Certified Transcript Translation Services


What are the most important elements of excellent certified transcript translation?Certified Transcript Translation

Accuracy is job one! But what is the best way to achieve accuracy?

The goal is to provide the most accurate word-for-word rendering from one language to another possible; it is NOT to explain or editorialize the written material.

Why certified transcript translation services?

This service is currently in high demand because it is a key requirement for several global corporations. So, certification ensures that those in need of transcript translation services receive high-quality translation in many languages.

Corporations, government agencies and universities highly recommend our services.

To achieve our high quality, The Word Point doesn’t just send your transcript to one translator and consider the job done. We have a second translator review the first translator’s work to make sure the translation achieves word-for-word accuracy, free of any misinterpretation.

We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our work for any reason, we will work with you to make everything right.

Price and value are important. We understand that you want the best value possible for the service you receive. So we bundle the basic cost of your transcript translations with the cost of certification and notarization - all at one out-the-door price.

Order Certified Transcript Translation Services

The Word Point offers transcript translation services for these purposes:

  • Government agencies
  • Immigration requirements (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
  • Academic applications (including theses) – Are you pursuing an opportunity to study abroad? Did you already spend some time studying abroad? The Word Point can translate your important documentation into the language of the country you are heading to. If you are returning from a year or so of studying abroad, The Word Point can translate transcripts to English.
  • Other official needs (i.e. marriage or name change certificates)

High school transcript translation services

As teenagers accompany their parents in migrating to other countries, they may need to have any high school transcripts translated to ease assimilation. Additionally, students applying for colleges in other countries may also need their secondary school records translated.

How do you get started with The Word Point?

All you need to do is electronically submit a scanned copy or other image of the transcript or document needing translation. Then upload the documents to our website and pay online. The average translation requests are short documents of 2-3 pages and will generally be ready for you to download in 2-3 days. However, if you need longer transcripts translated, your average wait time will be five days or more.

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