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Intellectual property (IP) becomes more valuable day-by-day. To establish proprietary rights on your inventions, products and technologies, patents are strongly needed. Otherwise you may lose profit and niche market while fraudsters reap where they have not sown. A product with high demand can certainly be copied.

Obtaining a patent solves this problem. It secures the owner’s rights according to the law existing in the country where it was issued. It is a wise way to invest money and protect business.

To file a patent and claim your exclusive rights you should fill out the patent application where you describe your technology, invention or product with all its characteristic features and modifications, including all its prototypes, etc.

In many cases it is possible to apply for a patent even without a patent lawyer’s services, so you can spare yourself attorneys’ fees. Nevertheless, the whole process of granting a patent will be costly by itself and might require hundreds or thousands of dollars. That is why no one wants to spend them unnecessarily, and an applicant should do his best to prepare all documentation according to standards of the patent office he applies to.

Patent Translation Services to Protect Your Intellectual Property

What to do when there is too little room for business to grow in a local market and it needs go global?

Property rights must be secured in every country where sales or production are conducted, so this task becomes more difficult. Your IP translations must be performed accurately, so that they still describe your unique product with all its aspects, but can also be granted and litigated in another country.

Here patent translation agencies offer their helpful hand.

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Patent translation expertise

Considering the importance of patents, an average translation agency is not capable of performing a high-quality translation. Law language varies from country to country. The characteristic terminology is always perceived concisely and unambiguously. That is why an incorrect translation may do more harm than good and lead to many problems down the road.

Patent translations must be performed only by professional linguists who specialize exclusively in legal translations and have detailed knowledge in a patent’s particular field. It is strongly desirable to involve experts that have already performed successful translations corresponding to the standards of international organizations such as Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or European Patent Office (EPO).

Secure International Intellectual Property Protection with the Best Patent Translation Services

Turning to an average translation service may seem like a good way to save money at first. It is easy to understand when you are seeking to avoid or cut expenses, but it might play a tricky role in the future. A professional translation agency will help you to avoid expensive mistakes in the process of patent filing. That is why it is reasonable to choose a patent translation bureau with a strong reputation and experience in the market. It is much better to turn to a trustworthy service with reasonable patent translation rates. Going for the cheapest rates may result in poor quality in the final product, loss of time and an increase in the total patent translation costs.

Choose a company you can rely on. The Word Point is the leader among the best IP translation services and offers you top quality.

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IP translation services

Thanks to our convenient and up-to-date platform it is now easier to translate your patent without loss in quality. You can give our IP translate service a try. State the language of the original documents and choose the language into which you need to translate them. Then select the field of knowledge your invention or product belongs to. This is an important step, because only an interpreter who has a background in the subject can provide adequate results.

Unlike other companies, which try to gain more profit by using machine translation, we offer 100% human translation. It is more resource-intensive, but shows the highest result possible. We take an individual approach to each client and treat each case as unique. Then be sure to mention the urgency level for getting the job done. We understand that delay may negatively affect your profits. That is why we offer flexible turnaround options. When we are aware of all your requirements, we can estimate the cost of the translation right on the spot. That may help you in managing your budget. We have no hidden fees or extra charges. It’s that simple!

The World Point hires professional translators that can translate into all of the most requested languages. Our employees work all around the world and possess deep knowledge in national linguistic, cultural and legal peculiarities. As language and law traditions have developed differently in various countries throughout history, unpredictable obstacles may come up when trying to apply for a patent with incorrectly translated documents. That is why it is strongly recommended that you order translations from a patent translation company, which employs qualified patent translators with real-life experience in the target country as well as experience with its legal system. Our international patent translation agency is the one whose priority is to hire top European, Chinese and Japanese translators.

French to English patent translation

We can accurately and technically translate your French and Canadian French documents into precise English. Our platform provides fast and thorough translations of patents, belonging to such fields as finance, business, medicine, technology, law, education and much more. When you need to translate your patent from French into English, or from English into French, you can rely on our translation agency.

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Japanese to English patent translation

The Japanese market is promising, so why not enter it when there still is an opportunity? Japanese language and characteristic features of legal regulations in this country make international intellectual property protection much more complicated than, for example, dealing with European countries. Nevertheless, our experts in Japanese are leaders in their field and provide the best Japanese to English patent translations, and, of course, vice versa.

German to English patent translation

International companies can get precise and fast translations for German-to-English and English-to-German, literally in a click of a button. Germany and German-speaking countries hold a lion’s share of the global market, so there is a high demand for technically accurate translations of financial and legal documents. When you turn to our IP translation services, you get the result you can trust. Just upload your documents, set the field they belong to, specify details and get professional German patent translations.