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Not long ago, we were contacted by a woman who had taken up foreign residency in Poland several years ago. She had emigrated to Poland for a job with an American company there. Along the way, she had fallen in love and was now planning on getting married. When she and her fiancé went to get their marriage license, and she stated on the application that she was divorced, they requested her American divorce decree. Of course, she was able to produce it. Unfortunately, it was not acceptable because it was written in English. The Polish agency insisted that it had to be translated into Polish.

Because her company has used The Word Point for translations on many occasions, she contacted us immediately. We were able to get the job done and have the translation back into her hands overnight. She uploaded her American decree to our site, and we had a translator waiting to go to work – a Polish national with a legal background who was able to make haste. The divorce decree translation was in her hands within hours, the marriage certificate was obtained, and the wedding proceeded as they planned. A happy ending brought to you by The Word Point.

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When Amateurs Are Not Enough

There are thousands of translations services out there, and the quality of their output is certainly mixed. Some services employ college students without any background in the niches for which they are translating; other services may employ freelancers and, again, they do not assign translators based upon the career backgrounds of those freelancers. Thus, someone who has a command of a foreign language and who is currently a school teacher may be translating medical documents with no basic expertise in the medical field. And because there are very few legally-binding translation regulations in most countries, services do not have to comply with high standards.

The Word Point sets its own high standards, and it has raised the bar for other services to meet. Our translators are carefully selected based upon their backgrounds and they are only given tasks to translate documents into their native languages. Of course, they also have language fluency in the original language of a document. Thus, a Japanese native who has fluency in German will be tasked with translations from German to Japanese.

You Want Quality, Service, Reliability, and Reasonable Pricing

And these things you will always have at The Word Point. Quality is guaranteed because our translator are the best in the industry; our customer service department can be contacted 24/7 to receive urgent orders and to respond to any inquiry or issue, not matter what time zone; we have never missed a client deadline, and we are proud of this record.


All of our clients will receive a personal pricing quote based upon the details of what they need. Unlike other services, we do not set a single flat price. We ask clients to upload their documents for analysis. Dependent upon the complexity, length, and deadline, we establish a price. The quoted price will never change during the process.

If you need a divorce decree translation or that of any other personal or professional pieces, The Word Point is your top choice.

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