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Those who work in the global business world must often communicate quickly by email. That clearly requires the ability to break down language barriers for those who do not want to be hemmed in by those barriers. As a result, it is essential for anyone doing business globally to get reliable email translation services.

According to the Bizfluent website, email is the most common form of global communication. However, there are many ways that this global communication method can fail, especially when dealing with language barriers and cultural differences.

Email translation services for professional needs

When someone is considering a business move outside their own country, they should not only consider differences in language, but also cultural differences as well. One suggestion for making such preparations is hiring consultants to pave the way for a smooth relationship with businesspeople in the target country.

When communicating with a prospective foreign customer in their own language, the words and terms used should be unmistakably correct. Some highly successful companies have made major promotional blunders in the past that have had the effect of being either offensive or very funny.

Here are a couple of them:

  • When the Coca Cola company started selling its soda in China, its name was mistranslated. So Chinese customers were invited to “bite the wax tadpole.”
  • When the Parker pen company began promoting its pens in Mexico, its sales pitch was, “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.” However, a bad translation came out as “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

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It is difficult to know where the initial miscommunications took place in the processes of developing marketing plans for these products. However, emails were probably not in use in those instances. The speedy communication emails can provide in a very digitally connected world these days, if translated properly, can avoid embarrassing mistakes before ridiculous advertisements find their way to the general public.

Additionally, when you have already established a business relationship with a company outside your border that does not share your language, there are the daily mundane email needs that require translation emails to ensure error-free international communication.

Those are:

  • Messages between buyers and suppliers
  • Status communications between colleagues and partners

Many businesspeople want to expand the borders of their businesses, but are not confident when making sales pitches or communicating with their company’s potential customers who do not speak their language. It is very important that every trans-border communication is clear and grammatically correct to win a new client or maintain an existing one. After all, these communications reflect a company’s legitimacy.


Legal email translations services

Consumer-directed business does not present the only need for translation emails. There is another important use for this type of service - legal email translation services. In fact, it is not enough for translation emails to be painstakingly accurate when being used for court proceedings; these emails should be certified translations.

A professional translation online is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Translation Accuracy. While certified translations are often used for government purposes such as immigration paperwork, they are also important when used for legal issues.

The TitanFile website states that although emails can be usable in a court of law, there are some very strict limitations regarding their admissibility as evidence.

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If an email is being used as evidence of an electronic transaction, it must be presented in a court-admissible format. For instance, an email printout is not admissible because the opposing party can easily challenge the email’s legitimacy. This is because, in the current digital environment, an email can be tampered with regarding its message, time stamp and address.

Additionally, an individual’s personal email records such as server logs and texts of read receipts are no guarantee of admissibility because the opposition can claim that they were altered in this situation as well.

There are services, however, that can record, in precise and uniform format, the times email messages were sent and received as well as access that information for court purposes.

In the case of an email that was sent in a different language, another layer of email authentication is necessary – the perfectly accurate certified translation.

The answer for needing certified translations of court-related emails is undeniable. Such communications must be translated as faithfully as possible by legal teams that are highly experienced in legal translations. Lives and livelihoods may ride on accurate translation of emails that will be used in court. There is no room for any mistakes.

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Whether you are using email translation services for international business-related emails, or to ensure that any legally admissible emails concisely characterize the digital message communicated, machine translation falls short in both categories. Humans have a better understanding of a country’s culture as well as its language.

With this in mind, The Word Point’s exclusive human email translation services, along with proofreading, provide the element of deep language and cultural understanding that machine translation emails lack.