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A successful company tends to expand the sphere of its operations, moving its offices to other countries. Using a professional email translation service will help overcome any language barriers and exchange emails with clients and colleagues.

Any mistake made in deciphering a message might endanger the entire deal with a customer, resulting in financial losses and reputation damage. To avoid such negative outcomes, you need certified translation done by experts. TheWordPoint offers its services: after spending years in this market, we know how to establish and maintain solid communication between the parties, contributing to the prosperity of your business.

Entrust Email Translations To Professionals

Many people might be tempted to go with less known but cheaper options when hiring someone for helping with their emails, but professional translation online must be professional for a reason. Communication with a customer is essential because it determines how well you understand each other and whether your cooperation is going to be fruitful. Here are the points that must be paid diligent attention.

  • Terminology. Your business is bound to have specialized terms, concepts, and definitions. Only an expert could work with them properly when translating email — those who lack in-depth understanding or training would make mistakes, distorting communication, and creating an impression of inexperience.
  • Cultural context. Knowing foreign languages isn’t enough when it comes to emails because they form a part of localization projects. A cultural framework is essential since traditions and common phrases differ between the countries. What sounds fine in English could be nonsensical or even insulting in Chinese documents. That’s why a language expert should also be a localization expert. They should be able to talk with customers in their languages and with their cultural perspectives in mind. Our service hires exclusively such specialists, which makes our email translation services stand out.
  • Legal policies of a target country. Each region has its own laws. A good specialist must understand them for ensuring that no problems occur, which is why many-sided knowledge is necessary.
  • Personal quirks of a customer. The process is an art because written communication reflects the individuality of each separate person. Unless a specialist is experienced enough, they won’t be capable of preserving the unique tone of a customer, meaning that jokes might be taken seriously and vice versa, plunging a company into disarray. That’s why you should rely only on trustworthy agencies that won’t let you down.
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What Kind of Work Email Translator Does

There are several spheres that our expert specializes in. First, they work with business correspondence, making sure that your business functions smoothly and that communication bridge is solid. Another group focuses on personal emails, aligning the important spheres of your life. There are also legal translators of correspondence. All you need is select which of these services you require and we’ll make it happen.

What Experts Do We Hire?

Since we deal with different kinds of work, from marketing translation services to translation for immigration and beyond, we want our employees to be the best. They pass various tests, from written to audio ones before we decide whether we should employ them. Only the most successful ones receive access to translation email orders. We hire only native speakers for each language combination for ensuring top quality. We practice solely human language experts, which we double-check each time to be absolutely sure. All of them hold certificates and education in their spheres of specialization, so they’ll cope with your task flawlessly.

Your Security and Quality Control

Confidentiality is everything when you work with personal and business correspondence. Our company ensures it by adhering to general confidentiality laws as we hiring only professionals. You could rest assured knowing that your email language translator is going to keep your data safe. We also establish quality rules in the form of additional editing, proofreading, as well as testing via sample groups. Check packages that we offer and select the one that’ll make you feel most secure.

Choose TheWordPoint and Enjoy Communication with Your Clients

If you require assistance, consider our email translation service and trust our experience. We’ve been providing various types of professional assistance to our clients, from certified translation for USCIS to email and employee manual help, for many years. Contact us, give details about your order, clarify anything that might be confusing, and we’ll start the search for linguist of email right away. We value your trust, so we’ll provide you only with excellent quality.

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