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Many factors affect translation rates, including task volume & urgency, language, and industry involved. Learn more with us and calculate your cost.

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Translation Rates Explained

It’s not a secret that translation rates per word differ depending on a project. Many people have no idea why it happens and what affects the final price. Confused and frustrated, they might start trying service after service in a hope to find some consistency, but unfortunately, there is no one answer and no specific rate set in stone. The best you could hope for is to find a company with a system of simple pricing, where everything is detailed from the start and no hidden charges are present. 

Calculating your rate online is a big advantage, and TheWordPoint localization agency provides these services and more. With us, you have no reason to worry about paying more than expected: we have strict yet simple guidelines that reveal every reason affecting the cost of our work. It allows our clients to understand how much they’ll be paying and why.

Shedding Light on Our Translation Rates

As a professional company that has been operating for the benefit of its customers for many years, TheWordPoint has learned how to anticipate their needs and answer their questions before they are even asked. Numerous clients worry about rates because they want to be sure no one is deceiving them by demanding more than a service is worth. We know that the best tool for alleviating such doubts lies in knowledge. When people are informed about all the details, they start to understand how things work and stop worrying. Here are five drivers of a price you should know about.

  • Number of words in the text to be translated

The most basic difference between translation costs is explained by the volume of task. If you want us to translate 10 pages of content for you (which is about 3000 words), it’s naturally going to cost more than project comprising only 2 pages (600 words).

  • Language pairs

The thing you might not know is that every language is unique and has its own rate. So, when you choose language pair, this price begins to change. Some combinations are very rare, so finding a professional for them isn’t easy. Others are extremely popular and in high demand, so they might also cost more. Pairs that are average in popularity tend to be the cheapest. Watch the trends in this industry to track the shifts and know what you should expect when hiring translators.

  • Industry & Complexity of subject matter

Another factor that affects rate can be noticed when you select industry online. You’ll see that more specialized spheres cost more: they include technical, legal, medical, and other similar sectors. Translations rates for general or personal use translations are lower. Subject complexity is also relevant: the more definitions, laws, terms, etc. are involved, the more difficult it is to provide perfectly accurate translation, hence the higher worth. 

  • Urgency

In TheWordPoint, we have two types of deadlines: regular and upon request. Typically, we set 2 weeks for average project completion. It’s our default rule, but we understand that lots of customers require urgent assistance. For this aim, we’ve developed special request option where you tell us what your deadline is and we follow it as promised. The hotter an order is, the more it costs, so keep this in mind when deciding on contacting services.  

  • Document format

We value the convenience and satisfaction of our clients above everything else, so we are ready to work with any format you provide us with. But some extra time might be required for several such tasks — for instance, if they involve a text embedded in an image instead of a usual Word file. Some customers also ask to type their handwritten notes before translating them. These services have a higher rate due to the increased amount of time they consume, so consider this factor when placing an online order.

Tips to Help You Understand How It Works

For helping you achieve the lowest prices, we have several tips to offer. First, plan a project in advance. Don’t wait until the last moment when hours or days are left — the less urgent your deadline is, the less you’re going to pay. We also recommend submitting content in an editable format if possible. Try to convert images into text yourself before attaching the files. Think carefully about how many words your work needs. TheWordPoint will follow your instructions to a T, so your word is going to be our command.

Practical Examples of Translation Cost Per Word

To be more specific about what cost differences you should expect, we’ve prepared a list featuring nine most popular language pairs. Each of them offers data about the rate you’d have to pay when hiring TheWordPoint to deal with your project. If you are interested in other combinations, just calculate them through our website.


Language Pair

Price per word:
Personal Content

Price per word:
Technical Document

Price per word:

Personal Content Technical Document

English to Chinese



English to Spanish



English to French



English to German



English to Arabic



English to Russian



English to Japanese



English to Korean



English to Italian




Quality of Translation: Rules, Standards, Procedures We Maintain

TheWordPoint strives to provide fast translation services, but quality remains our priority no matter how urgent the deadlines are. Our translating rates are moderate in comparison to market average, yet we’ve been maintaining our excellent reputation throughout the years. There are several tactics we apply for this.

We recruit only professionals whose experience can be confirmed via education or work history. There are times when we give recent promising graduates a chance, but all in all, only those who have already got a chance to prove themselves are considered for a position. We study their CVs, then offer them an opportunity to pass tests. Their eventual translator rates might depend on the results. Language test happens first: we check how well the candidates understand the specifics. Then there is an actual translating task. It helps us realize where a person is capable of working with text and if their style corresponds to our requirements.

Team of Professional Translators

We make sure to practice only human translation, and for this, we need people we could trust. That’s why we favor those candidates who have received certification from organizations like ATA. It means they are capable of providing online certified translation services in accordance with the highest standards, leaving you satisfied. All these nuances assist us in offering you a flawless service.

Delivery Mechanics: Choosing the Easiest Way

After you paid translations fees and a specialist started working, a question our customers have is, how will they receive a completed order? We propose several options — just decide which one is more convenient and we’ll use it for delivering a project. First, you could access a file via your account. It’s going to be there right on your deadline, ready for downloading. We could also send it via email so you could receive it on time without having to check whether it has become available.

Let Us Help You Breach International Walls

TheWordPoint is eager to help you with any project of yours: just look at our offers, calculate translation prices per word via the online system we provide on our site and share details. An expert will be assigned right away. Trust us to meet your demands and alleviate all concerns you have.


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