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47 years ago a children’s television show first aired in the U.S. – Sesame Street. It was an immediate hit, teaching children not just numbers and alphabet letters but important life lessons. Today, this television show is aired in over 100 countries, translated to native languages.

And Sesame Street was not the first to be spread internationally. There were already movies being translated into foreign languages, either by subtitles or by voice-overs, which looked a bit odd sometimes – lips moving not in sync with the words being spoken.

For years, books, fiction and non-fiction, have been translated into foreign languages as well and continue to be translated nowadays.

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In the arts and literature, translations have been common for a long time. As art and books continues to be created, there will always be a demand for native speakers to perform translations. The difference between mediocre and exceptional translation is not just to be found in the literal translation for words, conversations, song lyrics and such. It is found in the ability of the translator to convey meaning and nuances and emotion that is fitting for the intent of the original piece.

Only a translator who is native to the country for which a book is being translated has the ability to translate meaning along with words. For this reason, we only employ native speakers to deliver the most accurate book translation services.

Examples of Art and Literature Translations We Perform Every Day

We are in high demand for translations because our clients continue to recommend our services to their peers and colleagues. In the course of any given day, our professional linguists are translating the following:

  • Books – textbooks, fiction and non-fiction books

  • Plays – so that they may be performed locally and studied by high school and college students

  • Short Films and documentaries

  • Full-Length Movies

  • TV series and documentaries

  • Website videos

  • Song lyrics

  • Website content for authors, composers and designers who want an international reach for their products and services.

Our clients range from major publishers, with whom we have ongoing contracts, to individuals who have self-created video, film, songs, books and screenplays. No matter who the client is, we bring the same high level of expertise to every project. When an order is placed, we locate a native translator with the educational and career background to provide stellar translation work for the client. And we do not stop there.

Quality Control

A second set of eyes to look through is always a requirement when we complete a translation project. Once the original translator has finished, we send the texts over to another native speaker to take a second look. We want to be certain that the translation is not only accurate but that it truly conveys the intent of the author or composer in terms of tone and in theme. Only when the review is completed we notify the client that the piece is ready for download.

Client Has the Final Word

Our policy is that no client will ever take final delivery on a product with which he or she is not satisfied. We ask the client to review the text or to have any other person who knows the language review it. We are happy to revise and re-work any part of a product.

Fast Turnaround and Reasonable Pricing

Clients with urgent deadlines find that we can always meet them, because we have taken the time to accumulate staff from all academic and career backgrounds to provide top quality and quick translation services, no matter what the industry.

Whether you represent a major publisher or are a solopreneur with books, songs, or other artistic endeavors, you will find your global audience when we translate for you.

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