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Certified transcript translation services for college, high school and university. Get your academic transcript translated by professional and certified language experts.

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Efficient Transcript Translation Services

An increased number of universities accept students from different countries. The problem is, there are many documents involved in this process, so you’re going to need certified transcript translation services at some point. They entail translation of your previous academic transcripts, including performance records and a diploma. But for everything to pass smoothly, you’ll have to find a professional service capable of ensuring certification, and TheWordPoint falls into this group. We’ve been working on the orders of our customers for many years, and with the help of this experience, we became one of the best companies within the market.

Why Transcript Translations Should Be Done by Professionals

The reason why you should choose only tried and tested academic document translation services lies in the fact that any mistakes in this sphere are usually extremely costly. They could prolong the process of document submission, with you being forced to redo as well as resubmit everything. In the end, you might not receive a chance of entering the foreign university on time, having to put all your plans on hold. For avoiding these risks, you should trust only certified experts with your USCIS translations.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Our service could undoubtedly help translate transcripts for you. We’ve gained an excellent business reputation through the years of our operations, and most importantly, we have the authority to certify documents. Our specialists don’t just know languages like English, Spanish, and 99+ other ones on a professional level — they are trained in various other aspects, such as cultural and legal ones. They follow the rules established by international agencies, making sure that everything you submit is accepted and you’re granted access to any country. We provide only human experts assistance, which helps us guarantee accuracy and high quality. We work quickly yet efficiently, and we are capable of meeting any requirements, no matter how unique or specific they are.

Reasons for Ordering Certified Transcripts Translation Services

Our service works with different sorts of immigration documents. If you're unsure in what cases you might require transcript assistance, take a look at these four categories. Our customers require them most often.

Government agencies

Since professional and business borders are getting looser, there are many operations people engage in internationally. Many of them are connected with government agencies. For instance, you might need transcripts for proving that you pay taxes in your country, proof that you have clean police records, court permission to do something, etc. Our service helps by providing accurate assistance with all these documents in any languages required.


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency always requires sets upon sets of documents. All of them must be certified by a reliable service, which is something our service is always up to. Just drop us a word and we’ll accept as well as guide you in a tedious immigration process.

Academic applications

Scholars along with students who plan on moving to other countries must submit a translated transcript of their records, from school or uni diplomas to audio or video transcripts of conferences, etc. They must prove their qualification and offer details about their study or work history before being accepted for a position, so our assistance will be essential.

Other official needs

Some other documents might also be required for either business or personal purposes. For example, if you changed your name due to marriage, it should be reflected officially. Foreign governments would want to know about it, meaning you’ll have to translate these transcripts.

Who Is a Part of Our Academic Transcript Translation Service

We make sure to hire only talented and experienced workers who would never let out clients down. We achieve it by devising strict tests that target our potential employees’ knowledge of foreign languages, their skills, as well as an understanding of cultures and international laws. There is also an aspect of certification. We provide certified translation online, and for that, we need certified experts. These people have passed relevant tests of authoritative government bodies and they are guaranteed to take care of all your documents, producing an accurate results.

Security and Provision of Quality Control

We accept responsibility for confidentiality of your data. We keep it safe, meaning we meet all legal privacy requirements. Our employees are officially bound by these rules, so they cannot break them. It means you should relax and forget about safety-related worries since we’ve got it covered. In addition, to ensure excellent translation of transcripts, we employ editors who double-check the submitted works. They correct mistakes along with other inaccuracies, bringing each order to perfection. For extra guarantees, you could always get yourself an enhanced quality check package — in this case, more editors are going to focus on your order.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Apply for Our Assistance and Discard Your Concerns

If you hope to successfully complete the stage connected with documents submission, TheWordPoint is the best choice you could make. We would gladly translate high school diploma, divorce certificates, provide translation of marriage certificate, etc. We cover about 100 languages, so we’d definitely be able to help you. Choose what package you are interested in, fill an order application form with all details, and send it to us. Our professional is going to start working on it very soon, helping you reach your goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you certify a transcript?

An expert who has succeeded in passing a test by one of internationally recognized agencies receives the right to certify documents, including transcripts. Our service employs such people, which is why we can certify your files. 

The Word Point, as a translation company, adheres to the rules of the certified translation industry which means making no changes to the source material into target translation such as evaluation of grades or currency conversions and other similar data interpretation and provides "word for word" literal translation. 

How do I translate a transcript?

Unless you want to do it for fun or as a practice, you cannot do it. It must be certified by an expert who holds the corresponding qualifications, and any possible bias will disqualify your documents. Our experts will handle this job with great pleasure.

How much does it cost to translate a transcript?

At TheWordPoint, cost starts at $0.14 per word. It’s an average price on the market, and since transcripts usually don’t take much space, the final amount will be relatively small.

How long does it take to translate a transcript?

It depends on its size and your deadline. If customers want to get it as soon as possible, we’ll be sure to find a team capable of doing urgent projects. Otherwise, we’d appreciate getting about two weeks for an average-sized project.

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Сertified Transcript Translations

Moving abroad is a dream come true for me. When I found I was moving to Poland permanently, I knew I had to get citizenship documents and that includes a transcript of my police clearance from my country. The translation process was painless because of TheWordPoint who provided excellent Polish translators for me!

Сertified Transcript Translations

I got accepted for my Masters degree at a University in Spain next year! I’m getting my documents ready and have my transcript of school records translated first. TheWordPoint is a reliable translation service I’ve always trusted to provide quality translations even on the most technical documents!

Сertified Transcript Translations

Transferring to a new school abroad is a tedious process for all students. When I found out I was entering university in Saudi Arabia, I wanted to process all my documents early including my transcript of records. TheWordPoint provided me with an Arabian translator to properly translate my transcript from English to Arabian. I couldn’t have asked for better translation services. TheWordPoint should be your go-to team!

Сertified Transcript Translations

Our family is migrating to Portugal in a few months and my two kids will be entering high school by the time we arrive. To make their enrolment process easy, I wanted to have their school transcript records translated to Portuguese before we leave. Glad I did because they did require a translated one for foreign students. Thanks for the job well done!

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