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We provide secure and confidential audio and video transcription services from native speakers. Submit your project and get matched with a professional language expert in your field.

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Accurate and Confidential Transcription Services

The Word Point offers accurate transcription services online. Transcription experts provide both multilingual transcripts and translation to more than 50 different languages, covering various dialects and accents. Such assistance is necessary for professionals that deal with audio and video materials, podcasts, and interviews. Many successful journalists, authors, bloggers, podcasters, and businesses have already tried our services.

To receive professional transcription services, simply fill in the order form or contact our customer support. Once payment is made, your project will be assigned to the most experienced transcription expert in your specific field. We guarantee accuracy, timely delivery, and data confidentiality.

Fast Online Transcription Service for Professionals

Transcription services online are used by many people around the globe. Transcribing is necessary for nearly all professions connected with audio or visual presentations, and often there are urgent deadlines. Here are some of the professionals that will find transcription useful and need them quickly:

  • Journalists and Reporters. They utilize transcribing services if they want to make their videos available for people from other countries. This way, more people will know about their activities, interviews, or reports.
  • Bloggers. Blogging means not only creating texts or photos but also videos. Blog text may be fine with machine translation tools, but videos are not. If a blogger wants catchy, interesting videos accessible to people from any country, subtitles are essential.
  • Podcasters. Having a broad audience of English speakers is good. Still, around 60 percent of the world’s population doesn’t speak English. That means transcribing a podcast as well as voicing it to other popular languages will multiply an audience. If you want a world-famous podcast, use a localization service that transcribes your audio.
  • Authors. Creatives gain profit from transcribing in many ways. It’s beneficial for artists that need interview transcription, press conferences in other languages, and more. Creative videos or audios may need subtitle translation service, and lyrics may also need written text. Audiobooks are also becoming highly popular. In many of these instances, translation and transcription services are both needed.
  • Businesspeople. For worldwide operations, companies often want their speeches, lectures, presentations, and meetings transcribed. If you have an audio or video that you’d like to share with foreign colleagues, transcribe it beforehand. You can also transcribe phone calls and dictations which can be important.

Industries That May Need Online Transcription Services

Many industries benefit from transcribed content. Every sphere of human activity that uses audio, video files, and/or interview recordings needs a professional transcription service.

Market research values customer feedback and interviews. Often these are conducted orally, via phone surveys, for example. And customer testimonials are often in the form of video. If these materials are not transcribed accurately, a foreign audience becomes confused and maybe a bit mistrustful.

Medical sphere will also benefit from transcription because voice-recorded medical reports need to be captured in text. Medical professionals and researchers collaborate the world over, and their presentations and other audios must be transcribed accurately.

Corporate communication especially needs transcription translation services, as worldwide communication and information sharing requires translation. Numerous meetings, audio recordings, briefings are in different languages, but people within the company have to know about them.

In the legal sphere, transcribed files are useful when one needs to read audio transcripts of court recordings, interviews, different audio files, etc. Instead of listening to hours of footage, it’s much easier to read them. And that is why confidential transcription services are also a must.

Importance of High-Quality Audio & Video Transcription

We always provide an accurate transcription that corresponds exactly with the original. Still, the quality of video or audio is important. The better the quality, the more correct the transcription is. We strive to give fast translation services based on the correct transcription. That is why uploading high-quality videos, interviews, audios help to avoid ellipsis, misheard words, or other inconsistencies. Below-average quality may be a problem, but our specialists will still do the best they can to deliver great transcription.

Audio and Video Transcription Services to Any Language

Many podcasts and authors create high-quality audio to inform or entertain their audience. Still, many people prefer reading. In some cases, listening to audio materials is inconvenient or impossible. Plus, text files are easy to store, as they usually don’t take much space. It’s important to use our transcription online service to get the best results for creative activities, podcasts, journalist recordings, etc. You choose the languages; we get it done.

For many creatives, professionals, or industries, transcribing video is important. Artists or bloggers might use it for creating subtitles for videos. And businesses transcribe videos and share copies of verbal briefings, lectures, and meetings. For journalists, having video transcripts is also essential, as they share a script, use it in the form of subtitles, or translate script to other languages. We transcribe to more than 50 languages and continue to add more.

Interview Transcription Services

Reporters and journalists often conduct interviews which they want to share online in video or text form. And synchronized subtitles are important if viewers prefer watching interviews without sound. This tendency is gaining strength, so many people won’t watch an interview that has no text. This is why, for example, creators transcribe YouTube videos and Instagram content. Our interview transcription services will fill the bill!

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

We Use Only Human Transcription

Every transcribed document is proofread by an editor with expertise in the specific field of the order

Choose a Reliable Company

We provide the best online transcription services on the market, and, for this reason, most of our clients use us exclusively for all of their transcription and translation needs. Our transcription assistance is a key part of the success of any business, art, commercial, or entertainment project. Here are some of the benefits of our professional transcription help:

  • Human experts. We never do machine transcription. Our experts are humans who carefully handle text and evaluate it. In transcription, this is especially important, as machine speech recognition skills are far from perfect. We have specialists who can do certified translation to and from any language.
  • Accuracy. Our specialists undergo a long process of preparation, testing, training, and certification, and that’s why our transcription is always correct. What’s more, we proofread and double-check the quality of your transcription, so you can be sure that there are no grammar, lexical mistakes, or typos.
  • Confidentiality and security. All experts work under our Privacy Policy, which states that we never share any data with third parties. Your data is safe with us because we ensure that your confidentiality is never violated.
  • Glossary memory tools. Our software contains all the necessary information on word combinations, set phrases, and other glossary units for better quality. This allows us to have exact, up-to-date vocabulary options, timely service, and great results.
  • Quick delivery. If you are on a tight deadline, we can help. Several experts can simultaneously work on your project, which means we can deliver it as fast as possible.

Capture Value from Your Records

Our company helps with transcribing any materials from more than 50 languages for comfortable reading or subtitles, which you may use for other needs. You will find Chinese, professional Arabic translation, as well as Swedish translation service. Authors, bloggers, journalists, and podcasters can utilize our transcription service online for translating their audio as well as video content. We also transcribe interviews for businesses or creators. Our transcription company helps professionals in the legal, medical, market research, and corporate spheres. Order now to get fast, reliable, secure, and accurate transcribing by certified experts.

We Provide All Types of Translation Services

Reach a global audience through our translation services. We will boost your international business goals!


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Transcription Services

As a journalist working in Asian countries, I always turn to professional transcription services from TheWordPoint. They know how to keep things confidential and accurate. They have always helped me to transcribe things from the video and audio recordings that I had. If you want to approach a reliable service, this is the one that always works for me!

Transcription Services

TheWordPoint is the best solution if you need to transcribe video lectures or any other type of educational content. I have missed quite a lot in college and had to catch up with my studies. Due to my hearing difficulties, I could not watch video lessons, which is why turning to transcription of the lessons was the only solution for me. This company is truly caring and stands out with its attitude!

Transcription Services

As an online podcaster, I often receive questions from non-English speakers who do not understand all the specifics of my Environmental Protection information. Turning to TheWordPoint, I can now provide a transcription of my posts by keeping the most important points. I am also thinking about doing voice-overs, which is also possible. This service has decent prices and their deadlines are quite good if you want to fit in within your business schedule. Great service!

Transcription Services

Starting my career as a video blogger, I am using subtitles in various languages since I travel all over the world. What makes TheWordPoint experts special, is their knowledge of each subject. They will match you with a translation specialist who is not only a native speaker but has a background in fashion or cooking, as it was in my case. Thank you so much for helping me achieve success with your amazing transcription service!

Transcription Services

I have used TheWordPoint transcription services once, but they have literally saved my professional career by providing me with the transcription of my past lecture that I already had recorded. It was one of the best translations for the slideshow presentation that I have ever encountered. It was done really fast since my foreign conference has been coming up. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Transcription Services

I contacted this company with a bit of an odd request as I had some really old court hearings that my Grandfather had recorded with a vintage tape recorder. I only needed the parts that were dealing with juvenile cases, which is why it was extra difficult to find someone who could listen through the hours of material. The legal experts at TheWordPoint knew my subject well along with the cases in question so they knew what parts were absolutely necessary. Great work from true professionals in their field!

Transcription Services

I needed a transcription of the cooking videos that would be transcribed by someone who understands the specifics of Middle Eastern cuisine. Thankfully, the people at this company matched me with a certified Arabic specialist who has not only provided excellent transcription but also matched my cultural and religious objectives that were essential for my task.

Transcription Services

As a singer, I needed someone to transcribe the lyrics of the traditional Irish songs. The tricky part is that they were either performed too fast or had words that I could not understand. I have requested both transcribing the original with the pronunciation transcription and the English translation. Both tasks were done according to the top translation standards and consideration of the cultural accents. Thank you so much!

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote

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