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Localization Services for Extending Your Business Reach

Our world is constantly undergoing the process of globalization, that is why localization services have become highly requested. TheWordPoint is a language company that provides localization assistance with mobile applications, websites, software, computer games, and more. We aim to help any business, organization, and individual in any industry adapt the peculiarities of one text in any form to a target country’s demands.

If you are a business person, a web developer, a game designer, or an entrepreneur who wants to promote their product internationally and earn the attention of global audience, you will need professional help from a localization agency to go multilingual. Place an order, send your documents, specific requirements, and receive help from a quality, online localization service.

Why People Need a Localization Company

You’d be surprised to learn how many individuals ask for our assistance on a daily basis. Some need to create a localized website, others are interested in computer games or app localization. They want to enter international markets, but it cannot be done without professional language adaptation of their products completed by a qualified localization agency. Even if you don’t have financial goals in mind but still want to promote your service, you’ll have to hire experts who could eliminate contextual as well as cultural differences, linking all audiences through professional localization services.

Certified Translation Experts

Our translators meet certification standards through a variety of certifying organizations. Count on them for translations that are always accurate

Guaranteed Human Translation

All translation services at TheWordPoint are provided by human experts. We do not use machine translation.

Translation And Localization Services: What’s The Difference?

If you have never used a localization service before, you might wonder how translation differs from localization since they are based on similar principles. Content ends up being changed from one language into another in both cases, but translation implies a stricter adherence to the source file while localization shifts it in accordance with the context. Apart from various legal requirements, there are also such points as slang, unique expressions that have to be remade, and idioms. What is clear to one audience won’t be as clear to another one.

Culturally sensitive material also needs adaptation, which is what the localization process is responsible for. For example, some jokes suitable for Americans will be seen as offensive in the UAE, so localizing specialists would change them while preserving their core message or tone. Formatting is another difference since translations are mostly textual, while localized subjects can come in various forms, from software to games and mobile apps.

Process of Localization

How does a professional localization service work? Like we’ve already established, localization implies adapting your text until it can be understood as well as positively received by various cultural societies. There are many localization projects people require help with, and it all starts with an expert communicating with a customer when discussing all details. Each requirement is specified, every question is answered. Afterward, an expert conducts a target market analysis, taking note of all peculiarities relevant to the adaptation process.

Translation happens next. After it is finished, special testing is performed to ensure that all glitches or mistakes are eliminated, with the content being comprehensive for markets from the cultural and linguistic perspectives. Final polishing might take place before the project is released to you. These steps help guarantee flawless quality.

What Does Localize Testing Include?

Professional localization service providers like TheWordPoint never release the orders they worked on without testing them first. Tests and analysis of their outcomes are the best solutions that lead to effective results. This is how we structure this process.

1) A group or an individual translator is selected based on a targeted market. They are perceived as potential users of a service and are given access to the order.

2) Translators conduct analysis and linguistic testing. They catch typos, badly phrased instances, mixed text pieces, etc., then send a report to us.

3)  Editors take action by editing discovered mistakes, perfecting your order.

4) The accurate and polished text is sent to you.

Translators We Hire

Human translations service is a determinant of quality. This is the only method we use. We understand that language localization requires a personal, thorough approach, so we apply the most effective tactics in our headhunting and hiring practices. Each of our language experts has received education along with certification from the best world universities. They are trained to deal with any type of document.

Since our business has been operating for a while, we’ve cultivated a vast team of experts. We specialize in 50+ languages. Also protect your interests by offering free revisions. If something is wrong with your papers, we’ll take appropriate measures.

Major Industries Localization Company Works With

There are many spheres in which language localization services are needed. Our goal is to assist every person who asks for help, so we try to work with each industry, accepting all possible kinds of projects. Here are the four core ones our customers usually order.

  • Application Localization

Growing popularity of smartphones around the world makes mobile development incredibly promising. Some companies create a product for a local audience, others seek to maximize the potential of the application, scaling it to foreign markets. To localize a product for other countries qualitatively, translation and localization are required - creation of language versions taking into account cultural features of other country.

  • Game Localization

It is the adaptation of technical, visual and audio material to a new region. There are different levels of product translation. With the deepest and most qualitative approach, the material is not translated, but adapted to the cultural and mental characteristics of a country or region.

  • Software localization

People frequently want localized websites or software that could be comfortably downloaded as well as understood by users all over the world. That’s where TheWordPoint comes into play, offering stable support and tested localization.

  • Website Localization

It is the process of editing the website content in terms of culture, language and perception. Its main goal is to make the site useful and relevant to users. Make sure that all important content on your site is well-received and relevant in the language of your overseas buyers in terms of local currencies and payment methods, as well as units of measure, address formats, contact information, etc. If these critical elements are taken into account, your customers will love to spend time on your website.

  • Product Localization 

Product localization services include translating and adapting products for the international market. In this process, a product or a service is translated from the source language to the desired language, and cultural appropriateness is enhanced. Merely translating your product to match the language requirements is not enough. You should equally focus on the cultural aspect. It is done to ensure the product is suitable for the target audience and so that people can relate to the product and rip its benefits without hesitation or apprehension. This helps you build customer trust, establish your brand in a global market and increase its revenue. You can have software, catalog, audio, website, or any other product localized when you opt for our product localization service.

Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed

All content and personal info are secured, and never provided to 3rd parties.

All Standard Document Types Accepted

We can accept documents in any standard format for translation or localization services.

Diversity of Our Services

In case you need software localization services or video transcription services, you shouldn’t worry about formats we would accept. We’ve been operating long enough to know what our customers want, making us capable of meeting their demands. If you require assistance with Java or Flash platforms, we have specialists who’ll work with them. There’s no limit, so just say a word, and we’ll select an expert.

Accuracy and Excellent Quality Are Guaranteed

Among various localization companies, ours charges some of the most reasonable and affordable prices in the market. But the fact that we offer affordable service doesn’t mean that we compromise quality. We have established a strict division of duties that allows us to pay each employee a fair price while pleasantly surprising our clients, helping them save a fortune. We also hire editors and testers who work on perfecting the orders finished by our linguists. This is how we manage to preserve top quality and maintain our reputation as a premier localization translation service.

Share Your Project With Us

Technology is constantly developing, and so does people’s need to reach more populations, sharing their apps, software, or other projects. If you are interested in an app or video game localization, chat with our localization agency’s team or place an order right via our website. It’s that easy to order quality localization services. Set deadlines, communicate with your project manager, and let yourself feel excited because very soon, your dream of entering more new markets is going to come true!

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What Our Clients Say Testimonial Quotes Icon


Without a doubt, localization belongs to one of the most time-demanding and even confusing translation practices. I knew that well when I approached TheWordPoint, yet they have helped me to translate my small Physics app and even assisted me with some GUI points that I have missed even in my original version. The entire process went well. I hope to cooperate with them again as I have several interesting projects in progress. Thank you for your help!


Our company has worked with this translation company in the past for our business website localization. Since we had lots of menus and all those tiny bits and pieces, it was quite challenging for our specialists to pick it all together. If not for the localization experts at TheWordPoint, we would be doomed. Essentially, they even help you get things ready and provide recommendations even before you start working. They keep their prices and deadlines reasonable, which is something that made us choose them. Great company and amazing professional attitude!


It is safe to say that after I have tried over ten different localization companies that TheWordPoint is the only service that cares about the cultural factor. This company marks a major difference positively because they care about your success and show true passion as they work. Our programmers, graphic designers, and even those picky creative managers have been very happy with this company’s amazing service!


My company needed localization help with the app for students that have learning challenges (youngsters placed on the autistic spectrum). Therefore, our foreign language app had to be accurate and sensitive to provide only the best terms and relevant information that would make sense. The specialists of this company are truly caring people who understand the purpose of localization even for such demanding projects. Your contribution has been really meaningful!


After spending years developing video games locally, I thought about letting my games expand internationally as I created a manga-filled animation with a complex storyline. As a rule, I needed some text bits that had to be styled for Japanese. It is a challenging task, and localization pros at TheWordPoint did a great job. Excellent and timely help with all the cultural aspects considered!


I approached this translation service with the purpose of getting my social media pages and the blog posts translated. Since I did not want a classic translation, I thought that turning to localization would be a better idea. I am glad I did! They helped me to translate various memes and images that I created myself.


Living in times of globalization and social distancing, making your services available to foreign clients is the only way to survive in the competition. Good thing, TheWordPoint also makes it affordable and clear to a certain degree as they have helped me to localize my business website and relevant mobile app in no time without costing a fortune. Great service from those who have skilled specialists in your field of choice.


What makes TheWordPoint exceptional in my opinion (and based on my experience) is that they do not have tasks that are either too complex or too small for them. My mobile app only needed small corrections here and there. I was afraid of someone ruining my original code and avoided localization, yet this company has persuaded me to try their services, and I am happy that I worked with them. Great customer support alone makes it worth it!


My company develops video games, which is why localization represents a vital part of our international success. TheWordPoint is the best solution that has worked for us more than once because they provide it all from code assistance to voice actors who are native speakers and can add audio recordings to help you translate and adjust the voice alerts accordingly. Their attention to detail is one of the best!


Starting with a multilingual website may seem like a nightmare if you do not get things ready in advance. The team of specialists at TheWordPoint is one of those companies who explain what to expect before you pay or any work starts. This fact alone makes them a go-to service.


Their translators know their job well and help you avoid the most common mistakes as they actually do their best to understand what your company’s business objectives are about.

Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote

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