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There is an interesting phenomenon in the linguistic market: finding professional Bulgarian translation services is not an easy task. While this language is common and over 10 million people use it daily, good translators who understand not only grammar and vocabulary but also the unique content are hard to come by. Website developers, game creators, writers, researchers, businessmen, and people who hope to travel and need to get their documents in order — there is a vast number of individuals who need translation for their specific sphere. TheWordPoint offers professional translation services for most of them. Bulgarian is just one language among the 50+ supported, and we could complete your project quickly and effectively. See what we offer to know what you should expect.

Experts with International Certifications

Our experts received certifications that confirm their expertise on a global level

Only Human Translation

We do not engage in machine translation: our clients receive help from experienced human experts

Types of Services from and into Bulgarian You Could Request from Us

We do not merely offer Bulgarian translation services to our customers. Over years of work in the linguistic industry, we managed to build an incredible team of diverse translators who excel in different spheres. If you want certified help because your documents have legal value, tell us: our experts have international certificates like from ATA, so we provide this option. There are also localization services for those who require an extra careful approach. If the unique tone of your text matters a lot, we’ll find the best localizers who understand the culture of your target audience.
TheWordPoint could do Bulgarian translation for audio or video files. Place a request, specify its details, and we’ll take care of it. Our translators support different formats. We could extract the content and translate it or organize translation with a voice-over. Adding a great-sounding voice to your video will enhance it in the best kind of way. Finally, there is proofreading. If you already have your project but think it has flaws, hire us to correct them. Our editors and proofreaders are among the best in this industry. 

We Translate English to Bulgarian for Every Industry

Our clients represent different industries. This is why our company hires experts who can provide document translation services across every known sector. Each employee is a specialist in their chosen sphere: they are capable of handling any translation request accurately. Take a look at the most common industries:

  • Legal. Obviously, we translate Bulgarian to English in the legal sphere — it’s the most popular option since people always need legal assistance. Our experts can handle your documents, contacts, invoices, and other documents. In most cases, you’re going to need USCIS translation services for this sector. We will gladly help with it.
  • Medical. This is the second most common industry we keep getting requests for. Medical Bulgarian to English translations usually involves patient records and recipes from a doctor, research articles, vaccination records, etc.
  • Technical. These translations are diverse. They involve apps, manuals, safety documents, regulations, reports, and similar projects. There are IT and other technical specialists who handle these orders professionally.
  • Business. Numerous people have business dealings. We would gladly find a good Bulgarian to English translator who’ll adapt your business plan, help you figure out a contract, communicate with employees via paperwork, and so on.
  • Financial. Financial documents are needed in every sphere. To translate an invoice, report, or tax form correctly, you should engage only top experts.
  • Advertising & marketing. Making an ad campaign vivid and exploring a foreign market — these tasks might be tough without helpers. Our company would happily translate from Bulgarian to English in this sphere at your first request.
  •  eLearning. Order any educational documents, be they for you as a student or a teacher. Lesson plans, homework, personal research, everything is on offer.
  • Multimedia. TheWordPoint accepts such projects as games, audio files, videos, and similar forms of multimedia. We have an entire team of the best translators ready to tackle these requests.
Guarantee of Confidentiality

Your data is safe from any breaches. We guard it, and only selected managers can access it

Work with Any Format

Submit your project in any format, be it audio, video, or textual

Features that Make Our Translation Service Stand Out

Translating Bulgarian into the language of your choice comes with other interesting elements. We worked meticulously to supply our clients with many benefits. If you’re still hesitating about hiring our translators, look at what we guarantee:

  • Glossary memory tools. This feature helps us work harder, and it helps you pay less. If your document has repeated phrases or concepts, we won’t translate them anew every time. Our tools will automatically apply the first translation, and it will count only once in terms of payment.
  • Only human assistance. We’ll have an actual human Bulgarian translate your project. We don’t use machines — it might be quicker and cheaper, but it compromises quality. This solution is not for us, and when you pay for our help, know that you’re getting strictly human professionals.
  • Reliable customer service. Our customer support is always on guard, ready to answer your questions and summons. Contact them through our site whenever you’d like and receive all the insights you need.
  • Quick order delivery. We could translate from English to Bulgarian in a matter of hours. Specify your deadline, and we’ll do everything to find qualified experts ready to work on such terms.
  • Affordable translation prices. Our prices are friendly to every client. We do everything to keep them pleasing to both customers and our translators. For instance, if someone orders a translation from Bulgarian language to English, they will pay around $0.10 for one word. If you compare it to rates in other firms, you’ll see what a beneficial deal this is.
  • High quality for every order. We guarantee that your Bulgarian project will be 100% accurate. We are known for delivering high quality, and we do everything in our power to keep up with your expectations. If you notice a problem, report it. We’ll instantly look into it and correct it.

Order Certified Bulgarian Translation Services and Conquer New Areas

Being able to communicate with foreigners is a great way to make your business blossom or simply learn a new culture. Bulgarian is a beautiful language, and TheWordPoint provides high-quality help with it. Whatever industry your project represents, however long it is, we will be able to handle it. Trust us to give you a hand and watch how we build a bridge between you and a new country. We guarantee your satisfaction!


How much do I have to pay for Bulgarian translation?

Our rates are affordable by all accounts: one word of Bulgarian translation costs only $0.10. It’s cheaper than in multiple other firms.

What content formats do you accept?

Our Bulgarian translation service works with all kinds of formats and delivers orders based on your requirements. It could be a PDF file, video or audio format, or literally anything else.

How quickly could you deliver my Bulgarian document?

Our services are flexible and can work at different speeds. If you need your translation in a day, we’ll do our best to deliver it. There are experts who could also translate to Bulgarian in several hours — name your wish, we’ll adapt to it.

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I ordered Bulgarian translations from five different companies. It was nothing much, just a small project. I wanted to see which company was the best, but almost everyone managed to ruin something. You were the definite and the only winner. Thank you for being professional. I’ll be back now, and please keep up the same level of work!

I don’t know about other services or languages, but the Bulgarian translation was perfect. My translator was on time, their work was accurate, and they took some of my atypical requests into account. The price was good enough to entice me into placing another project. This one’s bigger, but I’m sure you can handle it! I’m happy I found you.

Hey guys, I want to thank our whole company! You are saviors, your Bulgarian translation was something out of this world. It helped us understand what our new partners wanted, and now we are in for some lucrative arrangement. A pleasure to work with you!

Bulgarian translation

Every time I order a Bulgarian translation from you, I keep marveling that professionals still exist. I don’t know what language your translators are natives to, if it’s English or Bulgarian, but either way, they did a fantastic job. You literally gave my business its second life.

Bulgarian translation

It was a Bulgarian translation this time, guys! I bet I’m your most challenging client, haha, I always have different orders. But you never once failed me, you did great, as always, and I really value it a lot. Wait up now, I have another Bulgarian thing going, this time, it's transcription, and I’ll need your help. I know you’ll do as great as always.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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