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It is no longer sufficient to offer up the best software package in your space. You have to be able to reach customers across the international market. This takes planning and goal setting on a global scale, while at the same time thinking in terms of localization. Failing to do so is akin to limiting your sales and growth opportunities intentionally.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, because your audience can speak English for the most part, think again. First of all, even if most people in a particular region who might use your software are English speakers, why would you want to cut out the ones who do not.

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Now, let’s talk about your international customers who do speak English. Just because they can communicate in English doesn’t mean you shouldn't reach them in their own language. Consider this. 911 dispatch centers, hospitals, and other entities that provide services to people in stressful and urgent situations make ensure that they have people at hand who can communicate with patients and customers in their native language. The reason for this is comfort and efficiency. It is much easier for people to interact while speaking, reading and writing in their own language. You might not be providing life saving treatment or attempting to get first respondents to the right location but you can make their interactions with your software package as easy and intuitive as possible.

When is The Best Time to Consider Software Localization?

Ideally, you will begin thinking of localization in the early stages. In fact, if you are still in the design phase, we will help you plan to reach a global audience from the get go. We will determine which markets you want to reach with your initial product release and plan for international expansion down the road.

If you are much further along than that, don’t worry. We can help you localize your software for it to match all of your audiences. We can help you plan to reach new audiences and help you clean up any previous localization efforts should there be any.

Isn’t Localization Just Translation?

Can’t We Just Accomplish That Using Files And Translation Software?

Translation is just a part of localization, but the process is more complex than that. Translation software and even some paid translators can do an apt job at matching words and phrases from one language to another. The problem is that more things need to be taken into consideration. For one thing, academic software translations don’t take idioms, slang, pop cultural references and other elements into consideration. Nor can an automatic translation package ensure that a phrase translated from one language to another won’t be significantly longer or shorter. Blind translations can cause significant display issues.

Our translators can help in both of these areas. They will make sure that the content your users see is culturally appropriate, gives your users the information they need to successfully use your software, and maintains design integrity.

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