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We are helping the world become more connected by offering expert human translations provided by native speakers, certified professionals, and cutting-edge technology to enable you communicate more clearly.

Your Answer to Perfect Pharmaceutical Translation

The pharmaceutical industry is global. One should only look at recent drive to develop a COVID vaccination to understand this. Researchers worldwide collaborated and shared their work. That sharing required flawless pharmaceutical translation. This is but one example. When pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers aim to collaborate, they need kinds of professional services that we offers. Let us show you all that we provide.

Experts with International Certifications

Our Experts meet key international certification standards, ensuring top quality

Human Translation Only

Using native speakers with field-specific expertise guarantees accurate, top-quality translations

Why Accurate Pharmaceutical Translation Services are So Important

Consider this example: a specific medication, say in pill form, is marketed in a Latin American country. The Spanish pharmaceutical interpretation of dosage directions and warnings are flawed. As a result, a consumer experiences negative consequences. Even if those consequences are not life-threatening, the manufacturer suffers not just a reputation ruin, but the potential for a lawsuit. This alone should be the impetus to use only professional pharmaceutical translation services.

Now consider all needs for accurate pharmaceutical translations that researchers and businesses have:

  • Manufacturing: It is a rare pharmaceutical company that does not have subsidiaries, labs, etc. in other countries. Specific protocols for ingredients and manufacture of each drug must be exact, no matter where that drug is produced. A skilled pharmaceutical translator is critical.
  • Regulatory Submissions: Once a drug has achieved governmental approval in the country of its origin, exporting it to another country could be tricky. There may very well be submission regulations for approval in receiving country. When this is the case, technical pharmaceutical translations must be handled by industry experts who are native to that country.
  • Clinical Research: Pharmaceutical researchers worldwide are often conducting research and clinical trials on drugs for the same illness or disease. They share and collaborate. When that collaboration implies pharmaceutical rendering into another language, it must be perfect. Otherwise, reporting of a piece of research is flawed and can result in misinformation and big setbacks.
  • Marketing: When a pharmaceutical business chooses to market a product abroad, it has to get that messaging pharmaceutical translation right. Consumers want to know exactly what drug is purported to do, what possible side effects to expect, and how to obtain the drug (from a pharmacy or a physician’s prescription). 
  • Packaging: All drugs come with packaging that includes ingredients, dosages by age, other protocols, along with warnings. Whether a translation service pharmacy needs and uses or for individual consumers is required, only a native, industry-specific translator should be utilized. 

How We Provide Translation Services Pharmaceutical Industry

In essence, pharmaceutical interpretation is type of business document translation. But they are also highly technical and demand the highest level of attention to detail. We understand how significant it is to have perfect pharmaceutical translations of all things related to pharmaceutical industry. When we get such a request, our process is as follows:

  • We analyze exactly what is being requested. If there are any questions, we discuss them with client, until full understanding is reached.
  • Because pharmaceutical translate work falls within our category of technical interpretation, we then look for one of our specialists. If you are looking for professional Spanish translation, for example, we’ll find a Spanish-speaking native with expertise in pharmaceutical industry. If more than one language is requested, there’ll be a native to each one of those languages assigned.
  • The translator(s) remains in communication with client throughout the process, in case further clarification is necessary.
  • When pharmaceutical rendering(s) is complete, another native language expert will review the final product before it is delivered to a client, to ensure that it is flawless.

What you can always count on from our site is complete accuracy of all pharmacy translation. This is all due to translators we employ.

About Our Translators Providing Pharmacy Translation Services

We offer services in 50+ languages. We never offer a language unless we have a native translator with specific expertise in the topic area. We use humans because this is the only way that end products are translated perfectly.

In the field of translation service for pharmacy and pharmaceutical needs, it is crucial that any expert we hire has a professional background in pharmaceutical field, so that all terminology, protocols, and instructions are perfectly translated and localized, especially for a technician who may be charged with formulating the correct ingredients and providing protocols for dosage, etc.
When machine interpretations are used, as is often the case with other services, key details may be missed or mistranslated. It is one thing to need immunization record translation – machines can generally do that. It is quite another to look for best pharmaceutical interpreting that is error-free. In pharmaceutical industry, a single error may be disastrous, even opening up a manufacturer to lawsuits, not to mention harm to consumers of these products. In perhaps no other field are perfect interpretations so important. And this is why we never allow machine pharmaceutical rendering.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

Client orders, documents, and files are securely stored and deleted upon project completion

Work with Any Format

Send and request any format – we work with them all

Why The Word Point Must Be Your Preferred Service

We are different from other services which you have options to choose from. And here’s why:

  • We only work with human interpreters. Yes, they are backed up with some technology, like accumulated glossary memory tools, but every word and every sentence are humanly translated and then checked by another expert in the same field. We leave nothing to chance.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to meet tight deadlines, even when our experts must translate pharmaceutical ingredients, protocols, and manufacturing processes. And, of course, we cover many other fields, both technical and non-technical providing a field expert in each instance.
  • You will find that we have some of the most affordable prices in the industry, for quality that we serve up to each client. Just fill out your order form, give us details, and we’ll let you know a price.

When you want to get pharmaceutical translation, you’ll find none better than our service. We have native field experts, customization and localization, and some of the best prices in this industry. When you value accuracy, The Word Point is your one-stop-shop.

Types of translation services we provide

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How long does pharmaceutical translation take?

We cannot give a set timeline for your order. Completion stands on a number of factors – length and complexity of the piece, and deadline set by client, as the two most important ones. When you complete your order, you tell us when it must be delivered. We will choose a suitable expert and get to work.

Can You meet an urgent deadline?

In almost every instance, our answer is yes, we can. To meet your deadline, we may have to assign more than one expert to your task. Also, as deadlines become more urgent, prices will increase. The more time you provide, the better your cost will be. But, yes, we take on urgent orders all the time and meet them.

What is pharmaceutical translation?

Put simply, pharmaceutical interpretation involves a number of elements. Once a company has developed a pharmaceutical product, it may need to be reproduced in facilities anywhere worldwide. This means rendering for perfect manufacturing details. If the product is to be packaged for sale in a foreign country, ingredients, protocols, and dosages must be accurately translated as well, for both pharmacists and consumers.

Is it important to hire a certified expert?

Absolutely. We have experts that hold high levels of certifications. It means that they have passed through rigorous qualifying procedures. In the end, it means that these translators have expertise to provide fully accurate work, something that machines and less qualified interpreters can produce.

Is it expensive to translate pharmaceutical documents?

Pricing depends upon amount of work that is ordered, urgency of the deadline, and number of professionals that may be required to meet all order details. Given quality that we deliver, we believe our pricing is the most reasonable available. Every client will know their cost before finalizing an order.

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Pharmaceutical Translation

We are a small pharmaceutical firm that produces over-the-counter medications. We needed pharmacy Spanish translation to market in Latin America, including packaging, directions, contra-indications, and such. The Word Point has completed each of our projects perfectly.

Pharmaceutical Translation

We have manufacturing facilities in three subsidiaries located in Germany, Italy, and Thailand. Getting pharmaceutical translation for ideal manufacturing protocols in all of these three languages was a challenge indeed. Fortunately, you had the expertise we wanted.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Our pharmaceutical translation orders demand perfection – no room for errors, or we have a huge liability. We always rely on you guys because you use only native humans who strive for perfection themselves. This is the very definition of professionalism.

Pharmaceutical Translation

When we required interpreting for our packaging and instruction protocols, we contacted a service that used machine assistance. We thought this would be fine because this type was not as complex as manufacturing niceties. We were wrong. Fortunately, a pharmacy technician in target language caught a major error. Finally, we found you, and we have no more worries.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Those outside of the pharmaceutical industry don’t understand how critical it is to have absolute perfection. There might be no errors without jeopardizing health and well-being of consumers and our reputation. We are always confident using The Word Point. They use human interpreters who are native to language and have a background in pharma.

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