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Why would you need a translated copy of your marriage certificate? There are actually quite a few reasons. Imagine moving to a new country and trying to enroll your child in school. Your child and you have different last names because you have recently remarried. Chances are, the school will need to see proof of that before you can finish this process. Now, think about travelling to a foreign land where your spouse becomes ill suddenly. You need to be able to visit your spouse in the hospital and to make important medical decisions for him. If you cannot prove you are married, you might be denied important rights or access.

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These are just a couple of scenarios, there are many others. It boils down to this. If you travel or move to another country, you need to have a translated copy of your marriage certificate with your important travel documents. It should also be a certified copy that is acceptable in your destination country. This means you cannot try to do this yourself or have a friend or acquaintance do the work. You must have this done by a certified translator. Fortunately, at, we work with translators from all over the world who are certified and who know the document requirements of the countries to which you will be going.

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Let’s be honest. You’ve spent a lot of time organizing your move or vacation. You’ve secured passports, purchased airline tickets, dealt with rental car companies and hotels, and packed boxes and suitcases. You’ve scoped out places to live. You might have even spent time studying the language and culture of your destination country. Then there are work and student visas to contend with. Getting a translated copy of your marriage certificate might not be on your radar. In fact, as you are reading this, you might be just a day or two away from leaving. You might even be in your destination country already. Don’t panic. In most cases, we can find a translator easily, and they will be able to get your document to you quickly. If there is any sort of emergency, please let us know so that we can expedite your request.

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Don’t be caught in an emergency situation without these important documents. We have contacts with certified translators all over the world. Our rates are very reasonable, and you will be impressed with how dedicated and professional your translator is. Contact us today and we can begin helping you immediately.

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