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Business translation services become popular day by day as the business industry is the fastest-growing sphere in the world. Globalization makes competition bigger than ever. That’s why people turn to us to gain an advantage over the others. We provide fast, on-demand, agile services for your project, which help transform your online communication. The business digital economy is a part of everyday routine. It's hard to imagine life without digital wallets and cloud technologies. AI, Blockchain technologies, as well as Big Data offer broad opportunities for business. Be sure that you are a part of the modern technological boom. Explore our business translation agency and invest in your company’s future.

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We are experienced professional translators who are certified for working with business documents. In business, mistakes in documentation may lead to misunderstanding, contract failure, or low-quality service. One needs clear documents with perfect language to succeed with an international project. Only specialists with knowledge in business terminology can correctly work with such data. Also, make sure that you hire specialists from agencies with a strong reputation because it has a high degree of success. If you want RFP translationdigital marketing translation, or business documents certification, rely on us. Less experienced linguists can’t produce perfect services. Be sure to choose reliable options.

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Types of Business Documents We Translate

A company that works with foreign partners requires different services. Many audits or accounting operations must be translated. You may need annual reports, quarterly reports, financial translation services, etc. If you plan to start a business in the international arena, find where to convert contracts and employee agreements to another language+z-. Also, non-disclosure agreements, along with Articles of incorporation will be useful. Employee handbook translation is also necessary if you connect with people from all over the world.

Companies that operate abroad use such services and make sure that partners know about their plans. Such business documents as Shareholder agreements, Terms of service, along with Bylaws demand attention and quality control. Also, if a company hires people worldwide, human resource documents in the target language are a must. Most companies need translation services for business. Sometimes, you also need certification because people might not know your company’s language.

Benefits of Our Business Language Services

In business, one mistake may cause a company billions of dollars. That’s why we always care about accuracy of our work. Translation service online provides timely response and high quality. We know that machine translation isn’t appropriate for business documents. AI is great for general knowledge texts, but it makes mistakes in documentation. Even today, machines can’t translate terms correctly. That is why, our specialists are humans who are certified and specially trained. Here is a set of benefits you get with each order:

  • Certified business documents. If you have certain documents that must be certified, our specialists will do it for you. We have licenses for such activities. Plus, all final documents are carefully compared with original ones to check quality.
  • Accessible price - no set price for one page; you only pay for word count. Our pricing policy differs from our competitors, as we produce the same high-quality services at a better price.
  • Support plus quality assurance. Our business document translation services have a 24/7 technical team, which is always there to answer any questions. As our clients are from other countries, an online certified translation is the most convenient for them. We have a quality check option when specialists carefully proofread business documents and ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Revision, Money-back guarantee. We will make all necessary corrections if there are mistakes in the final version of project. It doesn’t often happen with our clients, but if they find that document is wrong or there are major mistakes, we always refund their money.
  • Broad specialization. If customers order medical records or audio transcription services for personal needs, we can do it. Plus, we deal with localization services for marketing campaigns and certified legal documents.
  • Different formats. We work with various formatting styles. Customers may submit Word documents or pictures and be sure that they will have excellent results. Our team can deliver your final versions in a variety of formats, such as doc, excel, or pdf.

Meet Our Team

TheWordPoint is not only a reliable and accurate translation service for business documents but also a multinational company with employees from all over the world. Our global team consists of native speakers and bilinguals to ensure the best result. Language experts, editors and project managers obtain degrees in translation and linguistics. Their certification and experience allows working with any document type in various industries like legal, medical, technical, academic, etc. Your business document may be translated to and from more than 50 languages. Thus, we deliver business localization services. You may be sure that native speakers edit and proofread documents carefully.

TheWordPoint Protects Your Data

We understand how security and confidentiality are important for every client as we deal with personal documents. That’s why our service created a Privacy Policy that protects all your personal data. We always secure all information that our clients provide. Your visit to a website, information requests, order placement, payment procedure are totally secure. We collect your information for communication and don’t transfer your data to third parties.

Use Our Translation Services for Business

Our company provides 360-degree services for your needs. Support team is always there to help with price calculation, text delivery, or any other queries. Our business translators from all over the world translate to and from 50 languages. We have accessible prices along with excellent service. Our team deals with contracts, audit documents, agreements. QA and proofreading team will carefully check everything so you won’t have to worry about accuracy. Place an order now to receive the best business translation services you’ve had.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you certify business translations for me?

We certify business documents. Our company can translate them for you or proofread already translated copy. We deal with legal documents, including passports, birth certificates, divorce certificates, medical records, etc.

  • What kind of after-service do you provide?

We carefully follow your order. You should ask for a revision within three days after document delivery. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if there are serious errors in the final document.

  • How is the cost of business documents translation calculated?

Our company calculates your business translation cost by words, not pages. This way, you save money. Also, price sometimes depends on the language and urgency of the project. In any case, our pricing is lower than the average in our segment.

  • Can you tell me how long translation of business documents takes?

Translation speed depends on many factors, such as text difficulty or word count. One person is able to complete 2 to 8 thousand words a day. If your business project is urgent, a team of linguists works on your document together.

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