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      High quality human translation provided in a short turnaround time.
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      Accurate Certified Translation service for legal, academic, and immigration documents, ensuring global acceptance and reliability.
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      Native-speaking experts help to achieve global success with accurate localization.
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  • Header menu icon 1 Translation Services
    High quality human translation provided in a short turnaround time.
  • Header menu icon 2 Certified Translation
    Accurate Certified Translation service for legal, academic, and immigration documents, ensuring global acceptance and reliability.
  • Header menu icon 3 Localization
    Native-speaking experts help to achieve global success with accurate localization.
  • Header menu icon 4 Transcription Services
    Accurately transcribed audio and video recordings by industry experts.

Romanian Translation Services

We offer professional Romanian translation services of any nature and purpose. Here’s why to choose us over other translation companies.

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Your Go-To Company for Romanian Translation Services

Translation is a regular part of modern business, advertising, as well as handling personal affairs. With the entire world being one global marketplace and people moving around to look for better opportunities, translation comes as a necessity. Romanian translation services are essential for those who want to conduct business in Romania, have customers or partners there, want to move or travel there, and more. Our company offers professional online translation services to and from Romania language and is at your disposal 24/7.

No matter what type of document you need to be translated or what you'll use it for, we can take care of it all. Just place your order, give us the details, and our professional team will be ready to step in.

Experts with International Certifications

We provide certified translations that are internationally recognized for any purpose or of any nature.

Only Human Translation

There’s no machine translation in our company, strictly human.

Types of Translation in Our Romanian Translation Service

Unlike many other companies out there, we offer a variety of services to our customers. This makes us the go-to resource for any translation-related needs you have. Here’s what our customers demand the most.


Our Romanian localization services imply translating and adapting any content for the Romanian market. That includes translation, cultural adaptation, political correctness, and more. This helps businesses successfully enter new markets and reach their audiences with confidence.

Video/Audio Transcription

Next on our list of Romanian translation services is video/audio transcription. We transcribe and put in any written format whatever type of materials you have. Then we can also translate this to any of the other 50 languages available at our service.


Voice-overs are popular for content distribution to other countries, especially those where subtitling is not favored. Choose our Romanian interpreter and work with them to receive a voice-over from a native and make sure it sounds 100% natural.

Certified Romanian Translator Services

If your translation needs to be certified and then used in official institutions such as immigration, a court of law, or applying for a scholarship, we cover internationally recognized certificates and provide accurate Romanian certified translations.


Finally, if you just need someone to proofread and edit your translation and make sure it’s spotless, we offer proofreading services as well. This includes analyzing your text to find any type of stylistic, grammar, or punctuation mistakes.

English to Romanian Translation Services by Industry

Our company makes sure to hire not just linguistic experts but also experts from different industries and fields. The professional translators who work for us have additional experience and education in different domains, which enables us to provide accurate translations in any given industry.

Here are some of the industries that are in high demand when it comes to Romanian language services that we deal with daily.

  • Legal. This is one of those industries in which even the smallest mistake creates a huge problem. We translate legal documents of any type thanks to our legal translation experts, who are familiar with different countries’ legal systems.
  • Medical. You can trust us by translating everything from personal medical documentation to drug labels and medical equipment manuals.
  • Technical. We offer professional Romanian translation services in the technical domain as well, especially by helping businesses translate and distribute their technical manuals or information related to technical materials they use.
  • Business. Doing any kind of business internationally requires reliable and accurate translation. We translate business documents, contracts, proposals, budget plans, and more from English to Romanian and many other languages.
  • Financial. Sensitive financial data and delicate figures are our specialties. We guarantee data protection when translating any document, including financial reports, statements, forecasts, and more.
  • Advertising/Marketing. To reach an audience outside your speaking zone, you should translate your marketing content. We do Romanian language translation in this domain as well and make sure the translation is equally engaging and appealing as the original.
  • eLearning translations. We offer eLearning translation services to eLearning companies who want to distribute their materials and courses internationally.
  • Multimedia localization. Localizing multimedia is another type of service that we offer to anyone who requires videos, images, presentations, short clips, or any other multimedia content adapted to a new target audience.
We Guarantee Confidentiality

All your information is 100% safe with us.

Work with Any Format

We’ll deliver your translation in any format.

Main Benefits of Using Our Services

Every service has its strong and weak points, but we make sure our customers are 100% comfortable and happy with every aspect of how we do business. Here’s a list of the main benefits that we’re the most proud of and our customers love.

  • Human Experts Only. Whether you need Romanian translation to English for something simple and personal, or complex certified Turkish translation services, only human experts will be working on your order. We use zero-machine translation, regardless of the order.
  • Highest Accuracy. Our translation experts will turn the source into the target text, minding every word, punctuation mark, and number included. They'll translate Romanian and maintain the highest accuracy of the translation.
  • Glossary Memory Tools. The glossary memory tools that we use create vocabulary databases for us and help us translate accurately and consistently.
  • Quick Turnaround. We can meet the tightest Romanian document translation deadlines with the help of our large team, who work simultaneously to reach a quick turnaround.
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service. Our customers contact our customer service 24/7. Whether it's to check your order status, solve a dilemma, inquire about our services, or do anything else, they're at your disposal.
  • Great Prices. Finally, we have some of the best prices for Romanian to English translation, and they are very affordable. You can ask for a free quote for your specific order and see how much it would cost.

The Word Point- A Company You Can Trust.

Now that you’ve heard about our services, benefits, hiring policy, prices, and turnaround time, it’s clear that we stand out from the rest. We promise nothing but the highest quality and accuracy of your translation. We’ll be able to do it flawlessly no matter what the subject matter is or what industry you’re coming from.

All that’s left for you to do is place your order and give us the details. We’ll take care of everything else for you.


What is the cost of translation to Romanian?

The cost to translate Romanian to English and the other way around depends on a few factors. That includes the length of the document, the agreed deadline, the complexity of the content, and the content purpose. We'll calculate the price based on these factors and give you a quote quickly.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

We deliver any kind of format that you request.

How fast can you translate my document into Romanian?

We translate it as fast as required. Urgent tasks tend to be pricier because we hire several native Romanian speakers to work on them together.

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I looked for reliable Romanian translations online and was lucky to choose The Word Point. They provided nothing but professional and quick service and managed to deliver an accurate translation

I had an urgent academic Romanian translation task, and there was no way I was able to meet the deadline. Luckily, this service had a great turnaround time, and I accepted my order without any questions.

I needed my entire medical documentation translated from Romanian to English, and I wanted to make sure a professional did it. I found a medical translation expert in this company, and they handled the entire case with ease. I was thrilled with the result I got.

My company does business internationally, and we often need legal Romanian translation. The Word Point handles all our legal translation needs, thanks to their team of experts who specialize in law.

I hired this service for website localization. I was skeptical at first because it was a big project, and I wasn’t sure they’d handle it with attention to every detail. However, they exceeded my expectations. They did a great job without any mistakes, and I would hire them for similar projects again

Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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