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With the rapid and high-level technological development, there appear more and more ways in which people interact with one another. For example, websites became a great tool to market services, connect with clients, share news, or give advice. But how to boost your site and attract people from other countries who don’t speak your native language? Website localization services are the right answer to this question.

With their help, you could get an accurate translation of your content as well as its adaptation is done in accordance with the mindset of the population you target. It could assist in bringing you publicity, money, and even international news coverage if your website ends up becoming successful. The only problem lies in choosing an appropriate agency that could offer a truly professional service.

Why Choose Only Specialized Web Localization Services?

The reason why you must trust only professional language localization service concerns the number of peculiarities that arise when adapting a global website. There are many small-scale organizations that advertise themselves, but unless they have a strong reputation, dealing with them is risky. Only experts can be called efficient localizing experts. TheWordPoint hires such specialists, which helps stay in the leading position within this market for many years.

Keep in mind that localization is not the same as translation. Sure, in both cases, content gets converted to another language. But it also requires adaptation and adjustment according to cultural norms of a target country. There is a terminology that differs from region to region, along with legal aspects or differences in phrasing. Any mistake is expensive because it might offend or confuse your audience, so just avoid it at all costs. TheWordPoint protects all interests of our clients and provides them only with stellar, error-free service.

How Does Website Localization Service Operate?

Delivery of localized as well as software translation services consists of several stages. We’ve outlined an entire journey one should undertake when they start their project, including some services our experts provide.

  • CMS integration. Very often, people who create their site don’t think about the possibility of expanding it by adding other languages. To change site structure without affecting anything else, you’ll need Content Management System integration. Our experts use CMS solutions, and their review always takes place in the first stage.
  • Translation proxy. This is a service that works to offer an already prepared translation of your website to audiences depending on their chosen language. When an individual selects a language, proxy immediately loads the necessary page content. We suggest converting your site into different languages and store this info in proxy system.
  • Multilingual SEO. To localize a website successfully, you have to ensure that international audiences will find your website in their region via web browsers. Multilingual SEO allows the search to reflect data our experts have localized for you in a foreign language. In turn, target audiences searching for something related easily locate it.
  • Mobile optimization. Remember that for the best results, you’ll have to offer a mobile version for your website. With us taking care of actual content, it won’t be difficult.
  • Images Localizing. If a site has images, we are going to localize them. Just forward them to us and we will adapt the text on them while fully preserving the format.
  • Watch Dates, Times, Calendar Days. Our employees pay attention to everything, including dates. For instance, if you announce some special offer or a discount that starts or ends at a specific time, our experts will convert it according to the time in a target country to avoid misunderstandings. All nuances are carefully considered.
  • Plan for Customer Support. As a site owner, in case you offer any services, consider launching multilingual customer support. After all, there are times when reading localized info isn’t enough. Your customers might have questions, and you should offer them a way of voicing as well as addressing them.
  • Get User Feedback: Quality Control and Testing. After we are done with localizing a website, we test our work quality by showing it to selected individuals from your target language group to Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean language translation, or any other language. They evaluate results and help us improve in case there are any discrepancies or mistakes.

Why Human Translation is Important

You might think that since localized websites usually fall into the technical sector, machine translation could be used. It’s actually not the case. Application localization is still a complex and intricate process. Only human translators are able to confirm if a term or expression is appropriate in an instance or not.

Machines are programmed to translate based on specific algorithms. Humans have to think of the best way to localize website and every bit of text, not just use standard generalized methods. TheWordPoint understands importance of such an approach, so all our employees follow it rigorously.

Payment Process

Cost of our services depends on various factors like deadline, number of words, industry, and document type. In order to get the right price, we can give you a free quote. Just contact our support and send your project. They’ll reply with the exact price for it.

Our service works hard to please its clients in all regards at once, with payment system not being an exception. If you wonder how to pay for localization of website, know that our system is highly intuitive. We support all major e-payments, so use PayPal, Discover, American Express, your credit, or debit cards. If you’ve made purchases via the Internet before, you won’t face any difficulties with us either.

Use Our Services and Enjoy Your Fully Localized Website

In case you are looking for help with localizing your website or are interested in video game localization or any other similar service, let TheWordPoint specialists know. Contact us right now, elaborate on your requirements, share relevant files, and finalize placing an order. Our expert is going to start working soon after that, so be assured that your project will be done right by your deadline. We won’t let you down, and after site localization, you’ll be seeing an immediate boost in the number of your visitors.

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  • What is the difference between translation and localization?

Translation means preserving all nuances from your original text and presenting them in a target language. Localization, on the other hand, is more complex as it involves adapting all mentioned nuances so they would be understood by target population not only on textual but also on a cultural level.

  • How much do experts charge?

Prices vary depending on a range of factors, from task complexity to deadlines and linguists’ qualifications. At TheWordPoint, we charge relatively low prices, starting with $0.14 per one word of translation and $0.19 for localization. If you order additional quality services, it’ll cost a bit extra, but even the most expensive type of localization won’t exceed $0.29.

  • How long does a localization process take?

We follow our clients’ requirements, so your project is done in strict accordance with your specified deadline. Two weeks is the optimal time for an average-sized project, but if you need it sooner, it can be easily arranged.

  • Into which languages do you localize?

We are a large company, so we work in more than 50 languages. Chances that you are going to find what you are looking for are very high. We’ll do our best to assist you and find an expert.

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