japan? Not well. At the same time, original purpose of game author must be preserved. It’s not just a matter of finding video game translator. It’s a matter of finding an agency that has native-speaking pros and programming specialists who work together to produce a product that provides an amazing user experience for foreign audiences. 

Hundreds of agencies offer video game translation. But what they actually provide are amateur linguists who may be fluent in a target language, but who are not natives of that language. They may translate text and audio/video materials, but there’ll be no localization of language, dialogue, and cultural norms. As you consider any service, ask lots of questions. Do they use native language specialists? Do their translators meet international standards? How much experience do they have in translation and localization? What is their process for doing all of this? You want detailed answers to these questions. At TheWordPoint, we welcome such questions and are happy to discuss all details of your game and our localization process.

Experts with International Certifications

Our translators meet all standards of international certification organizations and associations.

Only Human Translation

Machines don’t localize. We use only human native experts for all translation and localization.

How Video Games Localization Works at TheWordPoint

If you developed a video game, you understand the amount of work involved. But you may not understand the amount of work involved in games localization, if it has to be done right. And TheWordPoint does it right. Here are the steps involved when you choose our services:

  • Language and cultural review. A native-speaking video game translator pours through the game, reviewing all of its language and cultural aspects. He identifies the text, the dialogue, and the multimedia elements that would confuse or offend the target audience so that they can be altered. A listing is prepared and presented to the client for explanation and approval. These changes will likely involve some coding changes, but our services have the experts to accomplish this too.
  • Translation of Manuals and Guides: If your video game comes with these, they’ll also have to be translated by experienced game localization company.
  • Voice-Overs. We are one of only a few services that provide voice-over options. You’ll prefer this because characters’ voices (sarcasm, joy, sadness, anger, etc.) remain true to the “storyline.” And we synchronize the voice-overs (dubbing) so that they speak exactly as the characters do in the original version.
  • Quality Control and Testing: Once the project is complete, the video game translator reviews it completely, ensuring that there are no “bugs” or other issues. Then our services conduct sample testing with a few members of the target audience and get that feedback. We pass that feedback back to the customer along with suggestions for changes, based upon those comments.
  • Translation/Localization of Website: If you have an official website dedicated to your product, our game localization agency also modifies it for the target language and audience.

As you can see, there is a great deal to be considered when you look for a video game localization service and these are just the ‘tip of the iceberg,” to use an American expression. When a game is localized for foreign audience, every aspect, element, and feature must be analyzed and evaluated, and then adapted for that audience. 

Localization Company that Works with Any Platform or Format

We at TheWordPoint have spent years developing a professional translation and localization staff so that we can work with any client platform. Experts can localize your product for PC, Mac, or Linux, depending upon your original version. Further, if you have developed the original version for any of the common systems – PlayStation 3 or 4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, or and Nintendo Wii, our services have localization video games experts to work with those.

Another current trend is AR and VR. We have the experts on board to accomplish this in the translation/localization process. Our services also work with localization for handheld devices and mobile devices – Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile are all available.

Only Human Translation at TheWordPoint

One of the mistakes that people in need of translation and localization for foreign audiences make is choosing a video game translation agency that uses machine translation technology. They do so because such translation methods are fast and quite cheap. Here’s the thing about machine translation. It is getting much better, especially with artificial intelligence, so that those machines continue to learn. 
But for translations that involve the complexities that video games do, use of machine translation will be a disaster. Not only will the language be of poor quality, but cultural complexities also will never be modified correctly. That’s why only human translation and localization are used by us. An experienced video game translator is the only way for video-game to be correctly prepared for a foreign audience. Don’t waste your money on company that uses machine translations – you get just what you pay for.

How Do You Choose Foreign Audiences?

Before entering a foreign market, most businesses conduct research to see if there is a market for their product or service. While we do not conduct market research for our clients, we can certainly make suggestions, based on the type of game and what our translators have to say about, which are suitable for their native regions or countries. This is a major advantage of using our game localization agency – you have the benefit of recommendations from people who understand the cultures you are considering.

Our Pricing

As a video game translation agency, we do as much as possible to keep costs reasonable. But with video-games, there are some variables involved. We do have some package deals - check those out and choose one you believe will suit your project best. Barring that, please feel free to contact us, and let’s discuss the project in detail, and we’ll provide a price. Once you have chosen package or we have settled on a price, that is the final cost. There are never hidden fees or charges.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

We protect the personal information of all clients and never share such with a third party.

We Work with Any Original Platform or Format

We have experts for any gaming platform or system and for any device

Let Us Be the Bridge to Your Global Market

When you bring your video game localization project to us, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Let’s talk about your creation; let us help you find the most suitable markets; let’s talk price, and then let our exceptional pros go to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust a video game translator from TheWordPoint?

Absolutely. First, our services provide only human translations, never machines. Second, each of our pros is assigned to translation and localization projects based upon the native regions and countries they come from. They are not only experts in their fields of translation/localization but act as “consultants” regarding cultural norms and standards.

What genres of video games do you translate?

The short answer is any type of game – action/adventure, card games, puzzles, educational, etc. And our game translation service works on projects for any age group – children, teens, and adults.

Do you hire native linguists?

All of our translators are native to the countries or regions to which they translate any of our clients’ projects. Our services do not hire translators that have only developed fluency in target language. They cannot have the intimate knowledge of the culture that native linguist has.

How long does a localization project take?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some projects are more complex than others. Our video game localization service works with urgent deadlines. The best way to determine the length of the process is to contact us, provide details of the project, and let us analyze it. We then discuss a reasonable time frame for completion with you. We do not sacrifice quality for speed.

Is localizing a game worthwhile?

This is not simple question, nor does it have a simple answer. Game localization can be a complex project. But, if you choose your foreign markets carefully, and game translation service helps you do this, you can realize great growth and profits over time. The cost for such localization depends on several factors – the amount to be translated and localized, the target language(s) (some are obviously more complex than others), and the choice to have quality assurance testing before launch. Your best bet is to submit a pre-order, attach your current version of the game, and let us analyze what will be involved. We’ll quote you the most reasonable price possible.

What languages to localize your game into first?

We have analyzed Internet users and their native languages, online sales volumes overall, as well as iOS App Store revenue for each country. So, here are top 5 languages for localization that our video game translation services recommend: 
English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German.

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Game Localization

I am a solopreneur who has developed six video games that have found a great market niche in the U.S. when I first thought about localizing games for foreign markets, I was nervous. A friend had an app localized by TheWordPoint and recommended you. First project finished, and I am thrilled.

Game Localization

I have a small company of nerds, and we develop video games. When we decided to take our first game international, we didn’t know of any video game localization companies. Our first choice was a disaster and damaged our reputation a bit. Our experience with TheWordPoint was wholly different and certainly refreshing. We have now used you guys for two localizations – what a difference, having an actual professional agency. We’re coming back for more.

Game Localization

We knew our game was perfect for a Japanese audience, and Word Point took on the project with gusto. Many thanks to our native consultant/translator/localizer. We are seeing solid growth in our new market. You guys are obviously localizing game experts, and we’ll be back.

Game Localization

Not only did we need our game localized for a German audience, but we also had a manual to be translated and a website to be localized. All three were done perfectly by thear German expert. Thanks for a great job from your localization games experts.

Game Localization

We wanted to move our game to African audiences. And we also knew that it had to be developed for mobile devices because other infrastructures are not in place for most people. We chose three countries, got a native from each of them, and they took our gaming app and localized it perfectly for Android and iOS devices.

Game Localization

We knew we had a market for two of our games in Asia. We were not sure which countries to begin with. After talking with you, we decided on South Korea and Vietnam. You provided native localization experts from both countries, along with the coding experts to modify our elements for the cultures of those audiences. We are on a path to success in both places, thanks to you.

Game Localization

We did not really understand all the pre-planning that goes into localizing a game for a foreign market. Luckily, you people have the experience and were able to walk us through all the planning and options before you actually began the work. The result is a perfect game localization that has surpassed all of our expectations.

Game Localization

We have created a video game and need some professional translators to help us with the English and German versions of it. Luckily we have found this service. Their experts did a good job, having translated all the text in a week. In the future we will definitely use their help again.

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