Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

Police certificate translation services for your police clearance, criminal records police report, and other documents for immigration or other purposes. Certified translators guarantee quality and fast delivery.

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Accurate and Quick Police Clearance Translation Services

Before moving somewhere, you must provide many different documents that prove your identity and experience — for instance, police clearance, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, academic transcripts, etc. Police clearance translation services are something you’re going to need because it’s also a relevant part involved in your international application submission. You have to prove your trustworthiness along with transparency, but you’ll require reliable translation company for this. TheWordPoint would be happy to assist you — there are many reasons explaining why we are considered among the best in this industry.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Police Clearance Certificate Translation by TheWordPoint

We are known as the certified translation company that has been operating for a significant number of years. Most are clients are interested in English, German, French, and Spanish languages, but we also specialize in rarer-ordered ones, like translation from Portuguese or Japanese. All in all, we cover almost 50 different languages, yet this isn’t our only benefit. Our experts also understand cultural specifics of their focus countries along with their laws, so they don’t just translate texts, they localize them and make them comprehensive for the target audience.

US police clearance certificate must be adapted carefully, with all legal and technical peculiarities being taken into account, and our employees know how to work with this kind of task. Our service is fast since it’s capable of dealing with any deadlines, even the most urgent ones. It is effective since the majority of our customers are pleased with documents they receive, and It is of high quality since our service applies only human translation. You won’t find any trace of machine work in our completed orders.

Importance of Having Police Clearance Certificates

If you plan on relocating to another country where the official languages differ from your native one, you’ll have to demonstrate your records. The foreign government won’t just need your passport, it must be aware of your history, medical and legal kinds of it. It should also receive every certificate noting down the relevant moments of your life as well as other important official documents. They and police reports translations must be accepted by USCIS, which is something our service guarantees. We know all relevant rules and stipulations, particularly as we are a company that focuses on translation for immigration. Failure is not an option, not with all the specialists we have working for us, which is why you can trust us to do everything right. By providing a copy of police report, you show how trustworthy you are. It’s a requirement for those who immigrate, want to marry foreign citizen, or seek a job. Students might also require this document, so it’s one of major requirements.

Certification for Police Clearance Translation

All government translation services differ from standard ones because they are treated more seriously on an official level. Every document involved must be certified before it is accepted by an organization like USCIS. Certification is proof of validity and authenticity of information provided in this document. It could only be given by certified expert, person who passed important tests and received the right to produce certificate, do police report translation, etc. Our service hires such people, so we would gladly help you. Here are the stages they undergo before we decide whether we should hire them.

  • CV examination. To translate certificate, person has to have immense experience. We analyze and verify each document they provide us with, looking at their education and work history.
  • Language. Potential experts pass lengthy grammar, lexical, vocabulary, cultural tests. Only those who pass them by at least 98% make it to the second stage.
  • Translating test. For allowing someone to work with such an important document as a police clearance certificate for immigration, we must be entirely sure that they won’t let us down along with our clients. So, our service checks how well they adapt a certificate by assigning them one as a sample task.
  • Performance check. Note that our service hires only native speakers for specific languages combination. For instance, person with English as a target language must come from the US, Canada, England, or any other English-speaking country. Even after they passed all tests, we monitor their performance to make sure we made the right decision.
100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Our Rules of Quality and Privacy

Police records translation is a sensitive task, so you might be worried about potential info leakage. We’d like to assure you that with TheWordPoint, it won’t ever happen. Our service follows both local and international confidentiality rules, so data from each certificate we produce remains secret. We also enhance quality by assigning editors for most tasks. They help edit and proofread submitted files, making them even more perfect.

Contact Us Now and Share the Details about Your Project

We offer a wide range of services, from driver license translation to marriage certificate, birth document, police clearance report translation and more. Choose which package you are interested in most, communicate your wishes, and we’re going to find a perfect expert for you. Your satisfaction is our goal, so our service won’t fail your expectations.

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Do I have to certify police report translation?

Yes, it’s among the documents that have to be certified because such report has a big meaning and delicate nature. No mistakes or biases are allowed, which is why a professional with certification right is needed.

Can you translate a police clearance from Portuguese?

Sure, no problem! In relation to Portuguese, over service covers 50+ languages, so most likely, we’ll definitely be able to find an expert who possesses the knowledge of your required language combination and who’d take care of your order.

How much does it cost to translate a police report?

Our service provides average and stable rates for certified translation. It starts at $0.14 for one word, and it might change depending on a project size, complexity, as well as deadline. Since police reports tend to be short, you won’t pay much.

How long does it take to translate a report?

It depends on several factors, such as its length, format, and language pair. For average-sized projects, our linguists prefer to have between ten and fourteen days. If you want it done sooner, tell us and we’ll find a team of urgent translators.

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Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

My company is sending me to Saudi Arabia for work for 6 months. Part of my requirements are police clearances and birth certificates. I did not know that there was a translation service that specialized in translating personal identification documents like TheWordPoint. They needed minimal guidance because of their extensive experience. Great work!

Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

I am fighting for custody of my child from my German wife and bringing him with me to Los Angeles once all matters are settled. My legal team in Germany needed my police clearance records in Los Angele to prove that I am fit to raise my child, so I gave them a certified translated version with the help of TheWordPoint. Awesome job!

Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

I was pressed for time in my college applications in Italy as I did not know they needed police clearance as part of my application. Thankfully, TheWordPoint adhered to my urgent request to get my police clearance translated just in time for my deadline. Money well spent!

Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

I needed a bunch of personal documents translated to Japanese for my permanent immigration with my husband. This includes my marriage certificate and police clearances. I found out TheWordPoint has certification and extensive experience translating documents for immigration and I did not regret engaging them for this job. Thanks a lot!

Police Clearance Certificate Translation Services

Getting accepted for a job at a fashion house in Paris is a dream come true. They needed several of my personal records submitted and translated by a certified translating agency. Thanks to TheWordPoint, they were able to get the job as per my set deadline. It was such a pleasure working with you!

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