Engineering Translation Services

If you need engineering translation services, you'll want only professional translators to work on your project.

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We are helping the world become more connected by offering expert human translations provided by native speakers, certified professionals, and cutting-edge technology to enable you communicate more clearly.

Your Ideal Engineering Translation Service

Finding a good engineering translation service could be a challenge because it's a complex sphere. It has a difficult vocabulary, requires thorough knowledge of the subject, and demands the touch of a true expert. TheWordPoint is a company with a team of the best engineering translators: we provide the highest level of value. 

Many people and firms need adaptation of engineering documents from one language into another. Whether you're responsible for the design of a project, safety manual, contracts, pitches, or any other related materials, we'll be happy to share our knowledge and provide assistance!

Why Companies Need Engineering Translation Services

People often need specific kinds of linguistic help. For example, they might be interested in technical manual translation, with Spanish translation services being their focus. Any project in an engineering sphere has huge importance for everyone involved. When the companies enter international contracts or want to expand their reach, they need to be sure that their estimations, rules, regulations, and paperwork will be adapted correctly, with no misunderstandings or errors.

Foreign staff must have a clear idea of what to build, which guidelines to follow, and how to use the construction safely. For that, people need reliable technical translation services, and we are one of the leading options in this market.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Types of Professional Engineering Translation We Provide

We divide engineering projects roughly into six types of specialization. Each of them has its own team of professional translators since they all presuppose a unique kind of vocabulary and other technical nuances. Here are the types of services we offer.

  • Mechanical engineering. This category focuses on mathematics and physics. People who are going to handle such projects or documents need sharp knowledge in both areas and understand the principles of construction and maintenance of mechanical systems. We offer a variety of specialists with these skills.
  • Geotechnical engineering translation. Earth could be unpredictable. For building something on it, you have to understand how it'll behave and what outcome your project is going to have. Professional linguists should hold relevant knowledge for providing you with appropriate service, and that's exactly what our services offer.
  • Electrical engineering. Knowing digital electronics, understanding system design, circuit basics, and electromagnetic fields is essential for those who provide quality work in this sphere. You can rest assured that our language specialists excel at combining these skills for reaching impressive results in the shortest time possible.
  • Environmental expert engineering translation. This is one of the most interesting divisions of the engineering sector. Apart from knowing ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, etc., language experts should have a genuine passion for what they do. This is a vital foundation of success — our services take thorough care in selecting only the best specialists for these tasks.
  • Civil engineering. For understanding this sphere, you need to understand our built environment. Language specialists we hire have personal experience with it, so they are company guaranteed to do all the work perfectly.
  • Architectural engineering documents translation. No one can succeed in translating such materials if they don't comprehend the principles of design and construction. Our experts do. Our service has a close-knit building design team of linguists who have worked on many diverse projects in this sphere, and they'll be eager to help you out.

Documents Our Translating Team Works With

Our company offers only professional engineering translations no matter what type of documents we have to work with. From the most common, there are operating, self-help, maintenance, and quality assurance manuals: we help your foreign audience understand how to use or operate your inventions. Then there are technical patents, CAD drawings, software localization services, and PLM reports. Some members of our team responsible for professional engineering translations specialize in these documents in particular.

Among the essential legal papers are warning labels that help protect your customers, safety documentation that presents your promises and guarantees, technical and testing specifications showing that your product is perfectly safe. In addition, process control documents outlining how everything was/should be implemented step by step are necessary. Send us your files, and we will return their flawless translations as soon as you need them. Finally, we offer help with engineering training courses. Our services could make your text sound as smoothly in your target language as it does in the original.

How We Select Professional Engineering Translators & Importance of Human Touch

It is vital to choose not just native speakers but those who have an intimate understanding of the sphere they are working with. For example, only a group of certified experts is capable of offering USCIS translation services — everyone else simply won't qualify. The same goes for engineering. Our HR team checks the CVs of every candidate extremely thoroughly. If they pass all tests, we put them into a group responsible for only those projects they specialize in. Our engineering translation company does not hire people with vague general knowledge.

Some think that this type of translation could be done via tools since there is a lot of technical terminology involved, but it's a mistake. If you need high quality engineering translations, using human experts is a must. Only they can evaluate project demands, study nuances, and reflect this knowledge in their work. Tools could be helpful, but they can never replace human expertise.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Benefits and Extras That We Guarantees

Accurate work is not the only thing we as a service promise. Our clients have access to many perks. Here are some things you'll definitely get if you choose us to translate engineering documents.

  • Affordable prices. Our prices for technical projects start at $0.12 per one word. This is an average number that most customers find acceptable. In addition, we offer 10% extra discounts that'll make your final price even lower.
  • Best glossary tools. Our experts use glossary tools that help calculate how many repeated phrases your project has. They'll be converted to another language automatically, and you won't have to pay for them.
  • 24/7 communication. Our support team is working every day and every night for ensuring accurate engineering translations. Start a chat or just fill in an order form, and someone's going to accept your request right this instant. Our services have enough employees to make certain that each client is taken care of in no time.
  • Free revisions. If you are displeased with what we've sent you for any reason, we'll correct it ASAP. This service comes for free, so you won't have to pay any extras.
  • 100% refunds. We guarantee timely deliveries. If we let you down at any stage, we'll return everything you've paid us.

Conquer New Heights With Our Engineering Translation Service

If you have an engineering project that you want help with, contact our service day or night. We are always online, and we are always ready to find the best experts for our clients. You can be certain that you will get a high level of quality, attentive translators & operators, and guarantees that no third party will ever access your data. We also offer marketing translation services and many more, so you could order a combination of both or look for any option you prefer. We won't let you down, and you'll get your project delivered just by your deadline.

Types of translation services we provide

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Engineering Translation Services

My sister’s French husband is building a beach house in the Philippines and entrusted me with the building requirements. I had a professional architectural engineer make a report on the architectural plan of his house, so I had TheWordPoint translate it to French for his use. They did an amazing job for such a technical report. Truly one of the best translators I’ve worked with.

Engineering Translation Services

We are a manufacturing company who operates several big machines in our plant. We recently bought manufacturing equipment from China and needed a Chinese engineer to help us operate the equipment properly. We sent him specifications of the equipment translated to Chinese with the help of TheWordPoint professionals who were knowledgeable in the engineering sphere. Thanks a lot!

Engineering Translation Services

Not many translation services could provide services that are specific to certain industries. For people in the engineering industry, TheWordPoint is the perfect agency to go to for all our translation needs as they provide us with translators who specialize in our industry. They were such a great help for me and my company.

Engineering Translation Services

We needed to localize an engineering manual for machinery we bought from Japan for use by our local engineers. We did not take the reliability of the translation lightly as this is an important part of the process, so we could only trust TheWordPoint for professional technical translations. We would definitely recommend them for our peers in the industry!

Engineering Translation Services

Our engineers made an AutoCAD drawing and attached reports for our partner engineers situated in Korea. Before sending, we had TheWordPoint translate the documents as they were the only translation service we could rely on for certified translations. They provided us with fluent Korean speakers who were very responsive with our requests. Thank you for a job well done!

Engineering Translation Services

I am finishing up my Masteral in Civil Engineering and wanted to reference a material that was written in French. Although I understand the material, I would not be able to translate the entire text by myself so I needed professionals who are fluent in French and knowledgeable in the engineering industry to translate the study. Thanks to TheWordPoint, they gave me just what I needed at a pretty price point. Awesome work to you guys!

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