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As the technological sector continues its rapid development, more people start looking for technical manual translation services. Some create product or installation manuals, others are interested in an audit or user instructions, but one characteristic unites all these individuals: they plan to share their materials with international audiences. There are almost endless pairs of foreign languages, and since knowing them all on a professional level is impossible, translation services like TheWordPoint become essential. We could translate, adapt, as well as certify your technical manuals and documents as quickly as you require it. Our experts maintain any deadlines, even if they are urgent, and you can trust us to meet all your demands.

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Why Should You Choose Us to Translate Manual for You?

Our service strives to remain a loyal helper for the clients, which is why we follow a set of rules that ensure quality and lead us to absolute customer satisfaction. We don’t just offer to translate your technical handbooks and manuals, we provide certified translation services, putting a mark of authenticity on them so they would be accepted by any international body you plan on cooperating with. We have several other advantages you should consider when making a choice.

  • Only specialized employees hired. For one thing, when translating manuals, we assign them only to top experts. These people have passed a number of tests that proved their knowledge of other languages, for example they translate to Swedish or provide translation into Arabic. Also they prove their understanding of how the process works.
  • Constant communication. Operators provide steady communication 24/7: whenever you need assistance or have questions, our support operators are going to react ASAP.
  • Guaranteed accuracy. We promise you 100% accurate work, which is reflected in our after-service policies. You don’t like how your manual or handbook is formatted or are displeased with translation of some sentences? Ask for a free revision. An experienced employee will meet each of your demands. If something is wrong, ask for a refund and we’ll get your money back.
  • Top software used. Our company applies only modern as well as tested software when providing technical translation services. It helps enhance quality to an even bigger extent.

Tools We Apply in Technical Manual Translation

To guarantee flawlessness, we incorporate some quality software into our work processes. We utilize electronic glossaries with terminology that help our employees work faster and more effectively. File formatting helps perfect the way your handbooks and manuals look while offline access and cloud storage protect data from being lost in case of blackouts or accidental mistakes. Project collaboration software is also vital, so we use it when we need to assemble a group of linguists and get them to work together. Special guidebooks inform our linguists about what we expect from them, which improves their results. This tool combination is a reason why our technical manuals translation is among the best in this industry.

More About Our Translators' Team

For making sure that customers aren’t disappointed, we cooperate only with people who have proven experience and corresponding education. Being an expert in several languages isn’t sufficient when it comes to quality, especially where localization services are involved. We look for people who understand the mechanics of foreign cultures and who are capable of relating to target audiences through this knowledge.

Technical manual translations also demand comprehension regarding how to present information in a way that other people would find engaging. Only qualified and professional technical manual translators could do it, which is why we recruit people like this. They know all technical manual requirements and follow them. Our complex tests help determine which of the candidates are the best fit. In addition, many of our employees are certified, so you could freely submit your documents to authorities, secure in the knowledge that they are valid.

Protecting Your Privacy and Ensuring Satisfaction

Technical manuals, manufacturing, or automotive translation could contain sensitive information you wouldn’t want to share with anyone. That’s understandable, and that’s why we guarantee 100% privacy. We obey international guidelines on confidentiality, watching so that every law would be followed. Every employee is bound by the policies of our company, so they could never reveal any data they saw as they were working on your technical manuals. Whatever project you entrust our services with, know that it’s perfectly safe.

We reinforce quality by intensifying our demands and making our standards higher on a frequent basis. For example, if a linguist is working on a Spanish text of technical manual, we assign an editor from the same language group who monitors performance and makes corrections if needed. There is also a sampling group that tests localized orders, ensuring they are perceived properly by a target population. All these measures help ensure top quality.

Let Us Connect You with a Wider Market

Our service specializes in translation of manuals, so if you are looking for this kind of service, we are a solution you’re seeking. Pay a visit to our website, select a type of assistance you require, and we’ll find an expert who’ll meet every demand you posed. You can contact us any time, we are always online. We guarantee your complete satisfaction — policies we’ve put into place help ensure it, so we will definitely not let you down.

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