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Developing and designing computer games is exciting on all accounts. Many developers are extremely passionate about their creation, hoping to share it and make it popular. When success on local level isn’t enough, people expand to new international markets. Such a decision requires the use of video game localization services. Only language experts can help with translation and adaptation of content to a language of a target region.

If your game enters foreign markets, more people are going to play and love it. This will increase your profits and enhance your reputation. Localized games also enjoy boosted visibility, but before you can reap these rewards, you’ll have to find a trustworthy service. TheWordPoint is an expert in localization, and there are several reasons for it.

Look for the Best among Video Game Localization Companies

When one is searching for a chance to realize your localization projects, they come across companies advertising their services. The most important thing is to avoid making wrong choice. Primarily, learn about services and decide what assistance you require not to get scammed.

Localization means that every part of a game is going to be adapted to the norms of a target country. Text, audio, or video materials should not just be grammatically fluent and semantically clear — they must feel natural to the foreign audience while preserving the initial meaning put in by the author. For example, a joke or an innuendo clear to Americans could be bewildering or not at all funny for the Chinese or the UAE citizens.

TheWordPoint has been operating for many years, earning the reputation of a reliable service that numerous clients keep returning to. Our experts pay attention to every detail, from terminology to jokes and other contextual situations. Our service covers more than 50 languages, so if you hire us, you can ask for German, professional Japanese translation, or Chinese translation, and you won’t be disappointed.

How Video Game Localization Service Operates

As a service that functions on global level, we want you to be aware of what localizing process includes. It’s not something as simple as when an expert takes a game and starts translating it. No, this system is more complicated as we are extremely thorough in our approach.

  • Linguistic and cultural considerations. The first thing our specialists do is evaluate cultural and linguistic coding peculiarities of text involved in a game. They are adapted in accordance with standards of target population.
  • Manuals and guides. Our employees additionally work with manuals you might have devised to facilitate user experience. They’ll translate them to any language as well as localize based on cultural preferences.
  • User interface and multimedia elements. These two aspects are often overlooked, but our service never misses them. Our service sees a game not merely as a set of events but as wholesome package, so we take note of every little detail.
  • Voice-over. Being one of the most known game localization companies in the market, we provide voice-over translation services. Your characters would sound as sarcastic, sophisticated, etc. as they do in your native language.
  • Dubbing scripts. Dubbing is among the most sought out services that our service provides. Subtitles could be effective too, but dubbing enhances the sense of authenticity.
  • Game testing. We don’t release finished products until we conduct sample testing. Special tester from target market plays a game and composes a report on every element, telling us if there are some errors.
  • Localized official website. We offer to localize site for your game if this is something you’d like. It’ll be easier for potential players from other countries to find it and become interested.

Platforms TheWordPoint Supports

As a service that focuses on game and software localization, we strive to remain flexible in assisting our customers. Games work on variety of platforms, and there is no saying which of them clients chose. To address this issue, we implemented several strategies that allow our video game translator to be experienced in all of them. So, if your product is oriented toward PC, Mac, or Linux, we’ve got you covered. If you developed it on the basis of Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, for Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, or for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, we’ll work with them.

Our technology is diverse and we always keep up with modern trends. In case your product type falls into VR sector, we’ll fulfill your task flawlessly. Our employees serve casual, downloadable, as well as MMO products. We also work with handheld 2DS, DSi, 3DS, iPad, or Sony PlayStation Vita. If you would like us to operate on the basis of mobile handsets, it’s not a problem, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile are our expertise. If you have any questions or want clarifications, just let us know, we’ll be glad to address them.

Human Translation for Accuracy

On the one hand, localized app or game might seem like something that can be easily automated. On the other, it’s a mistake that lots of inexperienced companies make. Even if editing is applied later, your content won’t sound natural because machine translation is always noticeable. Video game translation must be personal. An expert should conduct an actual cultural analysis for knowing which moments require reworking, what alternative context should be provided while still maintaining the essence of the original, and how to present your text so that it’s understandable for target language speakers. Our experts know all peculiarities and implement them in their projects.

What Language to Choose First?

The first obvious choice is English. If your game has been created in any other language, this is the area you should tackle from the start. If it’s already done or if your product is already in English, consider targeting large markets where your creation would be most suitable. For instance, Chinese and English to Korean is a great choice, but only some types of games have a chance of becoming popular there. Russian is a safe bet because millions speak it and the majority are open toward pretty much any plot. You should additionally consider German or Japanese, but in the end, for making a final decision, learn as much about gamer market as possible.

Localization Costs at TheWordPoint

We try to keep our prices affordable for encouraging more people to consider hiring us. So, our video game localization services cost starting at $0.24 per one word. There is also a premium package with an extra quality check that’s worth $0.36. Note that the overall quality doesn’t suffer because we employ only tried and tested professionals. Read details and choose a package you are interested in most. No hidden rates or fees will apply.

Share Your Localized Game with the World

If you hope to receive excellent game or site localization, hire TheWordPoint and let us help you. Tell us more about your creation, indicate details like platforms it’s used for, and make sure you find the price satisfactory. After this, our expert is going to start working, and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the results. We’ll be happy to serve as a bridge connecting you with international markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I trust video game translator from TheWordPoint?

Yes, we provide a complete guarantee that our employees are highly trained specialists who have turned translation into art. They all have years of professional experience behind their shoulders. We constantly make sure they stay in top shape.

  • What genres of video games do you translate?

We don’t discriminate against any genre, so whatever your game is, we will be happy to take care of it and provide you with excellent localization.

  • Do you hire native linguists?

Yes, it’s one of our requirements. Every linguist works only with their native language because we want to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our employees are natives who live all over the world and work remotely but we stay in touch 24/7.

  • How long does a localization take?

It depends on several factors. Of course, we prefer to give our experts at least several weeks to work on project, but if you are impatient and need it sooner, we could gather our team who’ll deliver it to you by your deadline. Note that such service could cost a bit higher.

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