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People’s global interest in South Korea is growing rapidly, and there are several reasons for it. Not long ago, very few things were known about this country, but since its borders have been opened, it turned into a center of tourist as well as business attraction.

Professional Korean translation services are in demand as more people discover the opportunities available in this region. Some hope to move there; others come for extended tours and need help with translation of their documents. Businessmen close important contracts with Koreans while more romantic individuals are preparing to get married and need to submit a ton of paperwork. TheWordPoint has been there from the start, and we’re ready to handle these and other requests.

What Our Company Offers

As a professional Korean translation company that has coped with thousands of orders over these years, TheWordPoint keeps enhancing its range of services. We want to help as many people as possible, and that includes catering to needs that go beyond simple Korean translations. If you require professional Korean linguistic assistance, this is what we assist with:

  • Localization. Being able to speak languages fluently and doing it in a way that target populations welcome are two different things. It’s not enough to follow grammar and vocabulary rules, you must also follow the unvoiced rules and maintain the undertones Koreans prefer. If you have a project involving a high degree of creativity, you’re going to need localization, for example, localizing multimedia content, meaning its effective adaptation in accordance with the intricacies of Korean society. Localization removes this thread because it actively adapts your content. Tell our operators that you need it and our Korean translators will start working.
  • Korean Video and audio transcription. There are lots of video and audio creators, but unfortunately, not all of them provide subtitles that could foster clarity. If you’d like to know what the content is about or in case you hope to make it clear for your own future audience, ask for transcription service.
  • Voice-overs. The size of our teams allows offering even those options that aren’t available in the majority of companies. Do you want to make your video livelier by adding a voice to it? We’d be glad to provide it! Our experts in Korean are always ready to assist.
  • Proofreading. Even the best translators make unfortunate mistakes. They might overlook some things, and it’s a job of a proofreader to correct it. If you want to turn a text or another kind of content perfect, use some of our employees. Our service is a common choice of clients interested in polishing their projects.
  • Korean certified translation. In case you’re about to start legal operations in Korea, be those marriage proceedings, immigration, or business goals, you will require certified experts. We have them at your disposal — drop a word and we’ll assign an expert who received certification from relevant institutes like ATA. After their work, all you would still have to do is notarize everything. Then your documents would be prepared for submission.

Korean Language Translation Available For Every Industry

Due to our consistent growth, we keep expanding our area of operations. Various industries are constantly developing and we eagerly join them by recruiting more corresponding specialists. At this point, we have our reach almost everywhere, so whatever specialization is required, we will help.

  • Legal. Knowing laws is great, but understanding how to balance between them during translation is something only true experts could do. There are many kinds of legal regulations along with purposes that you might need assistance with. Perhaps you have to submit police clearing records to be allowed access to a country. Maybe you are sending reports about taxes, funding, salaries, bonuses for employees, etc. These processes all require quality translations.
  • Medical. TheWordPoint has a positive reputation as a leading medical translation agency. We assist by translating documents related to the purchase of equipment, electronic medical records, patient histories, recipes, treatments and translate pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.
  • Technical. This is one of the most complex kinds of work one could order. It’s not just about typical Korean translation to English — technical documents translation is considered tough for a good reason. Few people are capable of remaining accurate when there is such a stark difference between terms and concepts. We understand these nuances, so put your trust in us and watch it pay off.
  • Manufacturing. Production is everything, so our manufacturing translation services are provided by top specialists in this area. They could help with every area this sector represents, from food to automobiles, computers, textiles, and minerals. The only thing required is specific demands about projects.
  • Financial. For numerous firms, we are the most reliable financial translation company, and naturally, we are proud of such characteristics. Each Korean translator we cooperate with would not only ensure accurate work but also watch the formatting, maintaining it throughout the document. So send reports, applications, or other files without worrying — nothing will escape our notice.
  • Advertising. Marketing helps move our world forward, bringing all of us closer. Every product succeeds only when it receives proper advertising, and Korea is a great place with a big audience. Launch your project there and hire our service so that we could help convey your points across the market accurately.

Benefits To Count On with Our English to Korean Translation Service

We want you to be happy with your experience at our agency. That is why we’ve introduced lots of aspects that consistently work to your advantage. Here are some of them that our clients list as major reasons for their cooperation with our service.

  • Only human experts and top software. We treat the recruiting process very seriously. Only experienced professionals work for us, and their success level is constantly monitored. We do not practice machine translations, but we have top-notch software that acts as a technical assistant. For instance, if you are a returning customer with content where the same complex terms are present, our glossaries will remember the choices of our employees, allowing keeping everything synchronized.
  • Affordable costs. We keep prices for our assistance on an average level. For Korean–English, and English–Korean translation, translation cost per word starts at $0.12.
  • Quality customer service. If you are interested in Korean language services but are hesitant about how to place an order, you could always contact our support team. Operators are online 24/7, so get in contact whenever convenient.
  • Your own deadlines. Need quick assistance? No problem, establish for your deadline and we’re going to follow it. You have every right to dictate your terms.

Get Established in Korea with Our Help

After numerous customers we helped, we are certain that we could provide you just with the service you require. Share your project details, specify what type of assistance is needed, and send an order application via our website. You won’t regret it, and our Korean transcription services will happily help fulfill your goal.


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Korean Translation

I have availed of TheWordPoint’s services for quite a while now as I deal with many global clients, especially my Korean partners. If you want a team that provides you human native translations at a very affordable price, you don’t need to go anywhere else. They are my go-to team for anything translation-related!

Korean Translation

My husband and I decided to migrate to Korea a few months ago, and one of our challenges was getting our legal documents translated to the Korean language. We found TheWordPoint through searching on the web and found that they have a huge roster of native speakers to help us. It was such a breeze working with them!

Korean Translation

I needed someone to proofread the Korean text I would incorporate for my website. Despite my extensive knowledge of the language, having a native speaker check my work will make me rest easy. TheWordPoint did just that! It was so great working with you!

Korean Translation

TheWordPoint is the perfect choice for people looking for translation services. I sought their help for my Korean culture video episode on YouTube and they delivered the Korean subtitles on my video very well! You rock!

Korean Translation

As someone learning the Korean language, I found this wonderful podcast that would help me further in my learning. I needed someone who would transcribe the podcast for me for my learning progress, and TheWordPoint provided me with someone who wasn't only fluent but also provided a lot of context with the transcribed text. I am so grateful and I will recommend the team to my acquaintances in the future!

Korean Translation

My start-up business had a major deal with a Korean company and we were asked to send certain documentary requirements to them. I was so helpless trying to find a way to properly communicate these documents since no one in my team knew how to speak the language. A friend recommended me to TheWordPoint and I was helped by a team who knew the Korean language inside and out. The deal went smoothly because of your help. Thank you!

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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