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Certified High School Diploma And Transcript Translation Services

If you are a student seeking admission into a college in another country, or you are searching for jobs in another country, you can make the process much easier by having a certified, translated copy of your diploma, GED, transcripts, and other educational documents. At The Word Point, we are happy to provide this service to you.

How it Works

Simply send us the diploma or other personal, education documents that you need to have translated and we will get to work on it right away. Your translated document will be provided to you along with the original. Any notarization or certification you need will be included as well.

Order Certified Translation of High School Certificates

Your Translator

All documents are translated into your desired target language by native speakers. Your translator will understand both the language and the requirements that are related to translating your diploma or other documents. When the translation process has been completed, your documents will be accepted by colleges, universities, employers, and government agencies. This should facilitate your efforts to find work, apply for and enroll in school, and to relocate to a new country. Each translator that works for us is college educated, multi-lingual, and has passed our background check, testing, and training process. They also possess at least one professionally recognized certification. Your translator will also work directly with you to ensure accuracy and that all of your requirements are met.

High Quality Standards No Matter How Big or Small Your Translation Needs Are

It does not matter if you come to us with a high school diploma that contains less than 100 words, or a detailed transcript that is over a dozen pages long, we will treat your document with care and we will apply the same standards of quality. This is why so many students and job seekers come to us for high school diploma and other related translation requests. They know that they can trust us to deliver professionalism and expertise.

We Can Help You Ensure That Your Translation is Exactly What You Need

If you are unsure of the requirements that you must meet in order for your diploma, transcript, or other document to be acceptable by entities in another nation, we can help. Your translator will advise you of the requirements that are in place, and of any notarization or certifications that must be included. Then, they will translate your document so that those requirements are met and that your translated copy can then be certified appropriately.

Human Translations Only

We do not rely on software packages to do machine translations for us. This process is too error prone, and it does not take any nuances, idioms, or other factors into consideration. This is why we use only real translators who are native speakers.

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If you have a diploma or certificate that you need to have translated, call us today. Our customer service staff is available 24 hours per day. Your perfectly translated documents can be available to you in short order.

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