Our world is constantly undergoing the process of globalization and localization services become highly requested. TheWordPoint is a language company that provides all types of localization assistance with mobile applications, websites, software, computer games, and more. Our aim is to help any business, organization, and individual in any industry adapt the peculiarities of one text in any form to a target country’s demands.

If you are a business person, a web developer, a game designer, or an entrepreneur who wants to promote their product internationally, you will need professional help from a localization agency in earning the attention of more people and going multilingual. Place an order, send your documents, specific requirements, and receive quality localization.

Reasons Why People Need Localization

You’d be surprised to learn how many individuals ask for our assistance on a daily basis. Some need us to create a localized website for them. Others are interested in computer games or app localization. They want to enter international markets, but it cannot be done without professional technical adaptation of their products. Even if you don’t have financial goals in mind but still want to promote your service, you’ll have to hire experts who could eliminate contextual as well as cultural differences, linking all audiences through localization.

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Difference Between Translation and Localization Services

If you have never used similar services before, you might wonder how translation differs from localization since they are based on similar principles. Content ends up being changed from one language into another in both cases, but translation implies a stricter adherence to original while localization shifts it in accordance with context. Apart from various legal requirements, there are also such points as slang, unique expressions that have to be remade, and idioms. What is clear to one audience won’t be as clear to another one.

Culturally sensitive material also needs adaptation, which is what localizing process is responsible for. For example, some jokes suitable for Americans will be seen as offensive in the UAE, so localizing specialists would change them while preserving their core message or tone. Formatting is another difference since translations are mostly textual while localized subjects can come in a variety of forms, from software to games and mobile apps.

Process of Localization

Like we’ve already established, localization implies adapting your text until it can be understood as well as positively received by various cultural societies. There are many localization projects people require help with, and it all starts with an expert communicating with a customer when discussing all details. Each requirement is specified, every question is answered. Afterward, an expert conducts a target market analysis, taking note of all peculiarities that will be relevant in adaptation process.

Translation happens next, and after it is finished, special testing is performed to make sure that all glitches or mistakes are eliminated, with the content being comprehensive for markets from the cultural as well as linguistic perspectives. Final polishing might take place before the project is released to you. These steps help guarantee flawless quality.

What Does Localized Testing Include?

Professional localization service providers like TheWordPoint never release the orders they worked on without testing them first. Tests and analysis of their outcomes are the best solutions that lead to effective results. This is how we structure this process.

1) A group or an individual tester is selected based on a targeted market. They are perceived as potential users of a service and are given access to the order.

2) Testers conduct analysis and linguistic testing. They catch typos, badly phrased instances, mixed text pieces, etc., then, send a report to us.

3) We take actions by editing discovered mistakes, perfecting your order.

4) A final content polishing happens, and then the text is sent to you.

Translators We Hire

Human translations service is a determinant of quality. This is the only method TheWordPoint uses. We understand that language localization requires a personal, thorough approach, so we are applying the most effective tactics in our headhunting and hiring practices. Each of our language experts has received education along with certification from the best world universities. They are trained to deal with any type of document.

Since our business has been operating for a while, we’ve cultivated a vast team of experts. TheWordPoint specializes in 50+ languages. It also protects your interests by offering free revisions. If something is wrong with your papers, we’ll take appropriate measures.

Major Industries Localization Company Works With

There are many spheres in which language localization services are needed. Our goal is to assist every person who asks for help, which is why we try to work with each industry, accepting all possible kinds of projects. Here are the four core ones our customers usually order.

  • Legal translation

People move between different countries, participate in international court hearings, work on legal assignments, etc. Many of them choose our company to help them with getting proper localization along with valid certification. Law, immigration, and government sectors are the largest consumers of such services.

  • Technical translation

Specialized texts are always in high demand. Marketing, manufacturing, logistics, and other industries often deal with technical texts and documents. We assist with their translation since our employees have knowledge of the required terms with concepts.

  • Software localization

People frequently want localized website or software that could be comfortably downloaded as well as understood by users all over the world. That’s where TheWordPoint comes into play, offering stable support and tested localization.

  • Medical translation

Healthcare sector is a huge customer since medicine is becoming more globalized. We localize manuals, articles, guides, prescriptions, health records, etc.

Diversity of Our Services

In case you need software localization or video transcription services, you shouldn’t worry about formats TheWordPoint would accept. We’ve been operating long enough to know what our customers want, which makes us capable of meeting their demands. If you require assistance with Java or Flash platforms, we have specialists who’ll work with them.

There are teams who’ll assist you with CSS and PHP style sheet and scripting languages. We cover ASP programming model together with Captivate and the native drawing language for Illustrator. This isn’t a limit, though, so just say a word and we’ll select an expert.

Accuracy and Excellent Quality Are Guaranteed

Among various localization companies, ours charges some of the lowest prices in the market. But the fact that we offer affordable service doesn’t mean that we compromise quality. We have established a strict division of duties that allows us to pay each employee a fair price while pleasantly surprising our clients, helping them save a fortune. We also hire editors and testers who work to perfect the orders finished by our linguists. This is how we manage to preserve top quality.

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Technology is constantly developing, and so does people’s need to reach more populations, sharing their apps, software, or other projects. In case you are interested in app or video game localization, chat with this localization agency’s operators or place an order right via our website. Set deadlines, communicate with your expert, and let yourself feel excited because very soon, your dream of entering more new markets is going to come true!


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