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Creativity helps people remember that life can be beautiful and entertaining, and that’s where literary translation services play a crucial role. If you are a writer who thrives on creative art, you have every opportunity to touch the hearts and minds of people all over the world. It’s impossible to expect you to know all foreign languages, though, so for stretching your imagination across other countries and cultures, you’ll need help from a professional service like TheWordPoint.

Our experience is measured by many years we spent in this industry, making a name for ourselves and earning the trust of clients from different corners of the world. We could translate books, magazines, or stories for you accurately while also maintaining your creative style, preserving your unique writer’s identity. Tell us what you require and we’ll make it happen.

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You Can Rely On Our Creative Translation Services

There is undeniably a big number of companies offering book translating assistance, but the problem is, only some of them are trustworthy. Our service belongs to this category because we provide online certified translation services. We don’t just hire good specialists — we recruit certified experts whose credibility is confirmed by several authoritative bodies. When it comes to creative work, we assign such projects to people who have corresponding creative experience. Translating medical article differs from working on a novel because, in the case of the latter, the style must remain vivid and engaging, plunging the readers into the depth of your book's fantasy world.

We cover 50+ languages, from Portuguese language translation to Chinese or Arabic. So simply decide which pair you are interested in and we’ll connect you with native speaking book translator. Apart from this, we also offer average prices that start at $0.14 for one word. This way, we are able to help most clients to share their literary work internationally. Our dedicated support is online 24/7, always ready to address and soothe your worries, while our after-care service ensures that you either receive excellence or get your money back. Revision and refund options protect you from any negative consequences. All these policies build a foundation of trust, which is why you could rely on us 100%.

Fiction, Poetry and Magazine Translation

The thing you should know about our service is that we are a localization agency first and foremost. It means that our assistance isn’t limited to accurate book translations: we adapt your content and speak to foreign populations in your own words, maintaining your writing style as well as your forms of expression. Your text won’t be dry or monotonous — every beautiful turn and twist would be preserved. Here is a list of creative tasks people usually hire us for.

  • Fiction and Nonfiction. Our team works with books of different genres. Whether you wrote a YA fantasy, LGBT romance, true-crime novel, medical or historical book, we’ll accept them all, helping you adapt them for global audiences. Our experts are differentiated as fiction & non-fiction specialists, so as soon as you specify the nature of your project, our service assigns corresponding professional to it.
  • Journals and Magazines. Literature translation also stretches to articles or complete sets of magazines. The focus could be placed on modeling, automotive, fashion, or health spheres, etc. — it doesn’t matter to us since our agency is large enough, meaning that our employees work with many different sectors.
  • Poetry and Songs. If you are poet or songwriter, we could form creative expert team who’ll translate your literary compositions and provide film script translation in a way that would preserve all meaning and even rhyme you incorporated into original.
  • Textbooks. Sometimes, teachers or other academics want to share their accomplishments with more people. Our service helps realize their dreams by translating their textbooks, manuals, or guiding brochures on all possible topics.

What Kind of People Provide Book Translation Services?

At TheWordPoint, we want to ensure that you have a pleasing experience. To achieve this goal, we select only top experts with the proven business record of successfully completed orders. Each of our language experts has received Master’s or Ph.D. in the spheres of their specialization. They pass a range of tests that show whether they know foreign languages to a sufficient extent, how well they are capable of working with texts, whether their style is smooth enough for readers, etc.

We practice only human translation, and every new literary translator is monitored heavily in this regard to ensure that their work corresponds to our standards. There are also certifications proving that person’s experience is verified on an official level. We make it a point to recruit people like this because their assistance is essential in some sectors, so when our customers have to submit their documents to relevant bodies, we make sure they are certified. These measures help us provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Security of Literary Translation

Many people are wondering whether the provision of quick translation services guarantees security of their data. It’s not surprising since writing a book is often compared to giving birth to a child: there are so many efforts and love involved that the idea of someone stealing it is a nightmare that writers want to avoid at all costs.

Good thing is, TheWordPoit protects you from these fears. We keep every sentence in your book safe by obeying confidentiality laws. Neither managers nor linguists would be able to use your creative content illegally — your safety is guaranteed. Quality control team assists perfect the whole process of translating even more, so you definitely won’t regret giving us a chance.

Share Your Book with International Audiences

Our creative translation company is known for being trustworthy and dedicated to the comfort of its clients. Go through our website, check information that you find relevant, such as about prices or quality processes, and place your order. We will preserve your creative thought, making your style come across as refreshingly unique, just how it is in your original manuscript. We will be glad to help you reach more foreign markets, earn a name for yourself overseas, and gain new fans of your creative content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you guarantee that my book/article will not be shared by any third parties?

Yes, of course! We have strict confidentiality policies that cover every aspect of our work and every employee. None of your data would ever be shared with someone else — you are protected both by local and international laws.

  • I need proofreading for a book that I have already translated. Do you offer such services?

We have editors who gladly offer their assistance with editing as well as proofreading your book. All you need is to specify what type of service you’re looking for and submit your request. We’ll find an expert right away.

  • How much does it cost to translate a book?

We maintain affordable prices to please as many clients as possible. Check our Art & Literature section for more information. Price starts at $0.14 per word. Final quote will depend on length of literary translation, language pair, and deadline.

  • How long does a book translation take?

Everything depends on the size of your project. If it’s a short story, we could be done within a day in case your deadline is urgent. If it’s a book of a novel size, we can divide project among several language experts to receive the final literary work by your deadline. Just specify your preferred deadline and we can discuss the terms.

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