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Denmark is a small country, yet its influence in the global market is significant. Denmark is known as the 1st country in Europe for ease of doing business and home for world-famous brands: Lego, Pandora, Carlsberg, Somersby Cider. Not surprisingly, the demand for professional Danish translation services is s is exceptionally high.

We provide services for individuals who are moving to Denmark for work or study. Also, it offers Danish translations for companies that do business with local enterprises and top-of-mind brands. 
Here is a full list of translation-related services available.

Experts with International Certifications

Our translators hold various international certificates, including DACTI, the certificate issued in Denmark.

Only Human Translation

Our translators know all the peculiarities of Danish translation. Absolute accuracy is guaranteed.

We offer you much more than just a translation Danish to English

Modern life is busy, and it dictates new rules of living and running a business. Today, clients are looking for services that go beyond word-by-word translation. We’ve extended the range of our services to help our customers with their needs and challenges.

Video or audio transcription

Visual/audio content proved to engage the target audience more effectively than texts. Businesses and educational institutions that are aware of this trend now create more videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations. We assists audio/visual content creators with Danish language translation working with all types of media files.

Website localization

All modern organizations, regardless of industry, have a corporate website in English or its native language. Many of them also have blogs. When companies decide entering the Nordic region, they face the necessity of content localization.

We help enterprises with this task. Top translators localize content making sites accessible for Danish speakers.

App localization

We also provide app localization services for SaaS and other companies. Certified translators adapt every element of mobile and web applications, making them suit the cultural and linguistic requirements of the Danish market.


Voice-overs is another in-demand English to Danish translation service. It’s used for improving the emotional experience of games, films, video ads.

Translators who work for us have not only expert knowledge but also nice voices. Clients may choose a voice-over artist who perfectly fits their brand.


Danes do not tolerate inaccuracy in writing. So before you submit an important financial/legal/ medical document, it’s necessary to double-check it for mistakes. You can use our proofreading services to ensure that interpreted text is 100% accurate.

Proper certification

Many legal, financial, medical institutions require certified translation services Danish.  TheWordPoint has a team of translators who are members of The Danish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters (DACTI). They have strong professional backgrounds and obtained the necessary certification.

Effective Danish Translation Services for Every Sector

We proud to have a team of highly qualified Danish translators who come from different expert areas. Whatever industry your enterprise operates in, you can be sure that we will match you with the expert in the field.


Denmark is one of the best European countries for doing business:

  • It’s perfectly located: it’s a connecting point between the European mainland and Nordic markets.
  • It offers the most flexible labor regulations in Europe. 
  • It’s the least corrupted nation.
  • Denmark is a stable country. There are no political/economic obstacles.

If you are ready to establish a regional headquarters in Copenhagen, choose us as a partnering Danish translation company. Our team will provide you with all the necessary support and help you quickly adapt to an unfamiliar market environment.

Legal Industry

The process of setting up a company in Denmark is different from any other. It’s quick, smooth, and can take place online. For starting a company, a foreign entrepreneur needs to pay less than €100 (excluding legal fees) and provide two drafts: memorandum and articles of association.

Danish Business Authority allows submitting drafts in Danish or English. If your mother tongue is other than these two languages, you should request Danish translations to ensure that your application will be accepted.

Our translators have vast experience in translating memorandums, formation certificates of incorporation, partnership agreements, business plans, employee handbooks. We provide services to established companies as well as those who are just starting out.

Technical sector

At the moment, Denmark welcomes investors from different countries who are interested in investing in the following sectors:

  • Tech: quantum technology, robotics, sound technology
  • Cleantech: wind power, bioenergy, energy storage & smart grid, green transportations 
  • Life technology: pharma manufacturing, biotech, clinical trials, MedTech, medical cannabis

Foreign investors tend to face one big challenge – they can’t find a company that provides Danish translating services that match their needs. There are not many professionals out there who have high linguistic skills while having expertise in innovative technologies.
Have you encountered the same problem? Here you can get the support you need. Our technical translators have a good understanding of terminology.

Digital technologies

Development and accessibility of digital tech solutions are Denmark’s top priority. So whether your business relates to software development, online tools, wireless & mobile technologies, data centers, you have a high chance to succeed in this market.
Are you ready to take the first step and present your product to local customers? Our expert team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us and discuss software localization services and related tasks.

Financial services sector

Every company registered in Denmark needs to submit financial and tax reports to banks, the Danish Tax Agency, insurance agencies, other institutions. That’s the case where Danish document translation service plays a vital role. 
Our translators with financial backgrounds are experts in this field. They help every organization, from multinational corporations to small tech startups, make their documents available for local use.

Advertising/marketing sector

Most foreign brands that use humor in advertising fail to engage Danish customers. Often it happens because they don’t understand the peculiarities of Danish humor, which is dry, dark, weird.
If you exploit the irony in your ad copy, delegate the message interpretation to a professional translator from English to Danish, a native speaker. We promise that if you choose an expert from our team, your marketing campaign will be a success.

Medical translating services

Our agency provides certified medical translation services for people who travel to Denmark for medical purposes. Our translators work with such documents as case histories, medical reports, complaint forms, informed consents. Also, we accept urgent orders in medical emergency cases.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

Your personal data is encrypted and stored safely. No one but you can access it.

Work with Any Format

Every document, regardless of its format, will be accurately translated.

Hire Danish Translator You Can Trust

Do you still doubt whether you should choose us? Here are six TheWordPoint’s advantages.

  • Human experts. AI-enabled solutions can’t replace human experts because machines are unable to capture the nuance of a specific language and understand its cultural influence. We offer you all-human Danish language services that can’t be compared with machine-powered services in terms of quality.
  • Accuracy. We understand that even minor mistakes in the text may cause serious problems for our clients. For this reason, we take accuracy as our first priority. If you need immigration translation services or other specific help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
  • Top quality customer service. If you have any questions regarding placing or updating your order, phone us or reach us online. Our customer support agents work 24/7, they are always happy to assist you. 
  • Affordable pricing. Despite that we provide the best-quality certificate Danish translation services, we keep our prices affordable for everyone. Whether you are a startup founder or an international student, our services will not break your budget.
  • Glossary memory solutions. We leverage new technologies for speeding up the translating process and helping our experts complete orders faster and more accurately. 
  • Quick delivery. In contrast with other agencies, TheWordPoint accepts even the most urgent orders. Since we have a big team, we can assign a few specialists to work on one document to boost the process.

Get quality linguistic services on time and budget

TheWordPoint presents a wide range of Danish language translation services. Whether you need to localize your website, translate bank statements (or even a love letter), you can rely on us. We’ll match you with top translators and get your order delivered on time.
Note that we guarantee 100% confidentiality. Your document will be read by translators only. It won’t be shared with third parties.
Still have a question? Check the FAQ section below, or contact our customer support center.

Types of translation services we provide

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What is the cost of translation into Danish?

The cost of Danish translations is calculated on a per word, not per page basis. The more words are there in your document, the higher price you will pay. The cost of your order will also depend on its urgency and complexity.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

Our translators can deliver any format upon your request. The most common formats are .docx, pdf, .xlsx, .html, .mp4, .mp3., wav.

How fast can you translate my document into Danish?

Depending on the difficulty of translating tasks, one expert translates 2,000-8,000 thousand words a day. If you have a lengthy document and need to translate it as soon as possible, you can request urgent delivery. We will assign your order to two or more translators.

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Can’t find an answer to your questions? Feel free to check our complete FAQ page, or contact us at [email protected]


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Danish Translation

Opening a regional headquarter in Denmark was a big step for our startup. It was important for us to find a reliable Danish translation company to translate a bunch of business documents. Luckily, we’ve met a qualified translator from English to Danish at TheWordPoint. Communication was a breeze, and translated documents were delivered on time.

Danish Translation

Our company offers clinical trial solutions for pharmaceutical companies in Europe and North America. A few months ago, we landed a big project – the client was from Denmark. It took us more than two weeks to find a translator from English to Danish who has industry-relevant experience. TheWordPoint was a saving grace for us! Their certified translators are the best.

Danish Translation

To apply to University in Denmark, I was required to translate my Polish diplomas. I did some online research and discovered that TheWordPoint offers one of the lowest rates for the Danish translation. I’ve chosen this agency and never regret it – all documents were translated accurately, and I got into University.

Danish Translation

When I decided to move to Denmark, I faced the necessity to use the services of a translator from English to Danish. Professionals from TheWordPoint helped me to translate all immigration documents accurately and effectively. I contacted customer support twice, and they resolved my issues quickly.

Danish Translation

We are a marketing company from Italy, and we have clients from all over Europe. One of our clients asked us to create a social media marketing campaign for Denmark. We don’t have Danish native speakers in our team, so we reached out to professionals from TheWordPoint and ordered Danish translation. As of today, this marketing campaign works effectively.

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