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Technology constantly undergoes changes, with the world becoming a more globalized place. People keep contributing something new to it all the time. Creating software is one of the most innovative and engaging processes. As a developer, you might be thrilled with your project, but moving to international markets with it will always be better than staying within local limits. Software localization services are your best helper because they could double or even triple your success.

Localization means translating, analyzing, and adopting content in accordance with requirements of target country. To avoid any mistakes done during translation, one should choose a company they could trust. TheWordPoint is considered among the best translation agencies in the market. Our language experts are ready to take on your project 24/7.

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If you want to localize app and it’s something you’ve never done before, you might be overwhelmed by the number of services there. It might be tempting to select the one that caught your eye first, but you must remember that experience is everything. Localization is a serious task. Person who is responsible for it should understand all details as there is special terminology involved. Only professionals know to localize everything smoothly. Mistakes cost a lot because if users are confused, they won’t like your software, dragging its reputation down.

Our localization service has many years of intense experience, being considered trustworthy by a huge number of clients. We serve more than fifty languages and specialize in a variety of industries. Working on software projects is something we’ve been doing for a long time. Our experts know how to localize every part of your product, so you won’t regret choosing us.

Platforms and Devices We Support

If you are interested in our localization services, you might wonder what kind of platforms our service supports. Customers are our main focus, which is why we’ve tried to make their experience as convenient as possible. When implementing localizing process for online content, we work with HTML, DHTML, JavaScript. Our employees specialize in computer languages like ASP, PHP, C, as well as C++. We also support data-interchange formats akin to JSON. Java, C-Sharp, and other machine languages form a part of our service, too, so whatever kind of software you’ve got, we’ll be able to adapt it properly.

Elements of Software Localization Process

Localizing usually takes time as it includes many elements. In most cases, language specialists start with translation of graphic user interface (GUI), textual interface, and menu adaptation. How software looks to customers from the start often determines their further interest. GUI entails visual and audio segments that help users interact with a product. That’s why our employees start adapting icons and other graphics, preserving your format and ideas. Text-based part of interface along with a menu come next. Greetings, terms, slang are carefully adapted to a required language.

Agile and DevOps

Our service strives to ensure a continuous translation process. So, we use two approaches to working with software to receive maximum benefits and minimize potential flaws. Agile is concerned with small victories: it helps break the project into several parts and focuses on short-term deadlines for each part. Every aspect is done relatively quickly due to enhanced communication between the parties. It means that as soon as one task is finished, like interface adaptation, we share it with our client, receive feedback, and continue working.

DevOps assists in enhancing overall quality by bridging a gap between developers and IT teams. It unites both groups, emphasizes importance of constant testing, which helps ascertain that every element is flawless. This combination is excellent because it allows us to please our customers, maintain deadlines that every party finds suitable, and achieve the best outcomes.

Types of Software We Localize

If you plan on ordering software or website translation, one of your biggest concerns is likely related to which software types we can handle. Our service is very flexible, so supports diverse software:

  • Applications for operating systems. If you developed a program operating on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, etc., our experts will easily take care of it. We have all required technologies and our employees are experienced in these tasks.
  • Resource planning systems. If your interest lies with business software that automatizes technological functions or executes other operations, we have all resources at our disposal to localize it for you.
  • Websites and mobile apps. Some projects are accompanied by websites or have mobile apps. These types require a specific kind of localization that would consider technical peculiarities, and at TheWordPoint, we know how to organize it.
  • Database and storage software. Considering large volumes of data that numerous companies operate, software enhancing its storage is essential. If this is what your project is about, don’t hesitate to entrust us with it because we know exactly what to do.
  • Inventory and asset management software. Keeping track of what objects are located where is a driver of many businesses. We have a deep understanding of this sphere, so we’d execute your project to a flawless extent.
  • Customer relationship management applications. Interacting with clients is what keeps almost all firms afloat. If your goal was to make this process easier or more convenient with software, let us help you access new markets so more organizations would be able to use it.
  • Payroll and billing software. Without payments, no service would function. In case your product targets this sector, share it with us. We’ll assist in boosting it to more markets.

Testing and Quality Control We Implement

TheWordPoint is a leading software localization service in its industry, so we have particularly thorough quality approach. Before the product is submitted for your approval, we send it for testing. A tester is selected from the target region, and they use all aspects of software, making notes on everything they find confusing, insufficient, or underdeveloped. Later, our editors make corrections accordingly, so when you finally receive the product, you can be certain that it’s been tested and improved to perfection.

Why Human Translation Is Irreplaceable

Many customers think that software or video game translation is technical in nature and that their localization could be automated. It’s far from truth. Human approach helps ensure that there is a personal connection with a user, that every dubious moment is clarified and explained. No machine could have the same effect. We employ only human translators for these tasks, which is one of reasons that helps us stay on top.

Reasonable and Easily Affordable Prices

We want to produce projects with the highest quality but at prices that the majority of customers would find affordable. With software, in particular, the price for localization starts at $0.22 for one word. The most expensive package contains several additional services, with a worth of $0.33 per word. Select whatever option suits you and share details with us. We’d organize the work process right away.

Make TheWordPoint You Software Localizing Assistant

If you find yourself in need of software translation and localization services, we will be happy to help out. Upload the required documents, share files, fill in an order form, and contact us through it. Our experts are going to accept your project immediately, and you’ll receive it by a specified deadline. We are proud to have reputation as one of the best agencies in this market, so we intend to make the list of our clients even longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you hire native linguists?

Yes, we make sure that our language experts work strictly with their native language. There are no exceptions because we value quality over everything else.

  • How long does localization of a project take?

Many factors affect the length of our work process. We take your preferences into account. Several weeks is a preferred option for projects with a medium size, but it depends on complexity, language pair, urgency.

  • Do you do multimedia adaptation?

Yes, of course. We work with all multimedia properties and know how to satisfy the provided constraints. All you need is to tell us what you’re interested in.

  • Do you have professional translators who are specialized in software localization?

Sure. We understand differences between translation and localization on a professional level, so we hire individuals with advanced knowledge. They are capable of providing localization services at the highest level.

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