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No matter what industry you’re a part of, you can reach the world! Among our highly trained team of language specialists, we have experts for every industry. Shape your communication to specifically target your audiences across the world, and watch your revenue soar!

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Globalize your business efforts! Reach the world! We’ve helped countless businesses do this already, and now we are ready to help you. Select your industrybelow, and find out how we can revolutionize your growth across the globe!

Our Benefits

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We Guarantee Privacy

We will not share any details about your project with any third parties. Your data are 100% safe

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We Support Any Format

Texts, videos, audios — our company accepts any format our clients use

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24/7 Сustomer Support

We ensure a rapid response that helps to meet customer expectations of instant service, no matter the time.

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Human Translation Guaranteed

We guarantee that our translators are native speakers qualified in a variety of industries to meet your needs.

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Fast delivery

Is our key strategy. We implement a number of measures to make sure we keep the terms we promise you.

Mimi Lugo

Accountant, Spain


Engineer, USA


Doctor, Germany


Fire fighter, Portugal


Lawyer, France

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As someone from the finance sector, translating financial and accounting terms can be tricky without the help of a translator well knowledgeable on the industry. Luckily, our finance team has found TheWordPoint who we always ask for help in translating our financial statements for our German partners.


Translating machinery and equipment manuals needs a top expert who can properly express technical industry terms well. Thanks to TheWordPoint, we don’t need to worry because they always got the right experts for our manufacturing needs.


We always need multilingual health experts who could help us translate medical and operation records for our patient’s needs. They need not only be knowledgeable but also certified as translating medical records is a matter of life and death. TheWordPoint is your go to translating service for your medical translation needs!


I needed translation experts who are familiar and have extensive experience in translating certificates, diplomas and licenses for my family’s immigration needs to Italy. Through TheWordPoint’s expertise in translating these kinds of documents, I did not have any problem with any of my family’s immigration processes. Thank you!


Legal documents are documents required by every country, however, getting them translated is difficult as there are not many certified translators who are legal experts. We have engaged TheWordPoint for many of our legal translation needs and they always delivered quality work. What an amazing team!

Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote

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