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Arabic Translation Services for Your Arabic Projects

Arab countries are a great place to do business because of high economic development. To start activities in these countries, people from the West turn to certified Arabic translation services. Middle Eastern countries also have great opportunities for traveling because they have a unique culture that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Accurate Arabic translations are the key to Arab world. They’ll allow you to succeed no matter what you do.

What We Offer

We provide a vast array of services that cover all your needs and give all kinds of assistance, including:

  • Localization. We know that Middle Eastern culture is different from the Western. Our English to Arabic translation services will localize your marketing materials or games for target audiences. Things that are okay for a Westerner can be inappropriate for Easterner, so localization is important.

  • Transcription. We can provide transcription to and from Arabic for any audio files or records. You can further use it for scripts, subtitles, lectures.

  • Voice-overs. People prefer when games, series, films, documentaries have native voicing. That’s why we offer professional voice-over services for any needs.

  • Arabic certified translation. Business operations in a foreign country are impossible without certified papers. Also, work or marriage immigration will require lots of certified documents. Hire certified language translator for your immigration documents. Always have all papers with you to avoid problems with authorities.

  • Proofreading. We can proofread documents of any difficulty or industry. Our attentive professionals will check your paper for any lexical, stylistic, or grammar mistakes.

We Translate for Any Industry

The Arab world has a well-developed government, touristic, legal, business industries. Our experts give you professional Arabic translation in all spheres.

Arabic Medical and Healthcare Translations

Many healthcare professionals around the world study Arabic language to work in the Middle East. Medical sphere has opportunities for doctors because it’s one of the most developed in the world. To work as a doctor, you need documents that are hard to translate on your own. Also, patients turn to us for personal documents, for example, to translate vaccination record for hospitals. Trust your medical documents to us. We successfully deal with patient medical records, clinical tests, physical therapy notes, etc.


Different countries have various legislation and requirements for legal documents. That’s why a skilled legal professional who knows language is a must-have. When such a person translates your legal document, you may be sure that they are one hundred percent accurate and meet standards. Our Arabic document translation services can work with legal regulations and procedures, letters of intent, terms and conditions, divorce petitions, regulations, court releases, etc.

Arabic Business Translations

Many business people connect with their colleagues each day. Arab world has wide opportunities for companies that want to enter business market or import goods. Such operations need lots of documentation like bills, income and bank statements, payroll reports, balance sheets. We’ll gladly give Arabic to English translation service of any difficulty.

Arabic Technical Sphere

Technical documentation is important for various industries like manufacturing or IT. That is why companies that enter the market need localization of their catalogs, business plans, specifications, user manuals, instructions, press releases, etc.


Government and public sectors need diplomatic translations in Arabic. When a company expands into an Arabic country, it should mind all laws and regulations. The language of government papers is intricate. Only native-speaking specialists in diplomatic sphere can provide culturally sensitive translation that’ll appeal to Eastern people. Our government experts will do their best to help you with the documents.


Many people think that machine translation for their website is okay. They believe that English is a lingua franca for everyone. Still, they prefer to see websites in their native language. Sites need web localization before they appeal to the target audience. People in the East read texts differently, use different page layouts, have different cultural codes. Images that are okay for a Westerner may outrage Arab people, so websites need 360-degree localization.

Arabic Marketing Translation

Every product or service needs proper marketing. You may have a perfect campaign, but without a good localization, it might be ruined. Even large companies like Coca-Cola or Nike failed their campaigns because of bad localization. Do not repeat their mistakes and order accurate, creative online Arabic translation which will win loyal customers. You may need slogans, brand names, content, leaflets, marketing agreements.


Sure, tourism is one of the most developed spheres in Arab world. If you collaborate with these countries in the sphere of tourism, you’ll need lots of written materials. These may include marketing materials, legal documentation, certifications, employee documents, and more. 

Only Human Arabic Translators

Today, translation machines are on the rise. They get smarter and smarter each day and allow translators to work faster and be more efficient. Still, we prefer human translation, because there are certain things that the machine cannot do. A machine cannot handle certification because it needs certain skills. Also, they cannot localize Arabic texts or be creative. That means, they lose to Arabic human experts who are more attentive in details and provide a better, more accurate translation. Our agency always provides human translation. We employ native speakers who help your documents appeal to people.

What Makes Us the Best 

We always ensure that we provide the best accuracy, quality of service, speed, and price. Our clients mention these benefits that differ us from other services:

  • Accuracy. Our document translation online always has top accuracy because our native speakers work restlessly to provide proofread, error-free papers. We do strict quality checks for each order to ensure the best quality.

  • Quick delivery. We meet anyone’s needs. Our team will meet any deadline because we understand that requests can be urgent. Customers order our services to fit their tight schedule, so we always deliver documents on time.

  • Affordable prices. Our Arabic translation company has a unique pricing policy. Our prices are a little below the marketing average, and we have a transparent pricing policy. We charge for words, not pages, which is more convenient and saves your money.

  • Glossary memory tools. These useful tools help us search words and word combinations in our broad databases and correctly render them.

  • Human experts. Our clients admit that they easily spot machine translation. That is why they always ask us for human translation that is more accurate. They say that machine formulations and word choices may be funny or completely miss the point.

Languages and Culture of the Arab World

Arabic language has a long and tangled history. More than 300 million people speak it today, so it is the fifth most common language in the world. This language is related to Hebrew and Aramaic. 

People see Middle Eastern countries as exotic and mysterious. These countries have a rich history. There are officially 22 countries in the Arab league. They mostly situate in Northern Africa and the Middle East. 

Not only your texts, but your gestures also need a kind of translation into Arabic. This culture has a body language that is different from Western. It’s okay to shake hands for longer. Also, it’s normal when men hug and kiss each other on each cheek. This is a common gesture used between friends or colleagues. Business culture is also different - Arabic people prefer to get to know a person before they start a business relationship.

The language has many dialects. Almost every country that belongs to the Arab world has its local dialect. Still, there exists Classical Arabic, which is very formal. People rarely speak it. Usually, everyone speaks Modern Standard Arabic, which is easier. People all across Africa and the Middle East use it as a lingua franca. You can hear it on TV, read in newspapers, or in books. 

Choose Our Arabic Translation Service for Your Documents

Arabic language is beautiful and complicated, as well as Arab countries. Translating for them is not easy because of cultural or language differences. Still, such service is very popular because some companies and skilled employees head to Arabian countries. These countries offer new opportunities and open new horizons. Our service provides the highest quality documents in different dialects that meet any needs and deadlines. Place an order now to experience all the benefits of our service.


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Arabic Translation

One of my projects on the works is making content on Middle Eastern culture. After having all my content down, I realized I needed the help of someone who is knowledgeable in Arabic to help me translate my content. After being introduced by a friend, I have been using TheWordPoint in all my translation needs. Definitely a reliable team to work with!

Arabic Translation

TheWordPoint is such a hassle-free team to work with when it comes to translation services. I decided to let my mother live with me in Egypt, however, we needed to have her immigration documents translated to Arabic. The translators provided by TheWordPoint were such professionals, and the security and confidentiality of my documents are very much assured!

Arabic Translation

As someone who produces various educational content on YouTube, I wanted my videos to reach audiences from other non-English speaking countries. When I asked TheWordPoint for help in my Arabic translations, my videos got subtitles quickly and with perfect timing. Thank you for making this easy and possible for me.

Arabic Translation

I was sent a translated Arabic text of my recent lecture, however, I was doubtful of the accuracy of the translation. Upon knowing that TheWordPoint offers proofreading services, I did not hesitate to get their services. As expected, I was told there were a lot of grammatical issues in the original text, and the translator from TheWordPoint pointed them out to me properly. They were such a great help!

Arabic Translation

TheWordPoint should be your go-to team for when you need quality and reliable translations. Our company needed various supplier communication documents to be translated into their language, specifically Arabic and Japanese, and they delivered superb results.

Arabic Translation

I’ve long been looking for a service team that can translate my lectures to Arabic for a collaboration with a professor in Saudia Arabia. Thanks to TheWordPoint, my ideas are expressed very well in English and communication has been smooth between me and the professor. Thank you for the excellent job!

Arabic Translation

I was looking for research materials for my Master’s degree thesis on Business Administration. One of the blogs I found discussed relevant topics to my research, however, they were in Arabic. As a long time customer, I did not hesitate to contact TheWordPoint to translate the blog for me. They did not disappoint, as usual!

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