Website Localization Services

Your company’s reach might be global, but if you want to reach customers all over the world, you have to approach them in a way that is familiar and appealing. This means localization. Translation services are a part of this process, but they are simply not enough. Culture and communication matter.

Why Does Localization Matter?

Have you ever visited a website, then realized, after reading a few sentences that the person who wrote the content wasn’t a native speaker of that language? The spelling and grammar might have been okay, even better than average. Still, you could tell something was off. The phrasing wasn't usual. Perhaps idioms were used in ways that weren’t quite right.

Order Website Localization Services

If you found the experience discouraging, you aren’t alone. If you clicked away, you aren’t alone either. People, as a whole, want to do business with companies that show an understanding of their culture and local manner of communication. This is why localization is very important. It’s why we go beyond providing simple translation services and offer website localization.

We Start With Translation

Our certified translators will begin the localization process by translating your website content in to any language that you need. However, these aren’t translators who simply have an academic mastery of a language, they also understand communities and cultures. This means that they focus, not simply on translating the language, but also in finding ways to interpret your content that is most appealing to your target audience. They’ll also help you to avoid unintentionally offending your audience.

Does Your Audience Speak English? You May Still Need Localization Services

In order to provide the optimum service and to impress customers you may wish to localize, even if there is no language barrier. For one thing, people simply feel more comfortable conducting business in their native tongue. In addition to this, if you have taken the time and effort to localize your website in order to facilitate understanding, your target audience is going to be much more likely to believe you will provide excellent service in all areas.

We’ll Help You to Figure Out When And How Much

We will come up with a localization plan that matches your goals and objectives as they relate to growth and sales. In some cases, it may be right to jump in and reach out to as many markets as possible. In other cases, the determination might be made to hold back and only target one or two new markets. Our goal is to help create a localization roadmap that complements your business plan.

Once we have that is cleared, we’ll figure out how much localization is needed. We’ll take the following into consideration:

  • What needs to be done to translate your content in a way that is useful?
  • We’ll take cultural matters into consideration
  • We’ll ensure that translation isn’t just accurate but also relatable
  • Is a full or partial translation effort needed
  • Sometimes using a mix of English and the target language works best
  • If your audience is generally familiar with the structure of English language websites, you can usually keep tabs and buttons and other elements in English while translating other content

Timely But Not Rushed

We understand the need to reach out to new markets quickly. If you’re competitors are already there, we know that waiting can be tortuous. We also realize that there are tools and services available that promise auto translation. These will certainly be faster, but they won’t be nearly as personalized. They also don’t come with the cultural understanding that our professional translators have.

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