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Manufacturing translation services are becoming increasingly sought out by people of different professions. The industrial side of our world is constantly developing, ensuring the growth of hundreds of different branches. Logistics along with all the accompanying industrial documents, technical guides, and instructions, medical, automotive, as well as electronics manufacturing together with huge volumes of data they involve — all these sectors help move our world forward, uniting people from even those countries that have nothing in common.

Knowing a foreign language is undeniably an advantage, but it’s impossible to learn them all, which is where certified translation services like TheWordPoint come into play. We are a team of professionals who could easily help you with any manufacturing project. Industrial translation, transcription, localization, and certification are only some of the services that we offer. We help link cultures and accelerate the exchange of manufactured goods by providing quick as well as efficient assistance at an affordable cost.

Reasons Why People Need Industrial Translation Services

Manufacturing interpretations take place within the industrial sphere. You could require this kind of assistance for a variety of reasons — for instance, when you’re working on technical documents or policies and need to share them with representatives from other countries. You could be dealing with packages that are transferred between different regions, producing international user manuals or guidebooks along with training and marketing materials, developing websites and improving digital interfaces, etc. All these actions require professional assistance, which is what our team will be glad to supply you with. You might also need to translate patents or the accompanying safety documents, and our experts would be happy to help out. They have all the experience to ensure you face no problems in your further business dealings.

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Relevance of Localization in Industrial Translations

Apart from aforementioned offers, we also ensure the provision of localization services. Localization is a vital process: it ensures that your text is understood by a target audience properly. Simple transcription isn’t always enough because people’s mindsets differ across cultures. Context of some documents must be taken into account, with all peculiarities smoothed out. Terminology and definitions must coincide in meanings, jokes must remain funny, subtext should be maintained, and so on. Our specialists know how to convey your meaning with 100% accuracy.

Industries Where Manufacturing Translation Is in High Demand

As a potential client, you might be wondering what sectors hire our company most often. There are many of them, including financial translation service, but some depend on international cooperation more than others. Here’s where industry translation services usually apply.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing. Spacecrafts, planes, missiles, and other flying vehicles play a huge role in our world. They help us travel, explore space, and transport manufactured parts between distant locations. There is a lot of paperwork and other documents involved, which is why numerous aerospace manufacturers hire TheWordPoint.
  • Automotive Manufacturing. Automotive translation services are extremely common since cars as well as other vehicles are a vital part of human life. Patents, contracts, and other data are exchanged between different manufacturers on a daily basis, and a firm like ours helps make it happen.
  • Electronics Manufacturing. Considering endless kinds of the existing equipment, different electronic components are constantly designed, constructed, distributed, and put into use. Heavy volumes of paperwork accompany this process. Permissions, laws, policies, and contracts must be drawn, interpreted, and certified, which is what we assist with.
  • Medical Devices Manufacturing. Medicine and nursing are the foundation of our society. Different medical devices are produced and shipped overseas every day: this equipment saves lives, so the use of trusted agency is even more important in this sphere.

Who Are Manufacturing Translators?

To provide high-level translate services, only the best experts in the field must be hired. Our company does exactly that. Our industry translations are considered among the most prestigious ones because we make sure to follow several key rules. All our work is done by humans, with no machine tools used. Almost every professional is certified, meaning that they have passed tests of relevant international agencies. Prior to hiring them, we subject them to a number of other tests that check their knowledge. Only the best make it through, which lets us fulfill your requirements in accordance with the highest standards.

Guaranteed Security and Quality

TheWordPoint takes the matter of your privacy extremely seriously. We follow all international guidelines, so as we provide manufacturing translations, we keep your data secure. No one is going to find out what your documents entail apart from our immediate employees, and they are bound by confidentiality agreement. Quality is also a priority — we have editors, sample testers, as well as proofreaders who monitor the execution of all orders. To give you maximum satisfaction, we also offer after-care services, so you have every right to demand revision or refund in case you aren’t pleased.

Trust TheWordPoint and Enjoy Professional Services

If you require any kind of assistance, we will be honored to provide it. We’ve been working for a sufficient number of years to prove our trustworthiness and cultivate our clients’ trust, so consider our terms and offers, read about the specifics of our manufacturing translation service, and make an informed decision. Our website is highly intuitive, meaning that you won’t struggle with navigating through it. Complete the order form, submit it, and we’ll get into contact with you ASAP. Your comfort is our priority, and we’ll do everything to ensure it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use translation technology?

We strive to keep up with modern trends, so for achieving the best results, we apply various top technologies, from memory tools to glossaries. Our language experts either know how to use them or are taught on how to do that by experts.

  • Do I need to certify the manufacturing translation?

It depends on what you’re planning to do with documents you received. Many kinds of them indeed require certification, particularly if you intend to submit them for furthering professional cooperation with another party. In general, all official documents require certification.

  • How much does it cost to translate a manufacturing document?

We maintain average prices in the market because we want to keep our prices affordable for our customers. If you require ordinary technical translation, you’ll have to pay about $0.14 for one word. The cost also depends on the language pair you choose.

  • How long does the process take?

We have top experts who can complete localization within a matter of days or even hours, depending on the size of your task, language pair, and urgency. Specify your deadline and we’ll be able to help — our goal is to work on your terms for your satisfaction.

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