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Fast and Professional Document Translation Service

It’s hard to imagine our life without document translation services online. Today is the global age, and people study, work, or find business partners abroad. They communicate online and have all services on the Net. To do business or contact people from overseas, we adjust our correspondence or websites to fit the other cultures. Localization is useful for business, everyday life, and immigration needs. Still, documents need localization and certification most often because they help to solve many everyday problems abroad. Find out about our services to get the best localization options.

Why Translate Documents?

There are spheres where general knowledge is enough. These include private areas, for example, letters, correspondence, books, or blogs. Documents are different because they're more complicated. There exist specific formats, which might be handled only by professional in the field who can localize your texts. Only they might do technically accurate service. Such people are usually certified because they perform a variety of services like cultural adaptation and transcreation. Finding reliable, certified translation online is not easy, but our company is here to help. Choose us to get service by an agency with experience in the market and strong reputation.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Translation Services for Documents

People should have a variety of official papers if they contact employers abroad, study, or immigrate. Documents require certification as well as accurate handling by specialists. Our company gives a range of speedy high-quality services. Some of them are:

  • Academic research and academic translation of essays, research papers, doctorate papers. We provide services for articles or papers if you are a student or researcher. Our services are also for instructors, textbook publishers as well as curriculum designers who need tests, worksheets, or quizzes for international students.
  • Driver license. If you own a car, think about your papers. Driver's license translation is useful for immigration, business traveling, or vacation abroad.
  • Birth certificate. With its help, you’ll able to apply to positions in foreign companies, receive a new passport, start school, obtain a driver’s license, and many more. Be sure to have birth certificate translation if you perform any serious steps.
  • Police clearance. Many countries nowadays demand police clearance in target language according to the Hague convention. This is an important official paper which helps you get a visa, so be sure to prepare it beforehand.
  • Marriage certificate. Moving to a new country with your family, be sure to have marriage certificate translation.

Above are only several examples of documents we can work with. You may also need certified medical reports, licenses, patents, international agreements, or other ones. Be careful and take all the necessary documents with you when you go to the other country.

Document Translations by Native Speakers

We have only native speaker linguists who are certified and can do any kind of service. We also carefully localize, proofread, and check the quality of ready texts. Our employees are freelancers and live all over the world. So, they localize to and from more than 50 languages, including such popular options as English, German, French document translation, Spanish and Russian document translation. Such languages as Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish are also on our list. Our document translation company deals with Asian languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean language services, Japanese. Of course, there are also Arabic and many European languages that you may choose.

Our linguists are certified to work with essential documents, such as passport, marriage or divorce certificates, medical records, contract translations, agreements, and many more. These specialists undergo a long process of training and certification. So, be sure that the quality of your documents is always top. Please pay attention that we don’t hand in machine translation. Our specialists are real people who accurately handle texts, localize, and certify them. In the case of documents, human translation is especially important, as machines don't know the proper terms. Any smallest mistake in them may cause problems. That is why, trust only experienced, reliable companies, which are the best in our industry.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Accurate and Secure Services with QA

When people give us their documents, they often fear that their data may leak. This is not the case with us. Our Privacy Policy states that we never disclose your data in any form. We have strong confidentiality and security rules. Our company never hands in any data to third parties, because we care about our customers, their documents, and other data.

If you find mistakes in your certified documents, remember that you have 3 days to revise them. We will correct any mistakes. Still, that’s a rare case, as our clients are usually happy with our service. You should know that we care about our customers and provide a 100% money-back guarantee if the final version has critical mistakes. We understand that you cannot use such materials and refund your money.

Choose the Best Company On the Market

Official papers are a crucial part of any activities abroad. Use reliable and secure document translation service with the best reputation on the market. We process all kinds of data that are necessary for traveling, study, work, or immigration. Our support team is around-the-clock and will help at any moment. Certification is one of our service’s biggest pluses, as foreign authorities and companies only accept certain formats. Place an order to find out about the best price for your certified documents.

Types of translation services we provide

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Can you do certifications?

Document translators that work for us have certifications and can certify any document. These texts are always accurate as well as timely. We provide certified academic papers, passports, birth or marriage certificates, marketing documentation, or other.

Do you rely on the help of translation memory?

We may use it for general knowledge texts, but it is still done by humans. Native speaking experts carefully edit, proofread such texts, compare them with original to convert to another language accurately.

What is the cost of your translation of documents services?

The cost varies from language, text volume, and deadline. Support team calculates word count, so the price is for words, not pages. Some language pairs are cheaper, some cost more, but our company always delivers reasonable prices.

How fast can you provide a document translation service?

The speed depends on word count, format, and language pair. Usually, our specialists do from 2 to 8 thousand words a day, but that doesn’t mean that work will be slow. If you have an urgent order, specialists could finish it faster if they work together.

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Document Translation Services

I needed a translation service that could translate my marriage documents fast as our immigration agents needed it to process our immigration. Thankfully, TheWordPoint was able to meet my quick deadline without sacrificing the quality of the translation. Thanks!

Document Translation Services

We are an external audit company and we needed certified translation professionals who could translate our operational audit reports to Italian. TheWordPoint provided us with suitable professionals to translate our documents and reports just the way we need it. Great job!

Document Translation Services

I needed to send a letter of authorization in German for my colleague who just immigrated to Germany to process all the documents needed for my subsequent transfer. TheWordPoint was quick to accept my request for translation and immediately went back to me with the final product.

Document Translation Services

As a student, I didn’t have much budget to spare so I wanted a translation service who could translate my academic paper in Russian for peer review and critiquing. A professor recommended TheWordPoint to me TheWordPoint and true to their word, the translations were excellent at a very fair price. I was so glad to have found this service!

Document Translation Services

My company had some purchase order agreements we needed to send to our supplier in Sweden. Together with the original PO, we decided to send a Swedish version. Thanks to TheWordPoint who actively communicated with us throughout the process, the translations were done smoothly and perfectly. We will surely be engaging them more in the future!

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