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Content Localization – Getting it Right through The Word Point

You have an e-commerce website; you have an online college degree program; you have software or apps that you want to sell abroad; you have games that will be a major hit in foreign gaming communities. Just one problem. All of this digital content is only in your native language, and you are looking for overseas markets. Obviously you need localization translation help – professionals who can not only translate your content but who are aware of all of the idiomatic words/phrases and cultural nuances of a local population. And particularly in the case of website localization content and visuals, color and images must be appropriate for that local population too. 

When you choose The Word Point for your translation and localization services, you will have native born and educated linguists who will not only translate but will act as consultants to ensure that all of the wording, the images, the colors, etc. will be non-offensive, and, in fact, pleasing to the receiving audience.

Wide Array of Localization Services

At the Word Point, we have seasoned pros who are assigned to localization projects based on their expertise. Our localization services include all of the following:

  • Product documentation and instructions – our clients can choose online, printed, or both
  • Website localization services – Accurate and culturally-appropriate text, changes in colors and visuals as needed, and testing to ensure that every loads well and the UX will be exceptional
  • Software and Apps – Both of these are best localized during the development phase, but this is certainly not always done. Good-sized businesses with translators on staff can get it done. But if you are not Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Apple, it can be an issue. We can take on software localization or application localization of products you have developed or that are in the development phase – we have software experts with native language expertise ready to go to work for you and provide the best app localization services.
  • Game localization services: If you can develop great games, we have the expertise to localize those games in over 100 languages. Our gaming localizers have extensive gaming experience themselves as well as technical know-how to make sure that there will be no bugs. Once games are localized, they are tested and re-tested in-house before being delivered back to you.
  • E-Learning: It’s the rising method of education today. Institutions and individuals both will find that our localization of coursework is completed impeccably. You will be able to market your coursework anywhere you wish, knowing that our translators can handle that.
  • Packaging: Many product manufacturers forget about this extra “touch.” When packages are delivered and the native language is used on that packaging, a lot of “good will” is purchased for a very small amount of investment.

Localization tells customers and potential customers that you care about their culture and their language. You know not to place an owl on anything localized for India; you know not to advertise the whitening power of a toothpaste in Vietnam. These are the little things that show you have taken the time and trouble to honor other cultures. And, as far as getting those translations and localizations up and running? There are no localization service providers better than The Word Point.

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