TheWordPoint is a company that provides translation services for individuals and businesses. We are a significant part between people, cultures, and organizations that connects them through language and technologies.

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Our Mission

We aim at providing translation and localization services that will help people to succeed in different industries and spheres of life. The way to do it is to provide accurate, high-quality, and human translations, so that is exactly what we do.

Our team

TheWordPoint is a professional, experienced, and certified translation company. Our team consists of the best translators and editors from all over the world, wonderful customer support, QA specialists, and top-notch technical support.
We come from more than 100 countries and translate to and from
50+ languages. You can count on our team to meet your translation needs no matter what they are.

What We Stand For

With an experience of more than 5 years, we have managed to be of service to 20k+ satisfied customers.

  • Our goal is to provide accurate translation and localization services for every person, business, and organization in a wide variety of industries and disciplines.
  • We work with personal, business, and technical documents, websites, software, apps, games, and much more.
  • Our services are available 24/7 and we can complete projects in just a few hours.

Artist, South America

Alissa V.

Student, Greece

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Ethan M


What Our Clients Say Testimonial Quotes Icon

Translation Services

As an independent artist, I needed a translation of several blog posts that I had for a social project in South America. It had to include all the cultural factors to make sense, which is why I needed a native speaker with good writing skills. Turning to this company, I could find an expert who has recommended vital bits that have helped me to get my message across. Good prices and formatting make it perfect!

Technical Translation Services

We needed a translation of a user manual of second-hand piece of equipment we bought from a company in Germany. Luckily, someone recommended TheWordPoint who had translators well-versed in technical translations. Everything went smoothly and their teams were such great people to work with. Great job!

Hindi translation

I didn’t even know that Hindi translation could be so poetic. Whoever worked on my task did a very cool job, they put so much passion into it! I’m stunned, it’s like they put their whole soul into it, as this little project belongs to us both now. I’m definitely hiring this guy or girl again.

Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote

Core Values

Effective Communication
Positive Customer Result


Being a company that thrives for perfection, we hunt creative, smart people who are into translation and working in the various spheres. We need all of it - general translators, editors, and those who only work within the narrow and specific spheres. Thus, we try to meet the needs of all the clients.

Hunting for the top translators and editors, we might miss some extra-ordinary experts. If you feel like you are the one to join the team – feel free to contact us.

We provide a friendly and relaxed environment for the team. Whatever atmosphere you need for working is what you get. No strict working schedule. If you work nights or prefer to concentrate at home, in the park, that’s no problem with us. As long as you provide a quality product at the end of your work - we would be glad to provide all you need.

We are proud to have a team of over 30 experts in translation and editing on staff and about 200 experts on freelance. The team stays with us from the very beginning, but there's always room for more. Again, contact us if you are interested in cooperation.

We Are in Numbers

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