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Healthcare translation services by healthcare specialized translators. We can handle any healthcare document and provide accurate and certified translation to 50+ languages.

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Hire Professional Healthcare Translation Services

The world becomes more globalized every year, with more opportunities for international cooperation emerging in various sectors. The healthcare one is known for its relevance and diversity. People might live without many things, but they will always need medical assistance. A huge amount of research and manuals is released daily, with people sharing them across countries with different languages.

Healthcare translation services become popular among healthcare specialists, researchers, academic authors, scientists and business owners. Students also find such services useful while studying healthcare and nursing. Whoever you are, whichever position you hold, if you need certified documents, TheWordPoint is your best helper. Our experts have verified experience and they are always prepared to assist.

Reasons To Hire Only Trustworthy Healthcare Interpreter Service

Whenever you order medical translation, quality must be your primary concern. Healthcare industry is distinguished from the majority of other spheres by its ultimate relevance and responsibility. One tiny mistake can lead to drastic consequences, as misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, inadequately obtained informed consent, and even the inability to follow accurate treatment plans. In turn, it results in serious problems with angry patients or increased expenses. There isn’t an abundance of specialists who know foreign languages and have intimate understanding of medical terminology and concepts. To ensure that no mistakes are made, you should hire only a certified translation professional who will fully convey the meaning of the original document. TheWordPoint has a range of them in different healthcare spheres.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Healthcare Organizations That Need Hospital Translation Services

As respectable company with years of successful experience, we cooperate with many entities working in healthcare. Take a look at the variety of organizations we cooperate with. We are proud to have their trust and hope it’ll help alleviate the worries you might still have about our reliability.

  • Hospitals and Pharmacies are among our largest clients. They face intense pressure so frequently need assistance with their documents. These are used for communication with foreign patients, educating employees who don’t speak English, or recruit people from other countries.
  • Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine also have tons of documentation. The deadlines they set are usually short due to the nature of their operations, and we are happy to help them every time they contact us.
  • Health Insurance and Medicare Firms must demonstrate strict compliance with international guidelines in a variety of activities. TheWordPoint specialists know all of them, which makes our work efficient.
  • Nursing Homes deal with people who cannot live by themselves. It’s essential to communicate with them in a clear, comprehensive manner despite any language barrier. We help overcome it.
  • Private Practices face work with clients from all possible backgrounds. We serve as a bridge connecting them when clear interpretation between different languages is needed.
  • Health Centers include community, home health, as well as rehabilitation centers. They also deal with patients on both local and international levels, which is why their representatives often ask for our help.

Who Are Our Translators?

To provide quality healthcare translations services, we hire only people who are native speakers like Norwegian translators or Macedonian translators and others with degrees in relevant education branches. Our managers check their language skills along with their medical experience, organizing multiple tests to make sure their knowledge is solid. Each linguist has a certification and can provide certified or official healthcare translation service.

We hire only human experts, meaning that you shouldn’t worry about usage of specific healthcare and terms. Your project is assigned to a language specialist who is familiar with your specific topic. Moreover, our specialists work 24/7, so you’ll find help whenever you seek it. Any technical translation provided by our company is known for its high quality.

Healthcare Document Types We Can Handle

Are you wondering what types of documents our company accepts? We cover a wide range of all possible healthcare papers and medical resources. Our employees can provide you with a research article on a healthcare topic, immunization card, manuals or patient’s record. Small and technical labels also need proper interpretation, which is the order type we always accept.

Patient prescriptions, medicine recipes, guides, manuals, training materials — we have people specializing in any topic. Instructions for medical products or equipment, sites related to medicine, information pamphlets, hospital records and personal medical history fall into our provided services list as well.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Principles of Quality and Confidentiality

Healthcare is an industry represented by big volumes of sensitive information. Our clients don’t want to disclose the data of their patients or their research to anyone who could use it for wrong purposes. We’d like to soothe your worries in this regard.

Every medical interpreter we hire has been verified by authoritative bodies. We are a member of the internationally respected ATA, and we follow all ethical guidelines in our work. It means that we provide a complete guarantee of privacy, so your documents are safe with us.

Get Quality Assistance

There are many companies that provide online translation, but our agency is distinguished from most through a long list of satisfied clients and years of experience. We are extremely thorough in our approach, which allows to provide you with excellent quality as well as a guarantee of complete satisfaction. The healthcare language services we offer are accurate and confidential, so contact us, share your needs, and we’re going to provide you with the best level of assistance.

Types of translation services we provide

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What is the difference between medical interpreter and medical translator?

The concepts of translator and interpreter are often used interchangeably, but in terms of semantics, it’s incorrect. The former is someone who deals with written content while the latter works in the communication sphere, helping people understand each other. Translator is involved with paperwork while the interpreter is engaged in conversations.

Do you provide after-service?

Yes, of course. We offer the options of revisions, refunds, and 24/7 assistance, so if you are our client, we’ll make certain that your satisfaction is met. You’ll receive the same helpful treatment before, during, and after placing an order with us.

Is it necessary to hire a certified translator?

Yes, it’s vital because you must be sure that the translation you were given is accurate and valid. This is something that only certified translators can offer since they have passed special tests that verified their experience.

Can you meet an urgent deadline?

We employ experts, so some of them are online 24/7. It allows us to work with even the most urgent due date while maintaining high quality. Don’t hesitate to contact our service even if your time is running out.

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Healthcare Translation Services

Yesterday, we were informed that a Korean patient would be coming in for treatment in our cancer center. His medical records were sent in advance, however, they were all in Korean. As we were pressed for time, we needed a translation of their medical records for study, and we could only turn on TheWordPoint for reliable medical translation requests. A job well done as always!

Healthcare Translation Services

I am applying for a job in Norway and one of their requirements is a medical certificate that proves that I am in perfectly good health before my employment. As they required it in Norwegian, TheWordPoint translated my medical certificates and results for me in no time, and at such an affordable price. I really appreciate the efficiency of their work. Thanks!

Healthcare Translation Services

As a doctor, we are always in search of breakthroughs in the medical field. I was linked to a medical research on lung cancer treatments that was in French. As a regular on TheWordPoint, I knew they were the only translation service I could trust to provide certified professional translations on highly technical documents.

Healthcare Translation Services

A few days ago my husband was hospitalized in Saudi Arabia due to an industrial accident. I engaged TheWordPoint to help me translate his previous medical records for their reference. I’m glad they honored my request to finish the translation as quickly as possible before my husband’s operation. I couldn’t possibly find a better service than theirs.

Healthcare Translation Services

We are a hospital in France and we have been hiring more and more German healthcare professionals in our team. Because of this, we decided to translate our hospital manuals to German to help them easily understand our rules and policies. Thank you, TheWordPoint!

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