What Our Clients Say

Kian - Austria

Contract translation

I just got my contract translation back. Guys, it looks perfect! I swear it sounds clearer than the original. I now want to make some edits to it because your translation gave me ideas for improvement, Didn’t expect it, thanks!

Eve B - UK

Contract translation

Like so many other entrepreneurs I couldn’t do contract translation on my own, I needed help from someone good for it. TheWordPoint was my second choice but it should have been my first. I know every company has its issues but this one never let me down yet! They know their stuff and it shows.

Barna - Hungary

Contract translation

So I hoped to start a business but I didn’t think I have to know languages… I don’t, this is not my thing. Every time I need contract translation I come here and get my help. Prices are a salvation after what I’ve seen and results are well worth it.

Feliks - Poland

Contract translation

I needed a responsible third party that would do my contract translation as I needed it. I thank you, TheWordPoint, for the tremendous job you did on it! Everything went perfectly, every comma was respected and this contract was notarized with no problems. Your team has my gratitude!

Charelle T - Netherlands

Contract translation

I have a small company. Back when I was just getting on my feet, I came across Thewordpoint and hired it for contract translation. I was so damn lucky! It translated the contract easily and even helped me communicate with my future business partner who was from India. I come back occasionally since then.

Aidan - Ireland

Macedonian translation

Greetings from Ireland! I want to thank the team of WordPoint for Macedonian translation they did for me on Wednesday. The deadline was tight, just 16 hours, but there were no delays. You did what you promised, the quality was top too. If I need help, I’ll be back again

Dorothy B - United Kingdom

Macedonian translation

Thank you for brilliant Macedonian translation! Another project done. I always appreciate your help, this is my third time placing an order here and I’m happy I chose you back then. No one handles foreign languages the way you do it.

Elbert - UK

Macedonian translation

I would have completed my Macedonian translation project personally. But I lacked time. I needed help. I chose Thewordpoint because of reviews, I didn’t regret it! Very good work, all translations are correct, they sent it on time and when I asked questions they answered all the times.

Lora - Germany

Macedonian translation

Hello, my favorite service ever! I never asked you for Macedonian translation before but I knew you’d do everything splendidly. And I was right. Granted, I don’t know the language personally, but my website had over 3400K visitors after your localization and no one complained, I even got new orders. You are the best, as always.

Belinda - UK

Macedonian translation

I needed any company that could give me Macedonian translation. I didn’t even care about quality, I just needed help quickly. To my surprise, you guys did everything perfectly. My translation was on time, and it had the best quality, I couldn’t even hope for it. All was perfect, my client signed an agreement with me. Ta!

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