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Step 1

Select languages

Choose the language of your original document and the language you need to translate to. The price of the translation will depend on the language pair.

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Tips and tricks

  • Be sure that you know the exact language you need to translate to as there may be a variety of dialects.
  • The price depends on the language pair you choose.
  • If there’s no language that you need, message our customer support and they’ll find the translator.
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Step 2

Choose an Industry

Pick a filed to which your document belongs.

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Tips and tricks

  • Pick among translation, certified translation, proofreading, and localization.
  • The complexity of the text influences the price.
  • If you’re not sure about what industry to select, contact our support team for help.
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Step 3

Fill in Project Details

Let us know how many words your original document has. If not sure, type an approximate number and our managers will double-check it.

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Tips and tricks

  • Upload the document for translation and the number of words will be calculated automatically.
  • If the words are not counted, our team will do it manually.
  • Choose the urgency of the project.
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Step 4

Start the Project

Press the “Translate Now” button to fill in your personal information, attach your document for translation, and proceed with the payment.

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