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Many industries have been crossing national borders for years, and even more businesses are taking that important step of expanding into the global economy every year. One of the most daunting obstacles to international expansion for many businesses seeking growth is managing different languages spoken in foreign countries. However, this does not need to be the obstacle it appears to be.

Businesses seeking to expand beyond national borders can find assistance from industrial translation services.

The ALLTOPSTARTUPS website lists a few industries that experience an undeniable need for certified industrial translation because of the importance of absolute accuracy.

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Here are a few businesses expanding their reach and requiring industrial translation services.

Information and technology

As the technology industry continues to grow globally by leaps and bounds, there is a huge demand for industrial translation. Large numbers of technology products and software packages are produced internationally on a regular basis, so there is an unrelenting need by IT companies to have technical documents translated into various languages.

The IT industry is so specialized that it is not enough for a translator to have thorough knowledge of a second language, with all of its subtleties and cultural traditions, but also a strong, functional understanding of technology as well. These translators must be very knowledgeable of technical terminology to be able to perform technical translations.

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Additionally, businesses are providing websites with more than one language to accommodate customers that speak and write in languages other than the native language of the country where the website originates.

General manufacturing

This industry spawns a broad spectrum of written material. Examples of that material include the following:

  • Installation, operator and maintenance manuals
  • Documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Patent information
  • Marketing information such as product catalogs and websites
  • Company policy manuals
  • Computer aided design (CAD) documents
  • Business contracts
  • Packaging with directions for use

Manufacturing processes may easily involve shipping raw materials between countries. In these processes, a company may assemble part of a product in one country and then ship that partially assembled product to another country to become part of a finished product. Information regarding the partially assembled product will most likely require industrial translation.

Travel and tourism

The travel and tourism industry continues to thrive, especially with businesses operating globally and requiring more travel. Travel-related businesses have a variety of translation needs. Those include travel documents and brochures as well as documents outlining terms and conditions, not just in one language, but in several different languages. The travel industry may have the most significant need for industrial translation services because it deals with travelers from all over the world. With the right translation company, travel companies such as airlines, hotels and conference centers can keep happy foreign customers.

Health care

Healing for many illnesses and chronic conditions does not know any borders; everyone needs medical attention sooner or later. As a result, pharmaceutical companies are constantly expanding internationally. Depending upon the countries these companies are reaching out to, it is certain that they will run into needs for industrial translation services in multiple languages.

When a pharmaceutical or medical supply company runs into the need for industrial translation regarding its products, it is of utmost importance that the translation be absolutely accurate. People’s lives depend upon accurate translations of medication information, especially when describing proper use, precautions and warnings about side effects.

Banking and Finance

Finance companies are delving into more foreign countries these days in an effort to attract more customers, especially in the ever-growing global trade environment. As a result, the finance industry requires online translation services in multiple languages, depending upon how many countries’ markets a bank or other financial company enters.

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Accurate translation of financial data is of the utmost importance for finance companies that want to keep their international customers happy. That is why these companies want more than just industrial translation services that claim to be accurate. They want certified translation services where the translator attaches a signed document to the translation certifying its accuracy.


As all these industries continue to expand into the global market exacting industrial translation is an undeniable necessity. The Word Point provides translations for any industry with human translators who not only have a strong working knowledge of their target language, but expertise in the industry for which you need industrial translation services.