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Foreign college would not admit you as a student without seeing evidence of your previous studies. For matters like this, you require a high school transcript translation services that could only be provided by a professional company. Consider TheWordPoint as one of them. The years they have spent in this market let them gather a stable network of clients as well as build a strong reputation. It gives them a chance to help their customers with every request they have.

What Makes Our High School Diploma Translation Services the Best

Considering all modern demands, there are lots of agencies offering their assistance. But for best outcomes, you must select a trustworthy company because otherwise, you risk delaying submission process and getting rejected. Quality academic document translation is represented by several important factors. First, knowing languages isn’t enough. A deep understanding of foreign culture together with laws is an essential attribute of work that school translators do. The text must be adapted. When it comes to high school diploma and other kinds of official documents, people also require certification. Only some companies offer this type of service, with TheWordPoint among them.

We are a team of experts who have both experience and knowledge that let our service stay on top in this sphere. Our work is accurate, fast, as well as affordable. Our experience is measured by years we spent helping our customers, their reviews about us, and a countless number of successful procedures that we ensured for them. You can trust us to do our job right, being a solid wall you could rely upon.

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Who Needs College Transcript Translation Services?

For the most part, students and young scholars are people who require certified transcript translation. They plan on changing countries and continuing to receive their degree elsewhere. For this, they must provide their other records, including high school or college sheets detailing their past performance. It’s an obligatory part of the process of entering a new environment like this. Assistance of such services is inevitable as professional translation is required even if you know the language well and are confident in your knowledge.

Why Transcript Needs Certification

Among the aforementioned demands, there is also a requirement of certification. School translations, as well as high schooltranscripts, must be certified by an independent expert because it’s the only proof of their validity. This person proves that no bias is present. The agency that receives your documents has to be sure that nothing has been changed or omitted. They want to know that their quality, as well as accuracy, are absolute, and this is something that only an experienced language expert could ensure.

Benefits of Our Education Certificate Translation Services

When we work with immigration documents, we use only the best from our employees. But there are other benefits we promise to all our customers, and they start from the very first time you decide to hire us. Here are some of them.

  • Top specialists hired. We employ strictly professionals who graduated with their Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Before receiving access to our platform, they pass several tests, such as grammar and translating ones. We examine their high school diplomas, certificates, etc., and only if they pass every stage, they are hired.
  • Solely human experts. Use of machines is strictly forbidden by our high school diploma translation service. Every person working for our service knows it, so they obey these rules. It’s one of the reasons why our work remains in such high demand.
  • Thorough after-service. We continue taking care of your clients even after our deal is finalized. If you are displeased by something, there is a revision option. With its assistance, you could make your specialist improve your order if you want to. We also provide a refund for extreme cases. Just tell our support representatives and they’ll react fast, evaluating the entire process from start to finish, voicing their opinion, and returning all your money to you. So either way, you are protected, with your satisfaction guaranteed and all risks completely minimized.
  • Affordable prices. We maintain average prices in the market. They differ based on whether clients require certification, how short their deadline is, the size of their project, and some other factors. Certified translation services like those, for high school records starts at $0.14 per word.

What You Should Expect in Terms of Privacy and Quality

Our certified diploma translation services are represented by principles of absolute confidentiality and high quality. We obey the laws and enforce them, making sure that our employees stick to them vigorously as well. So your high school transcripts are safe in our hands, no matter what sensitive info they entail. No one unauthorized will ever be able to access them. Same goes for quality: apart from language specialists, we also hire editors who monitor everything. They assist in meeting all expectations of our customers time and time again. If you still feel worried, you have another option. Order a double quality check package that ensures even more thorough monitoring of your task.

Place an Order with Us and Secure Your Successful Submission

We’ve been working on USCIS translations for years, which gives a significant advantage. We would gladly help you translate high school diploma to English, Spanish, German, or any other language — you name it, we make it. Look through our offered packages, choose the one you find most appealing, order a free quote, and get in contact with us. We are going to fulfill your expectations, helping you achieve your dream of studying in a foreign university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an official translation?

It’s a legally viable document that has been verified by authoritative bodies and could be used in official purposes like immigration or court hearings. It has a stamp of a certified expert that proves its accuracy and validity.

  • How do I translate high school certificates?

You cannot do that by yourself if you intend to submit it to legal bodies afterward. Transcript converted to another language has to be certified, so only a professional could do it for it to be credible and have any value.

  • How much does it cost to translate a high school transcript?

Since a certified type of translation is involved in such task, the price starts at $0.14 per word of content. Usually, an academic transcript is relatively short, so the final sum is unlikely to be high. Request free quote at our website to know the exact price.

  • How long does it take to translate a transcript?

Our company strives at providing the best services so we’re ready to meet any deadline you’ll set. Even if there is a lengthy project, we can do it quickly without quality deterioration as we divide it among several equally qualified language experts.

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