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Ayush - Entrepreneur, USA

SDS Translation Services

We found out that we had a market for our heavy metal supplies in Russia. We wanted to tap another market so with the help of TheWordPoint, we had our safety data sheets translated to Russian. Our translators were such professionals, everything we wanted was reflected very well!

Dixie - Scientist, USA

SDS Translation Services

My company came out with a new pesticide product on the market. We wanted to reach more countries so we had our material safety data sheets translated to various other languages as an important requirement. TheWordPoint has such a diverse range of linguists that they have every translator we asked for. Amazing team!

Xue - Student, Germany

Divorce Certificate

It was hard for me to find a translation service that translated from Chinese to German, especially someone with a legal background for my divorce papers translation. A stroke of luck brought me to TheWordPoint who had was both fluent in Chinese and German to translate my divorce papers to German for evidence of my identity and I was surprised to see the quality of work they have done. Awesome job!

Botshelo - Consultant, Botswana

Divorce Certificate

I will be permanently residing in South Korea with my live-in partner and we had to get my divorce papers from my previous marriage translated for my immigration and our future marriage. Thanks to TheWordPoint, everything was done and executed smoothly and I got my translated papers in no time.

Elliot - Equipment repairer, UK

Divorce Certificate

I am very particular about my privacy as an influencer so I wanted a translation service that’s not only professional but also prioritizes the privacy of its clients. A colleague suggested TheWordPoint for the translation of my divorce papers and as a lot of people I know use their services, I did too. They were so professional and easy to work with. Thanks a lot!

Joel - Butcher, USA

Divorce Certificate

I needed a professional translation service with experts or with legal backgrounds to translate some personal documents like divorce certificates. TheWordPoint was everything I needed for a translator and I’m so glad I found them!

Chen - Copilot, USA

Divorce Certificate

My son and I will be immigrating to China with my parents after I divorced my husband. Translated divorce papers were needed as part of the immigration documents and TheWordPoint provided me with a translator who was fluent in Mandarin and was able to translate legal terms perfectly. Great job to everyone!

Agustina - Quality control specialist, Germany

Divorce Certificate

I filed a case to fight for the custody of my 7-year-old son from my German husband. We got married and divorced in the US but are currently residing in Germany, so I needed to translate our divorce papers to German. Luckily TheWordPoint has translators who have legal backgrounds and provided tremendous help in the translation of my divorce papers.

Luís - Technologist, Brazil

Divorce Certificate

I will be remarrying with my French partner in a few months. The French authorities requested my translated birth certificate and divorce papers from my previous marriage to process our marriage documents. I’ve been using TheWordPoint’s services for over a year now and I know I can rely on them for professional translation of my legal documents. Great job!

Manlio - Periodontist, Italy

Immigration Translation Services

My son and I will be moving permanently to the US because of my job. Part of his immigration documents are his academic records which needed translations from Italian to English. I was recommended to TheWordPoint by a friend who vouched for their professionalism and quality service and sure enough, I was not disappointed! I will for sure be working with them more in the future!

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