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PayPal began as a payment processing company in the English-speaking world in 1998. Since that time, company has expanded its business and financial services and today operates in over 200 countries, accepting 25 currencies. It has a complex operational website infrastructure, which has been translated into almost as many languages as the number of countries in which it does business.

PayPal is just one example of business and financial reach into global markets. As these organizations move into global markets, they localize their operations, policies, marketing and compliance requirements. The demand for niche professionals who are native to each country into which a business moves is essential for success. This includes both translation services and educational/career expertise in specific business niches.

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The Expertise that The Word Point Brings to the Table

We do not merely offer translation and localization services, although those are our primary activities. Each translator that we assign to a task or project also acts in a secondary consulting role, ensuring that the language, the visuals, and other cultural aspects are honored locally and that the business is established in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Often, in the case of business and financial translation services, we may assign more than one of our experts to a project. A banking institution, for example, that wishes to “set up shop” in a foreign country, must also be concerned with the laws and regulations of that country and ensure that all of its policies, procedures and practices are in compliance. Because of this, we often assign translators with niche expertise and legal expertise respectively. In this way, translating and localization are perfectly merged.

Types of Financial Translation Services We Offer

The Word Point financial services include work for banking institutions, brokerage ad accounting firms, and other financial institutions. Here are some of the typical financial projects that we assume for organizations involved in banking and finance:

  • Shareholder Contracts and Agreements

  • Stock and bond Research

  • IPO’s

  • Investor Reports

  • Locally Required Financial Reports

  • Financial Statements

  • Quarterly and Annual Reports

  • Insurance Policies and Claims Communication

  • M & A Litigation

  • Prospectuses

  • Underwriting

  • Mortgage Contracts and Leases

  • Board Meeting Minutes and Reports

International investing has become a huge area in need of translation. These types of legal contracts and agreements have become a major area of work for our expert translators. Any time an individual or company in one country wishes to purchase property in another country, moreover, there is a great deal of translation work to be accomplished. The Word Point has the expertise to get this done quickly and impeccably.

In the case of reports and other graphics that are often required, they will be prepared so as to conform to the ability of locals to understand and interpret them.

Our Process

When any business or financial/investment firm contacts us for fast translation services, we have careful and complete discussions with the client. It is important for our translators to have as much detail as possible to go along with the documents that are presented for translation. In the case of financial documents, this is even more critical.

We keep in touch with our client throughout the process of translation and localization. Our professionals often need clarification or have additional questions. Our goal is to produce perfect documents, and we will do whatever is necessary to gain full client satisfaction.

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