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The song “It’s a Small World” was never more appropriate than in current times. Consumers shop online and order products and services from all over the world. It only makes sense that businesses wanting to get in on these global markets look for website localization services, so that foreign audiences can do business in their native languages – they are just much more comfortable, even if they understand a bit of the original language of that website.

You Need a Top Website Localization Service – Here’s Why

There are many translation agencies out there. And they all promise accurate, speedy products and services. But here’s the thing: localizing websites for foreign audiences requires much more than simply translating text, product descriptions, photo captions, purchasing/checkout procedures, and currencies. There is an important difference between translation and localization, and you need both.

  • Translation: This is the activity of converting content of a current language into that of another. Translators do this with all levels of expertise – from poor to excellent. Being fluent in two languages does make an expert translator. It is always best to use a native of the target language, so that the grammar, linguistic nuances, idioms, and expressions are correct.
  • Localization: Localization of websites goes beyond mere translation. This activity takes into account all cultural aspects of a target audience. A localization expert is a native of the target region or country. It’s someone who has grown up there and who understands what is and isn’t appropriate and engaging to their audience. This pro pours through all the website content, reviewing texts, visuals, and multimedia, etc., and ensures that, first, nothing objectionable is said or displayed. Then, they make suggestions for changes that won’t just suit the local culture but will engage and provide a great user experience. 

Mistakes in website localization may cost a business its reputation, may even offend or confuse potential customers, and, in the end, result in loss of revenue. It’s just not worth the risk. This is why you need TheWord Point services. We are an established agency, with years of successful experience in the translation and localization of websites. We use only natives of the target language region or country – individuals who are also specifically trained, who have expertise in the client’s sector, and who meet the standards of certifying organizations and associations.

Certified Experts

Our translators and localizers meet standards for accuracy and quality set by international certifying organizations

No Machines Ever

The Word Point translation/localization projects are only completed by expert, certified, human natives

How Site Localization Works

Many businesses built their websites without the thought of going global, and The Word Point understands this. So, when you come to us with a purpose to localize website structure and content in any of 50+ languages, our services have a sequential step-by-step process that ensures top quality.

  • CMS integration: CMS stands for content management system, and it is a way to expand your website for other languages, without affecting anything else in the structure of the site. One of the most popular CMS solutions we use is Drupal site localization. While Drupal is often used to build websites, it has many other uses and supports over 100 languages. Of course, our services use other CMS systems as well and work with any that a website already has.
  • Adding a Translation Proxy: This is a structure our services always recommend, though it is up to the customer. A translation proxy is embedded in your original website. When a visitor accesses your site, they are asked to select among the languages to which your site has been translated and localized. Once they select the language, proxy web page localization kicks in, and they are immediately taken to that localized site.
  • SEO: Your site is probably optimized for the most common search engines your native audience uses. This may not be the case in other regions or countries to which you are expanding. Our native experts know which search engines are the most popular, and, in their translations, will be certain to use SEO techniques based upon those search engine algorithms. If you localize a website to Spain, for example, there won’t be a problem, for Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular and common. Yet, if you want to localize a website for China, SEO must be optimized for its most popular search engine – Baidu. 
  • Optimizing for Mobile: In much of the world, where there is a growing middle class, consumers use smartphones, not PCs, because that infrastructure was never put into place on a large scale. Your own mobile app can be localized for your target market, in Android, iOS, or both
  • Images and Other Multimedia: Images and other multimedia are critical for foreign user experience. Nothing can be in the least bit offensive or inappropriate for the cultural values of a foreign audience. Our services’ experts analyze all of this and suggest changes/modifications if needed. A Muslim audience, for example, would not appreciate visuals of women in tank tops and shorts. 
  • Time and Dates: When localization of a website is performed for a foreign region or country, times zones, the international dateline, and such must be carefully localized too.
  • A Plan for Customer Support: You certainly want a translated FAQ section. And you may want to consider other means of customer support in their native languages. Website chats accomplish some of this, you should look at other options as well. Native experts provide suggestions and recommendations for these.
  • Translation/Localization: Once all of these stages have been completed and decisions made, the actual translation and localization occur. Remember, our services only use native experts in the target languages – no machines, and no unqualified amateurs. The end result will be a perfectly appointed website for your foreign audience that’ll provide a stunning user experience.
  • Quality Control and Testing: Once localizing a website is finished, it is tested on the target audience. If the response is great, our work is done. If there are any issues, they are quickly fixed.

Localization of website features, elements, text, visuals, and more involves a great deal more than mere translation service. To do it right requires expertise that most other agencies cannot provide. If you want it done right, TheWordPoint is your best choice.

Human Translation is Key to Doing it Right

There is certainly something to be said for machine translation. When tourists are in a foreign country, for example, they often use translation apps to move about and communicate with the locals. And machine translations may be appropriate for personal content and documents that are not critical.
But when you want to localize a website for a foreign audience, the need is far different. Everything must be done right to provide the optimum user experience. This is a complex process, and machine translation has not yet met the sophistication that human localization provides. For this reason, our service employs only human translation and localization experts.

Making Payments

No single order for translation/localization is the same. The type of project, the total number of words, the customer deadline, etc. all factor into our pricing. The best procedure is to contact us, explain your need in full detail, and let us give you a free quote. We allow payment for our services via Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, as well as WireTransfer, and PayPal. This process is both easy and fully secure.

Your Confidentiality is Guaranteed

We keep all client information securely protected and never share it with anyone else.

We Work with Any Format

Send us your project in any format and request any format – no problem for us!

Use Word Point Localization Services and Begin to See the Results

Whatever your needs, count on our services to deliver. Contact us today, give us all details, get pricing for specific services, and let us go to work for you. You’ll have exactly what you want when you want it, and it’ll be perfect. Get the growth in visitors you need to expand your business. What you may realize by now is that localization of website content is a human activity. We do not use machine translations as so many other agencies do. They just do not meet the high standards of accuracy and appropriateness that we commit and deliver to our clients.

Types of translation and localization services we provide

Give your business the global expansion you want. Countless businesses rely on us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Translation is more limited than localization. It involves the changing of text and other content from one language to another. Localization is broader in scope. It includes translation but also the necessary changes in a native piece to ensure that all text, visuals, and other content are culturally appropriate and non-offensive to the target foreign audience. As well, it takes into account target search engine SEO and many other details that provide a great user experience for the target audience.

How much do site localization experts charge?

There is no hard and fast rule here. Costs to our customers depend upon many things – size and complexity of project, amount of work involved, and customer deadline for completion. Contact us to get a free quote and localize a website.

How long does the localization process take?

Again, there is no set amount of time for project completion. Once a customer has submitted project details, our website translation agency analyzes that project and comes up with a reasonable time frame for completion that both of us agree upon. If a customer has an urgent deadline, we’ll meet that deadline. We always discuss potential delays with customers and reach a satisfactory compromise.

Into which languages do you localize?

We are a large company, so we work in more than 50 languagCurrently, we localize into more than 50 languages, and we continue to add to our repertoire. If your target language is not included in our listing, get in touch. It is quite possible that we’ll find the perfect native expert for your Chances that you are going to find what you are looking for are very high. We’ll do our best to assist you and find an expert.

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Can’t find an answer to your questions? Feel free to check our complete FAQ page, or contact us at [email protected]


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Website Localization

I want my company to broaden its market and that’s the reason why I have created the English version of the website in the first place. I am sure that the website is a powerful tool in my marketing strategy. I asked for help with proofreading from this translations service and they corrected all the errors in a few days. I’m very grateful for the help!

Website Localization

When we started a project we knew it must be interesting abroad. That's why we needed a quality localization of the website and all the content in order to take it to the international level. Thanks to these translators we have got a professional assistance for and our market expanded significantly. True experts!

Website Localization

What impressed us the most about TheWordPoint was all the preliminary work they did with us before the actual localization and translation process. We were given expert advice, suggestions, recommendations, and options before the actual process began. They even tested the new websites in the target market and presented a report on user feedback. The end result was stunning.

Website Localization

We knew that we would have to pay for localization of website features, elements, and content. We did not know all that was involved in such projects. So, we hired a company that was clearly amateurs. When we “tested the waters” with a few locals in two of the countries, we were quickly informed that we could not launch the websites as they had been developed. They were appalling. We turned the disasters over to TheWordPoint, based upon the recommendation of another company that used them. It was a relief to find a company that had the experts we needed to translate and localize our websites for our foreign audiences. We saved our reputation and got the responses we wanted.

Website Localization

We can clearly say that TheWordPoint is the “go-to” service for website localization services. We began our global expansion several years ago with website localization in Germany, Italy, and China. Now we are moving into developing regions and countries, and the quality of your localization has not changed. As we continue to expand, you are our only choice for localization services. You just do it right.

Website Localization

We had no idea how to go about going into any global market but knew we had to if we were to realize the growth we wanted. The experts at TheWordPoint helped us prioritize our expansion efforts into regions and countries and then set up a long-term plan for our website localization into the best markets. We are thrilled with what your people have done for us so far and will be sticking with this plan. Already, we are seeing our localization efforts resonate and pay off!

Website Localization

We needed an agency that could help with localizing our e-commerce website for Africa. There were several languages involved in our project, given the specific countries into which we wanted to expand. Fortunately, we found The Word Point. You found the native localizers to complete this tough project to perfection. Already, we have seen a large boost in visitors and customers. We give the Word Point 5 stars!

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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