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Estonian Translation Service for Corporate and Individual Clients 

Demand for professional Estonian translation services is on the rise now. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, Estonia is one of the most economically successful EU members among states that have joined union in 2004. Secondly, this country is currently building its reputation as a top European start-up hub – it has the most start-ups with a valuation of over $1 billion per capita. Thirdly, vibrant and affordable environment of Estonia makes it an attractive place for life and study.

We offer a wide range of Estonian translations to satisfy the growing needs of our individual and corporate customers.

Experts with International Certifications

Get certified translation services to ensure that Estonian local authorities will accept your documents.

Only Human Translation

Estonian native speakers will translate your documents quickly and accurately.

Top quality services: translation Estonian to English, Spanish, German, and 50+ languages

Rapid technological changes influence all aspects of our clients’ lives while also changing the translation requirements. For keeping up with new trends, We provide extra services that go beyond standard Estonian translations.

Website/app localization

Estonia has status of the world’s first digital nation. Locals use websites and mobile apps to manage taxes, bank accounts, car/home registrations, business purchases, and perform many other tasks. Estonians, just like other nations, prefer to browse content in their native language. Therefore, every company that operates in this country faces the necessity of website localization.
Our team is proud to provide best-in-the-market localization and Estonian translating services. We have already localized 100+ apps, and we are eager to start working on new interesting projects.

Video/audio transcription

Our employees collaborate with journalists, podcasters, bloggers, interviewers, and foreign businesses, helping them make their audio/video content accessible for Estonians speakers. Top transcription experts know how to deal with different dialects and accents. They always provide 100% accurate transcripts.


Our clients who use voice-over services come from many different industries, including education, entertainment, marketing & PR, eCommerce. We have a team of voice-over artists who professionally adds narration to any media files of the client’s choice:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Google Slides
  • YouTube content
  • Movies
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Explainer videos
  • Online games
  • Video ads.


The vast majority of legal, educational, medical institutions accept certified-only documents. Our top experts have all required permits to provide certified translation services Estonian. When placing an order you can be sure that Estonian local authorities will accept your papers.


When it comes to quality, accuracy plays a crucial role. On our website, customers can order proofreading services to double-check the correctness of text interpretation. Native speakers will finalize translated documents and correct minor mistakes.

Find an Estonian Translator with Expertise in Your Industry

Having a good command of a foreign language is not enough for being a good language expert. For delivering accurate work, a language expert should have expertise in a specific niche and know jargon. 
TheWordPoint gathered a big team of experts from different fields. So whether you are looking for RFP translation services or want to transcribe explainer whiteboard videos, you’ll find a specialist with relevant experience.


Estonia provides unique business opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Foreigners can get Estonian e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity, by filling a form online. E-resident entrepreneurs are eligible to start an EU-based company and manage business processes remotely from any place.
Everyone who wants to take advantage of e-Residency needs to write motivation statement, convert it into Estonian, and submit it along with an online application. Our best experts are ready to assist foreign organizations with Estonian language translation – they know how to polish motivational letters and increase chances of getting the application approval.
Our team also assists companies that have already established their presence in Estonia. We work with such documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Business license 
  • Documents that prove ownership 
  • Tax reports

Legal sector

Estonian Ministry of Justice declared that only sworn translators are eligible for making official transitions. So if Estonian authorities require you to submit a registration statement, notarial act, court judgment, education, or other papers, you must use certified services only.
Our team is authorized to provide certificate Estonian translation services for customers all over the globe. Our employees are familiarized with the requirements established by the Sworn Translators Act. They deliver their work in accordance with the highest set standards. You may request a divorce certificate translation or any other personal documents interpretation.

Advertising and marketing

While many nations don’t have specific marketing and advertising campaigns requirements, Estonia obliges all brands to follow The Estonian Advertising Act. This document stipulates strict advertising rules. Its main goal is protecting the consumers and ensuring fair competition. The act bans companies that offer goods/services that don’t comply with good morals or exploit emergency situations (for instance, COVID-19 pandemic is considered an emergency)

Pretty often, foreign entrepreneurs do not understand the peculiarities of Estonian marketing regulations – they fail launching an effective ad campaign. If you want to ensure that your marketing campaign will go smoothly, you need choose an Estonian translation company. Using local advertising translation services will make your brand message more appealing to local customers while complying with requirements set.

Financial services and investments

Financial & investment contracts/agreements must be translated only by certified linguists who proved to have outstanding skills. Unskilled interpreters may make a mistake that will cost clients a fortune.  
Many investors order employee handbook translation because they understand the importance of outlining business policies as well as expectations regarding employees’ work. Among other services, TheWordPoint handles translation of banking account statements, tax forms, audits, reports.

Technical sector

Experts say that Estonia is a “Baltic tech tiger” – it’s a country with the most tech startups. Software development companies have customers/partners all over the world. Naturally, they need using Estonian document translation service for achieving success in an international business environment. Our linguistic experts can interpret any texts whatever topics they cover, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, voice assistant technologies, telecommunication, mobile development.

Medicine and Healthcare

Estonia is a magnet for medical tourists, especially those who are seeking help from qualified orthopedic surgeons. Surgery and consultations with Estonian doctors are reasonably priced. Cost of hip surgeries and total knee replacements in Tallinn and Tartu are way more affordable than those medical offered in Munching and Amsterdam.
Our team assists patients from Western Europe and other countries with medical translation. We have experience with interpreting medical histories, reports, treatment plans, informed consent.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

Your personal data is safe and protected in accordance with legal regulations.

Work with Any Format

You can send us text documents, audio/video files, slideshow presentations, XML files, and more.

Top Benefits of Estonian Language Services

Have you ever had a negative experience with using linguistic services? We want to assure you that TheWordPoint has much higher quality standards than other agencies. Here is a list of our key competitive advantages:

  • Accuracy. Forget about mistakes and typos in documents. Our specialists spell-check every word for ensuring absolute accuracy.
  • Affordable pricing. Our rates per word are fairly low if you compare them with current market prices.
  • Human experts. Our employees have vast experience in the field – they complete translations more accurately than the most advanced AI-powered machines.
  • Helpful customer service. Our agents accept orders, answer questions, deal with complaints 24/7.
  • Quick delivery. Clients set deadlines, we meet them. We accept even the most urgent orders and complete them accurately.
  • Glossary memory solutions. Deployment of innovative solutions allows translator from English to Estonian to process orders more effectively.

Get Quality Linguistic Help and Achieve Your Goal

We proudly provide its clients with excellent Estonian language translation services. Our agency strives to offer the best quality and affordable prices. Our clients are foreign investors, eCommerce companies, international students, educators, travelers, immigrants.

If you’re looking for top-rated service, you can look no further. We will present you with everything you need and more. Are you ready to place an order? If you still have some doubts or questions, contact our team – let’s discuss price and deadlines.

Types of translation services we provide

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How fast can you translate my document into Estonian?

The speed of order delivery varies on word count and translation complexity. The more words your document includes, the longer it takes our employees to work on it.

What is the cost of translation into Estonian?

The cost of each order is influenced by a few factors: total word number, complexity, additional services requested, language pair. For instance, English to Estonian translation service is cheaper than Arabic to Estonian.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

We work with all types of media and text files. If you want us to deliver formats other than .txt, .pdf, .csv, .xml, .html, .doc, .docx, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, ..mp4, .mp3., wav., contact our customers support team.

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Estonian Translation

Our company sells robotic equipment to hospitality businesses. To find clients in Estonia, we hired an English to Estonian translator to work with our marketing materials: PowerPoint presentation, brochures, and a few guides. All content was translated accurately and professionally. Highly recommend TheWordPoint to other B2B companies.

Estonian Translation

I came to Estonia from Pakistan to get a degree in Computer Science. It happened that I accidentally lost my documents and had trouble proving my legal status. To solve this problem, I asked my family to send me a copy of my documents and ordered an Estonian translation at TheWordPoint. Translation came just in time, and I was saved.

Estonian Translation

As a YouTuber, I strive to do my best to engage my target audience. I know that almost half of my subscribers come from Estonia, so I’ve decided to leverage Estonian translation. I contacted TheWordPoint and ordered transcription services. Customer support agents were very helpful and friendly. I’m going to use this service for my next projects.

Estonian Translation

I’m a software engineer from Toronto. Three months ago, I got a job proposal from an Estonian startup. The employer gave me only a week to prepare my visa application documents, and I started to look for urgent Estonian translation services online. I came across TheWordPoint and placed an order – my documents were translated within two business days.

Estonian Translation

We assigned TheWordPoint a task to localize our website and make it appealing to local investors. English to Estonian translator had been working on the task for four days and delivered great results. Now our website works more effectively and attracts the right audience.

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