What Our Clients Say

Donald S - Italy

Danish Translation

We are a marketing company from Italy, and we have clients from all over Europe. One of our clients asked us to create a social media marketing campaign for Denmark. We don’t have Danish native speakers in our team, so we reached out to professionals from TheWordPoint and ordered Danish translation. As of today, this marketing campaign works effectively.

William D - United States

Danish Translation

When I decided to move to Denmark, I faced the necessity to use the services of a translator from English to Danish. Professionals from TheWordPoint helped me to translate all immigration documents accurately and effectively. I contacted customer support twice, and they resolved my issues quickly.

Katherine R - Poland

Danish Translation

To apply to University in Denmark, I was required to translate my Polish diplomas. I did some online research and discovered that TheWordPoint offers one of the lowest rates for the Danish translation. I’ve chosen this agency and never regret it – all documents were translated accurately, and I got into University.

Dave H - Great Britain

Danish Translation

Our company offers clinical trial solutions for pharmaceutical companies in Europe and North America. A few months ago, we landed a big project – the client was from Denmark. It took us more than two weeks to find a translator from English to Danish who has industry-relevant experience. TheWordPoint was a saving grace for us! Their certified translators are the best.

Yuan - United States

Danish Translation

Opening a regional headquarter in Denmark was a big step for our startup. It was important for us to find a reliable Danish translation company to translate a bunch of business documents. Luckily, we’ve met a qualified translator from English to Danish at TheWordPoint. Communication was a breeze, and translated documents were delivered on time.

Arthur C - United States

Thai Translation

In the past, we had a bad experience with online translation companies, so we doubted whether we could get adequate Thai translation services online. One of my peers offered us to use TheWordPoint, and we decided to give it a try. Today we can say that it was the right decision – we got an accurate translation at a reasonable price.

Brian E - United States

Thai Translation

As an investing company, we don’t tolerate inaccuracy in translation – we know that even a minor mistake in a contract may cost us a fortune. We’ve contracted TheWordPoint a few months ago and haven’t regretted it so far. They have all the necessary certificates, and their translators are true professionals.

Cheryl R - Estonia

Thai Translation

We’re a small Estonian startup. We were struggling to find an agency specialized in certified Thai translation – that was the only issue that held us back from entering the Thai market. Luckily, we came across these guys and got a chance to grow our startup. I give this agency five stars for affordable prices and translation accuracy.

Erica D - Indonesia

Thai Translation

A month ago, I traveled to Bangkok to get my surgery. The day before the surgery, I was informed that a Thai translation of some medical documents was needed, and if I didn’t provide it within 4 hours, the surgery would be rescheduled or canceled. I immediately contacted TheWordPoint, and they helped me. Thank you guys for your great work!

Busaba - Thailand

Thai Translation

It's a great choice for everyone who doesn’t want to overpay for Thai translation services. If you want to save a few bucks, just mark your order as a “non-urgent” one and opt for “basic rate”. I’ve been using this site for a year now, and I’m satisfied with the work they deliver.

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