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Finding professional Russian translation services isn’t easy these days, despite the fact that there are many different options people could choose from. The Internet offers lots of useful tips, but for them to be effective, a person must have a clear idea of what they want and need. Russian translations are complex: they entail a thorough process of adapting the text into or from this language, and only some people could be called actual experts in such a task.

TheWordPoint has a professional team with people like this: they could handle any requests and they have years of extensive experience. Whether you need assistance with your business project, personal task, a book, or a video, you can trust us to provide it to you on the highest possible level.

What Does Our English to Russian Translation Service Include?

For finding the best agency that could meet all your needs, you must create a list with specific requirements. What is your project? What kind of service are you looking for? Once you’ve decided on everything, start reading through each company’s offer. Information is power, so it’ll help you make the best decision. Here is what you could find with TheWordPoint.


There is professional localization service for projects that require a trickier approach. For instance, a website filled with engaging specialized content could look great in its original form, but when it’s translated into other languages, it might swiftly lose all the appeal. Such work has to be creative, with Russian translators preserving the jokes, terms, wordplay, and double meanings. We have localization experts in numerous industries, so our clients could get the service they want.

Video & Audio Transcription

Many people require help with adaptation of video or audio content. Some of them have hearing problems and reading is easier; others plan on sharing ads with international markets, so they hope for a high-quality adaptation of their videos. TheWordPoint has all these Russian language services — just ask which of them you require.


Sometimes simply translating a video isn’t enough. Many of our clients want to give voices to their characters or actors, and not just one but several of them at once. For example, a Russian businessman could want to promote his video in Europe as well as the US, so he’ll require voice-over service in addition to Russian translation. We’ll create sounds for you in English, Russian, German, etc., choosing employees with fitting voices & flawless pronunciation.


TheWordPoint always works hard to perfect its Russian translating services. Even the best experts make technical mistakes, never mind people who aren’t used to doing these tasks. If you already completed language adaptation by yourself or hired a person you don’t fully trust, you could feel unsure about the results. What if there are grammar mistakes? What if the content was mistranslated at some points and it’ll confuse your audience? With us, this won’t be a problem: choose our proofreading options and make your text as flawless as possible.

Certified Russian Translation Services For Every Industry

In the years we spent cementing experience, we cooperated with many different individuals, companies, as well as organizations. We built a team with amazing specialists in various industries, which allows them to help clients no matter what requirements they have. We cover each industry, providing an accurate translation in all of them. Here are six major sectors that most of our employees focus on.

  • Legal. Legal work is extremely common but no less excruciating. Only an experienced Russian translation company is capable of handling legal orders since in most cases, they require authenticity seal, deep knowledge of unique terminology, patience, and understanding of the industry. TheWordPoint’s translators fit this description: they do thorough job that’s recognized in every country on an official level.   

  • Medical. Medical document translation is another frequent type of order lots of customers place. These days, the healthcare sector is in an uproar, so tons of files are circulating between medical branches of various countries. Our translations are rooted in medical background and knowledge. Each person working with such texts is not just a Russian translator — they are medical specialists first and foremost.

  • Technical. The third common sector involves technical document translation services, and TheWordPoint offers a big variety of them. It doesn’t matter how complex text is, our linguists will work on every single line for making it coherent & accurate. IT, automobiles, engineering — our services could help with all these spheres.

  • Business. Plenty of people open their small companies or websites, and naturally, they need good business documents translation in case they want to go global. For TheWordPoint, these problems are common: thousands of clients asked us for Russian document translation service. Our team is creative and thorough, so they’ll pay attention to every small bit in your order, helping you reach a target audience effectively.

  • Financial. Financial sector includes special complex terms, numbers, & graphs that should be translated and analyzed both. If a person has no idea what they’re going on, knowing a language won’t help. We have actual financial experts who are bilingual and who achieve success in every order they work on.

  • Advertising & marketing. Marketing is an industry into which wealthy people invest billions of dollars. If your strategy works and succeeds in awakening interest among audience members, income will increase, too. These translations require a quirky and unique style, which is what TheWordPoint would be glad to provide you with

Why TheWordPoint Stands Out From Other Companies

Most agencies try to apply a unique approach for appealing to their clients. Our Russian services aren’t an exception here, but our difference is, we are clients and quality-oriented. This is our major focus that is evident in all features we offer. Look at the following benefits: this is what you’re guaranteed to receive with us.

  1.  Thorough HR approach. A huge number of people look for translator positions, but only some of them are actually suitable for this job at our service. TWP HRs hire only the best specialists. Our translators have passed many-layered tests and interviews before they got their place, and afterward, their performance was monitored closely for quite a while. They are all trained professionals capable of providing swift & efficient results, so your order is in safe hands.

  2. Diverse technical base. We major in human work, but it’s amplified by the use of glossary memory tools and modern software. If an order is unique, this uniqueness will be preserved no matter which employee is assigned to it — terminology applied once could be used again when needed.

  3. Top-quality customer service. TheWordPoint Russian translators work accurately and responsibly: if they agree with a deadline, they’ll follow it 100%. Operators do a great job as well. Contact them at any time, tell them you need Russian to English translation service, and they’ll let you know every important detail, taking you through all the steps.

Affordable prices. We are proud to be a service with average prices that most clients could afford. Our translation from English into Russian costs starting with $0.09 per one word; a project from Russian into English is worth the same amount.

Excellent Service for Your Success

If you need assistance with project in any industry, share the details with us and we’ll easily solve your problems. TheWordPoint is one of the best companies out there, and our offers are diverse enough to meet the needs of the majority. Whether you are interested in Russian transcription services, certified or medical translation, or voice over option — we have it all. Drop us a line, share key info, and the best experts will start working right away, delivering what you asked just by your deadline.


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What Our Clients Say

App localization

We used translators' from this service for the localization of our app Looksar ( and everything turned out to be perfect! We have users from all over the world thanks to the English interface and proper localization. You can definitely rely on them if you need expert assistance.

Translation Services

Probably, the best translation company! The support staff is very friendly and helpful, they really care about you and your needs. And of course, the translators are real professionals! I know that I can always rely on them!

Certified Translation

I moved to the USA recently and because of it I needed a quick and quality translation of all my documents from Italian. They did everything on the highest level. I’ve had no problems with the documents at all. Will order only from them if there will be a necessity.

Literature Translation

I work at the publishing house that always needs good translators to work with us. Here we have found the experts for all the languages we need. It’s a pleasure to work with them because they are very experienced and know their job perfectly! All our projects were smooth and successful!

Game Localization

We have created a video game and need some professional translators to help us with the English and German versions of it. Luckily we have found this service. Their experts did a good job, having translated all the text in a week. In the future we will definitely use their help again.

Translation Services

I work at the event-agency and we often communicate with foreigners from different countries. That’s why I work with this service a lot and they really are a reliable partner in business. Thank you guys for help!

Translation Services

Outstanding company if you need a professional yet quick translation service! I’ve already ordered from them a couple of times and plan to work further in the future. They have all that you may need from the translation agency. I recommend it to everyone!

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