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We’re one of the best Armenian translation services. Our professional team can help you with any type of translation from English to Armenian and vice versa.

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The whole world is one global market, but we don't all speak the same language. Whether it's for business or personal affairs, you cannot expect that everyone you communicate with speaks English. Armenian translation services are necessary for businesses whose target audience or business partners are from the Armenian-speaking area or for individuals that have any personal communication they need to conduct in Armenian.

Luckily, The Word Point offers professional Armenian translations regardless of the nature or the purpose of the content. It’s the easiest and most reliable way to have your text converted to or from Armenian.

Experts with International Certifications

Our language experts cover internationally recognized translation certificates.

Only Human Translation

All our translations are done by native experts trained for specific industries.

Armenian Translation Service: What We Offer & Promise

If you search online today, you’ll find a ton of services offering Armenian language as one of the languages they operate with. Some of them will even be cheaper than us or offer quick solutions. You may start to wonder- why choose The Word Point out of all the other translation services online?

Our company is highly reliable and versatile when it comes to the type of services we offer. You will find all kinds of translation-related assistance provided in one place. We are able to help you with more than just Armenian language translation. Here are other services we are good at.


Localization is one of the most important elements of running a successful business today. Most of our clients come to us for our website localization service, while others need to localize an app, software, game, or any other type of service and product they have. Our native or bilingual Armenian interpreters will make sure the content you provide is fully adapted to your new target audience. That includes changing parts of the text, inserting local expressions and fixed phrases, maintaining political and cultural correctness, and more.

Video & Audio Transcription

The next service that our professional translators provide is video & audio transcription. They handle any type of transcript confidentially and precisely. Send your content in any Armenian dialect, sub-dialect, or regional variation, and we’ll make sure every word is properly transcribed.Then, if you need the transcription to be converted into any of the 50 languages that we offer, we'll be more than happy to do that as well.


Voice-overs are also highly important for entering new markets and reaching your target audience. As a professional Armenian translation service, we know that there are certain groups of people, or entire nations, known for not being huge fans of subtitles. Instead, they prefer voice-overs or watching video content with their native language being spoken.We have natives ready to step up whatever type of content you have and handle your voice-over professionally.

Certified Armenian Translations

If you need your translation for official government business, courts, or academic institutions, they’ll want to see a certificate of accuracy of the translation. We cover different types of certifications and quickly deliver them for you to use.


Finally, none of our projects are dlivered without proofreading. We make sure every punctuation mark and every letter is where they're supposed to be. We also proofread any text that you upload to find any kind of mistake- from lexical to grammatical ones.

Industry-Specific Armenian Translator

Are you worried that we don’t have an expert for Armenian for your specific industry? Here’s a list of just some of those that we cover and regularly handle with ease.

  • Legal. Whether you're a law firm, a business, or an individual who needs their legal documents translated- we’ve got you covered. Our legal translation teams know different legal systems and have experience in the field.
  • Medical. We hire native medical experts to handle translations such as patient documentation, medical dissertations, drug labels, and more.
  • Technical. Businesses and companies often need technical manuals translated for international markets. We translate English to Armenian or vice versa, as well as combined with 50 other languages.
  • Business. Successful businesses operate on so many fronts. A business translation that we handle includes everything from business contracts to HR manuals.
  • Financial. Finance is another tricky field that requires the language expert to have financial education and experience. Our translation experts have all the required qualifications.
  • Advertising/marketing. Social media, website, billboards, videos, you name it- we will translate to Armenian, making sure all the rules of advertising are satisfied and your campaign is a success.
  • eLearning. Courses, training programs, workshop materials, and other types of e-learning materials are other fields we excel in. Count on our experts to make your materials understandable and effective in the translated form as well.
  • Multimedia localization. We localize video materials, apps, websites, software interfaces, and more to make them fit a new target audience.
We Guarantee Confidentiality

All your information and data are protected and safe with us.

Work with Any Format

We’ll deliver your translation in any requested format.

Benefits of Using Our Armenian Translation Services

With all the translation companies out there, you may be having second thoughts about choosing us. It’s only natural, but the benefits we offer speak for themselves. Here’s what makes us different, more reliable, and thus a better choice than the rest.

  • Human Experts. We don’t do machine translations when we translate Armenian or any other language. Only human experts handle your translations, which makes them sound natural and contain no errors.
  • Accuracy. We pay special attention to the accuracy of every piece of translation. Our linguists are language experts who care about style, grammar, punctuation, and more. Plus, we carefully handle important details and information from your text to make sure the translation is 100% accurate in terms of content.
  • Glossary Memory Tools. Our language specialists use sophisticated glossary memory tools to handle Armenian to English translations as well as any other, including Spanish, French, or Greek translation services. These tools help create glossary databases that ensure consistency in all our translations and clarity of the delivered text.
  • Quick Delivery. We handle extremely urgent translations quickly. If your deadline is super urgent, we’ll have an entire team of experts work together to deliver the translation on time. This goes for all types of translation, from academic translation services to business or personal content. The urgency won’t affect the quality of the translation, and you'll still receive the best result.
  • Top-Quality Customer Service. Our customer service is available 24/7 when you need English to Armenian translation online. You can reach out before placing an order or during the waiting period if you encounter any issues. They’ll help you with anything you may need after receiving the order as well.
  • Affordable Prices. Our prices are fairly affordable when you compare them to other English to Armenian translation services. We may not be the cheapest, but we offer the best for your money.

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If you need any kind of Armenian document translation, you're in the right place. We're experienced, reliable, and versatile when it comes to our offer. We guarantee the highest quality and meet the agreed deadline. Plus, we'll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you want once we finish.

Take a look at our offer in more than 50 languages. You’ll find everything from Hindi translations to Urdu or Hungarian. Choose the services you need, and rest assured, we’ll handle everything with the greatest attention to detail and professional service.


What is the cost of translation to Armenian

The cost of the services depends on factors such as: type of translation, urgency, word count, industry.

You can ask for a free quote to see what the cost of your specific translation would be.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

We can deliver any type of format you need. Just specify it when placing your order.

How fast can you translate my document into Armenian?

A translator can typically handle 2000 words a day. if your order exceeds it, we can still handle it urgently, but we’ll need to hire more experts to work simultaneously.

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Armenian translation

This service managed to deliver a complex academic Armenian translation within a tight deadline. I needed it urgently, and they accepted it instantly. Still, the result was accurate, and I would hire them again.

Armenian translation

They translated my immigration papers and provided the certified Armenian translation I needed. I was relieved to see how professionally and carefully they approached my papers and how they took care of every detail.

Armenian translations

My small company regularly orders Armenian translations from The Word Point. They handle marketing and localization for us, and we are more than happy with how they do it.

Armenian translation

I loved the entire experience of ordering my translation here. From the simple order placement to the great communication with my translator and the customer service- it’s all highly professional.


I ordered the translation of my medical documentation, which I believed was tricky to handle. Still, The Word Point did it quickly and without any additional questions or bumps in the road. Great experience.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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