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Few counties intrigue people as much as Japan. For many, it seems incredibly distant and almost alien, but in reality, it’s much closer than we think. It’s also a great place for starting business, traveling, or finding like-minded individuals. Professional Japanese translation services hold an important place in this regard because they serve as a bridge linking different populations together.

Japanese is a complex language with many unique intricacies, so you are going to need experts’ help if you’re planning on submitting applications, sharing relevant files, sending in documents, or gaining access to the Japanese market. TheWordPoint is a leading agency in the translating sphere that could help you reach your goals by the deadline you specify.

Discover Interesting Facts About Japan

If you’d like to learn interesting facts about Japan, we’ll be more than glad to share some of the most curious bits with you! You don’t have to be a linguist to wonder how many people speak Japanese, for example. The answer might surprise you: there are more than 130 million speakers, which places this language in the ninth position worldwide. It’s no wonder that the demand for Japanese translation assistance with it is growing so common: Japanese is an important part of our global culture. While it is primarily spoken in Japan itself, countries like Brazil and the United States also have a fair share of speakers.

Another interesting aspect is that Japanese is a deeply unique language. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it has nothing to do with Chinese — its system is entirely its own, which is why people capable of providing accurate Japanese translation to English generally come from Japan. Only they are capable of understanding all nuances and bringing flawlessness into their work. Also, there are Eastern and Western types of Japanese dialects. Some other groups exist as well, but these two are major ones, and in most cases, when placing a request, you must specify which of them you need. Target populations differ on this basis, as will your order. Actually, this is another thing that makes a Japanese translation process so complex. Lots of elements must be considered, and only rare specialists have an intimate understanding of them.

Variety of Our English to Japanese Translation Services

TheWordPoint doesn’t merely specialize in translations into various languages, it offers a much wider range of different services that our clients find beneficial. For example, you could order localization for any of your projects. It means that your content would be adapted in a careful way to correspond to the mindset of Japanese people. In case your text has a lot of double-edged info, for it to be preserved, you’ll need an experienced localizer, and we could easily find one for you.

Video & Audio transcription is another service our agency provides. We would be happy to turn such content into a text accessible to you along with your audience, and our Japanese transcription is viewed as one of the most effective ones within this market. If you are hoping for a voice-over option, you’ll be pleased to know that we provide it as well: while it isn’t ordered often, it is still something numerous customers show interest in. With our help, your online content could become brighter and livelier.

Certified Japanese documentation translation services are also among our offers. They come in handy when you are submitting documents on an official level. It could mean getting a marriage certificate or proving that you pay taxes for operating within the Japanese market. Such crucial files need proof of authenticity, and our experts are certified to provide it. At last, there is proofreading. If you are determined to make your text perfect, with not even the smallest typos or flaws present, you’ll require a polisher who could ensure it. We certainly can.

Industries Certified Japanese Translator Services Cover

The world is represented by numerous industries. All of them have their peculiarities, sets of exceptions, terms, as well as definitions. Since our agency has been on the market for a lengthy period, we’ve located and hired professionals in all possible spheres. Here are some of them that we work with.

  • It & Software. We are often chosen as the best software localization service. That is because a big part of our employees specialize in IT and readily tackle orders involving adaptation of software, instructions regarding its usage, etc.
  • Legal. There are many kinds of legal branches, from commercial to criminal and administrative law. The more different the countries are, the tougher it is to engage in proper legal translations. But you have nothing to worry about since we have Japanese translators who’ve worked on numerous similar orders before.
  • Medical. Japanese medical translators are always valued because healthcare is something every person in each country could relate to. Few companies manage to succeed in such work, but we’ve already helped many customers with formalizing documents for the purchase of medical tools and equipment, sharing translated versions of their patient records, etc.
  • Technical. Brochures and instructions on how to utilize technology, manuals, and academic research — these tasks require narrow yet deep knowledge. Our linguists possess it and could easily help you out.
  • Financial. In case you’ve got reports, applications, tax resolutions, or formulas to translate, our experts could become your instant assistants.
  • Marketing. These days, digital marketing translation services are especially popular. Promoting your product in Japanese market could boost your profits, just make sure to hire those you can trust.

Japanese Language Experts

To ensure the provision of strictly accurate Japanese document translation services, we approach the headhunting process carefully. Only people with Master’s degrees and evidence of effective work history get a chance. They pass additional tests developed by our management, so in the end, only excellent specialists remain. Human translation is essential since it helps maintain a personal touch and preserve all original meanings. We don’t practice machine translations, and this is one of the reasons why we succeed in making our work flawless.

What Makes Our Japanese Translation Service Different

Apart from all the above, we have a system of other advantages tailored to please our customers. We don’t want to be known as another Japanese translation company, we strive to be seen only as the best. That is why we implement options that enhance your satisfaction from working with our service.

  • Customized approach. With our service, clients can decide on their deadlines, contact our operators whenever required, as well as upload files in whatever format they find it convenient. You are the boss, so we will obey your terms.
  • Fair prices. The matter of how much they are going to pay for the project concerns a lot of customers. We keep our translation rates transparent to let you make an informed decision. English - Japanese pair costs $0.12 for one word, and the situation is the same if you want to translate from Japanese to English.
  • Developed helpful software. While only human translators complete orders, we enhance their performance through the use of modern software. Smart glossaries are particularly important — they allow storing all technical definitions and concepts so that their translation could be synchronized when needed.
  • Enhanced after-care package. We have revisions and refunds, so if you don’t like something or believe we’ve let you down, inform customer support. We’ll immediately improve everything.

Make Your Choice and Join Our Professional Network

TheWordPoint is a leader in English to Japanese professional translation. If you require this or other kinds of language assistance, look through our website — it has all info you might find relevant. Contact us online by either chatting or submitting a filled-in order form. Your personal Japanese translator is going to be assigned soon after this, and by the date you’ve specified, your project will be waiting for being downloaded. Japan is a wonderful country and you should use all opportunities it offers!



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Japanese Translation

I always thought getting translators was very expensive, but TheWordPoint proved me wrong. I needed academic research from a Japanese University translated to English for reference in my own research and TheWordPoint did so for me efficiently and for a very affordable price. Job well done!

Japanese Translation

With the Japanese language being such a nuanced and specialized language, I have long been wanting to find professional experts to translate my business documents for me. TheWordPoint was easy to find on the web and their website is very user-friendly, I was able to get what I needed in just a few clicks!

Japanese Translation

My husband and I are processing our divorce papers and I needed to submit his documents to the court to settle the custody of our child. His documents are all in Japanese as he is now living in Japan, so I sought the help of TheWordPoint to translate the documents for me. They did the job quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Japanese Translation

A Japanese friend shared with me a podcast that was in the Japanese language touching on topics of Japanese history. I thought it was a good thing to share with my class, so I engaged the services of TheWordPoint in translating the podcast for me. I was able to get a lot of insightful information thanks to their translations!

Japanese Translation

I’ve been learning the Japanese language for over a year now, and you couldn’t really find a lot of translators that could do French to Japanese translations. TheWordPoint luckily hooked me up with someone who is fluent in both. My learning materials were translated and I am now trying to learn from these. Thank you so much!

Japanese Translation

I make videos on English language lessons on YouTube as free content for my subscribers and for those who want to learn the English language. I thought adding Japanese subtitles to my videos would benefit those trying to learn in Japan, so I needed someone fluent in both languages and is well aware of both languages’ context and traditions. TheWordPoint gave me the perfect translator and I was very happy with the results!

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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