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Get premier software localization services and translations performed by top experts in any industry. Use our professional services to ensure your software “pops” with the language and culture of your target market.

Software Localization Services – Compete in a Growing Global Market

Whether you are an individual, a startup, or a well-established company, you have a piece of software (or more than one) that is grabbing hold in your home country market. You’ve done some international market research and believe that it can be a “winner” in some other countries too.

When you make such a choice, you have to carefully choose software localization services – professionals with expertise in the software development industry, as well as translation and localization for a target market. TheWordPoint is such a company. It has been around for years, has an exceptional reputation, and is considered to be one of the top localization services in the industry.

Choose Experienced Software Translation Services

Anyone can translate a piece of content – documents, websites, manuals, articles, and such – all they need is fluency in the target language. But fluency comes in levels, and it does not mean that an individual can be an expert translator and localize app. For this type of expertise, an individual must be a native of target country/language – someone who understands cultural nuances of the language, idiomatic expressions, and those terms and visuals that a target cultural group will find appropriate.

This is certainly true for software of all varieties. The software has a back-end architecture that provides the experience that users have on the front-end. In some cases, that back-end architecture must be altered for a foreign audience. In all cases, front-end user-facing content will have to be fully localized. Obviously, software translation and localization services are rather complex. Our services spend a lot of time analyzing its nature, consult with development experts that we have on-staff; we find the perfect native content translator for your target country. The assigned developer and language expert work together throughout the entire project.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our experts are certified by international organizations and meet their standards for reliability and accuracy.

Human Translation Only

TheWordPoint guarantees only human translation and localization by native industry experts.

Why Software Localization Can Only Be Accomplished by a Team of Experts

There are literally hundreds of localization companies that market themselves as “experts.” Unfortunately, many of these companies use far less than professional methods:

  • They often outsource the software development changes to anyone who is cheap and available, without necessary investigation of either expertise or reputation. This may result in bugs that give users a poor experience. It might also lead to severe security issues both for software owners and for anyone who purchases or uses it.
  • They also outsource their software translator content needs to the same types of freelancers. These individuals may have fluency in a foreign language but are not native to it. Unfortunately, this might result in major errors in content that may kill an entire market. Marketing history is full of such errors, including those made by large enterprises, who were sloppy in their selection of localization experts.
  • Many agencies use machine translations for localization services that are not then reviewed and carefully checked by a native expert. While machines are getting better, they cannot yet substitute for a native language specialist.

It’s easy to see that computer software localization may go terribly wrong if an owner makes a rapid choice, based upon price and expediency. In their enthusiasm to get their software to market, sometimes facing budget issues, they’ll make a grave mistake in their choice. Don’t you be that person or company. 

Platforms and Devices We Support

When you choose TheWordPoint as your localization agency, here is what you get:

  • You get our in-house development experts that work with HTML, DHTML, JavaScript.
  • You get our in-house development experts that specialize in computer languages such as Asp, PHP, C, C++.
  • You get our in-house experts that support data-interchange formats such as JSON, Java, C-Sharp, etc. 
  • Software changes are tested and re-tested to ensure there are no bugs

In short, whatever type of software you have, we have expertise to adapt it properly for a foreign target audience. It’ll present a streamlined experience for the end-user.

How Software Localizing Process Works

Localizing software is not like translating and localizing a blog post. It is a complex process with many layers. It usually begins with a graphic user interface (aka GUI). These elements include such things as menus, links, visual and audio elements, dates, times, currencies, if applicable – all of those things that’ll make the user experience fast, efficient, enjoyable. When these elements include necessary changes in the back-end architecture, assigned developer makes those changes, working closely with a language expert.

The next stage of software localization and translation relates to all the content that the user experiences up-front, not related to GUI. For example, there will be a certain amount of text on each page, perhaps video script translations, maybe blog posts on a website, or interactive elements on an app. All of this text must be accurately and appropriately translated. Again, our services use only native translators and guarantee that all textual content will be perfect for your target audience.

We Use Two Processes – Agile and DevOps – Your Choice

Unlike other software localization and translation agencies, we want to give our clients as much control over software localization and localization process as possible. There are two processes our services use, someone stand-alone and sometimes in combination. We’ll usually make a recommendation based on the specifics of your software. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Agile: Agile development divides a project into smaller chunks, and sets deadlines for each of those chunks to be completed. The client receives each chunk as completed, with a full explanation of what was done. Client then approves of what was done before we move forward.
  • DevOps: This approach is more comprehensive with developers, IT teams, and localization specialists all working in tandem. The beauty of this approach is that testing results occur all at once, bugs are identified, and fixes can be put into place for a perfect end product., as well as meeting client deadlines for the entire project. That entire project is delivered as a whole.

Again, our services have expertise to recommend either one or another or a combination, once we have evaluated scope of your project.

We Offer Software Localization and Translation in Every Possible Category

Of course, you’ll want to know if our software translating services will meet your needs. Here is a rundown of all software types that our services localize:

  • Applications of operating systems in any platform – Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and more. We have development pros for them all.
  • Business software – Whether the need is for tech functions or any other operations, just send a project over – we’ll get it done perfectly, whether it is an in-house piece of software or cloud-based.
  • Websites & Mobile Apps. These involve both programming, accurate and appropriate translations, localizations of text, visuals, and more. Our clients are always thrilled with results our services give them for their website translation.
  • Databases, Storage, Inventories, Assets - Business clients often have large databases, inventories to track and manage, assets to manage, storage. If they are transferring this data over in the process of opening up an operation in a foreign country, or by merger or acquisition, then these will have to be translated and localized for that organization. Our services have a long history of success in this area.
  • Customer Relations Management: Every software translation agency uses software applications for its CRM operations. Our services transform those applications for your foreign audiences or research and recommend the best CRM applications to use in that region/country.
  • Payroll, Billing & HR Database Software: If there’ll be foreign employees and HR managers, you’ll want your applications translated and localized for a foreign market. Again, we have the expertise to do this or to find the perfect software that’ll perform these functions, even if we have to “tweak” it a bit for your specific needs.
Full Confidentiality Guaranteed

We secure all client information and never share with any third-party.

Any Document – Any Format

Translating in any format you need Is a snap for our trained experts.

Testing and Qualify Control for Software Localization Service 

Our services are known for delivering products and services that our clients love with the first delivery. This is because we test, test, test before anything is released for delivery. Our testing occurs in target region and involves locals who would be likely software users. We ensure that everything works perfectly.

Why Human Translation Has No Substitution

As we have already stated, machine translation is not ideal, by any means. More than one individual and company have discovered this. Many game app owners, for example, have used machine translations – translations that were totally inappropriate and were a complete “fail” in their foreign markets. Our services only use humans, because that’s how it’s done right for video game translation.

When you choose us for your software localization service, you also get content translators that are unequaled in this business. We use only translators that are native speakers of target languages. Our employees meet international certification standards. All content translation is reviewed by a “second set of eyes” to ensure accuracy and appropriateness. When visuals, text, or conversation may not be culturally appropriate for a specific foreign audience, localization experts work with the client, making suggestions for changes and implementing them only after the client approves.

Our Affordable Prices

For the quality we produce, our translation and localization services are highly affordable. For software localization, prices begin at $0.22 per word. Prices increase from that point, based upon development architectural changes that are required. Our services individualize prices based on each project. Clients should contact us with details for that individualized pricing.

You Cannot Go Wrong with TheWordPoint

Everything you need for any type of software localization and translation is available right here with us. Our services find perfect developers and language experts among our own staff because we have large team to meet whatever needs you have. Truly, we are your one-stop shop for any software localization needs you have.

What Does Our Translation Service Do for You?

Go global with your business! We have the manpower and the expertise for any sector, language, or culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hire native linguists?

Absolutely. Our localization experts must be native to the region/country of the target language. This is the only way that all content will be linguistically and culturally appropriate. Further, they must have specific expertise in the types of projects they are assigned.

How long does localization of a project take?

There is no way to set a time frame for a project until we have all details. Each project is unique. Our services ask our clients to provide a preferred deadline, then ensure that we can meet that deadline before we accept a project. If a deadline must be negotiated with a client, we meet a mutually agreeable time frame before we begin our work.

Do you do multimedia adaptation?

Absolutely, we do. We have specific experts to analyze multimedia in the native language and to localize those for the target audience. The key here is that whatever multimedia is translated must be culturally appropriate for the target audience. This is why we use only natives of target regions/countries to translate multimedia.

Do you have professional translators who are specialized in software localization?

Yes, we do. We assign a team to our software localization projects because they do involve at least back-end architectural changes, along with content localization needs. We do it all.

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Can’t find an answer to your questions? Feel free to check our complete FAQ page, or contact us at [email protected]

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Software Localization

We have used you guys for software localization services for several foreign audiences. I can easily say that, in every case, that localization has been perfectly completed and has resulted in large revenue growth for our company.

Software Localization

When it comes to translating software, no company beats TheWordPoint. We have used several over the years, and none can meet quality and pricing of your company. We won’t be using anyone else from now on.

Software Localization

I am a solopreneur who has developed two apps for an English audience. I had no idea how to localize them but I knew I wanted to try a couple of foreign audiences. The Word Point pros not only recommended the best audiences but localized my apps perfectly. I’m ready for more foreign audiences now, and you’ll be doing that for me.

Software Localization

It’s hard to find professional services to localize software in a way that really resonates with foreign audiences. What the Word Point has done for us has eliminated our need to look any further. We have truly found our localization “home.” You just do it right.

Software Localization

We have used TheWordPoint for years for a variety of business document translation services. A short time ago, we developed the need to have a lot of our data and storage localized for a foreign company we acquired. You assured us that you had the staff expertise to do this, and you were completely right. Thanks for the great work!

Software Localization

Localization services from TheWordPoint just cannot be beaten. Not only you have perfectly translated a lot of our legal documents for foreign courts, but you have also now translated and localized our large database of case files for our new partners in Germany and Ukraine. We could not have expected anything better than what you delivered.

Software Localization

We found your agency via recommendation from one of our recently acquired affiliates. Up until that point, we had contracted with several different software localization agencies, and each time we had to send the completed work back for error corrections. Since we have begun using TheWordPoint, we have received completed projects in perfect working order. We are sold on you.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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