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All You Need to Know About Glocalization

Glocalization is a word that comes from globalization and localization. The context of the usage of the term at the time was marketing, and how companies could offer products and services on a global scale while adopting local consumer preferences and culture in individual countries.

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What Is the Role of Translators in Cybersecurity?

The role of translators in cyber security has never been this paramount. Online users who come across ads or content that is in a foreign language can get suspicious and stay away from these sites. While these sites may contain malicious files, translators may help cyber security experts to learn the architecture and form of these threats.

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The Ultimate Guide to Translate and Subtitle Your Video

Adding subtitles and translations to your videos has become a lot more popular in the last few years and there are many reasons why this keeps happening more and more.

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How to Increase Market Share with Effective Brand Translation

​Brand translation is something that should be taken into serious consideration once you decide to go international.

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What the “Internet of Things” Means for Translation Agencies

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolves around the interconnection of our computing devices, electronic gadgets, services and systems to the internet on a global scale.

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CE Marking and its Effects on Translation

In today’s global economy, the concept of “free movement” is almost essential for the existence of singular yet interconnected market spaces; an economic system in which services, goods, labour, and capital circulate without hurdles but within pre-stipulated regulations.

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Video Game Localization: Aspects and Challenges

If you are not from this millennial generation, there is a high chance you have played video games in another language as well as with cultural elements different than yours.

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How to Measure Neural Machine Translation Quality

The concept of machine translation systems has been known and developed for the past 50 years. In the beginning, such systems were used solely and carefully by research entities, large companies and governmental bodies that also helped to finance them.

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Overcoming Business Challenges with Translation

In the globalized world we live in, communication between people from different parts of the world is ever so intense. Similarly, in a corporate context, one of the most common business challenges faced by companies who wish to expand to an international market also has to do with communication.

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What You Need to Know About Managing Translation Projects

If you have ever worked for a design, advertisement, or marketing agency, for instance, you are probably familiar with the concept of a project – a coalition of temporary activities often done in a group with the focus to develop a service, product, or a unique result of some kind.



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