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Nowadays there are thousands of services that propose help with translation and interpretation, including document translation services. They claim to be of the best quality and with real experts in the translations world. Yet, are you sure that the specialists you are about to hire, hold the necessary degree and are certified? Of course, they can make your documents accurate and correct, but would they be accepted by the governmental and non-governmental institutions and be counted as legitimate? It's crucial to choose the best-certified translation services for this assignment, but not so easy and here's why.

We represent a company that can guarantee the translation accuracy. In case you don't have any specific requirements regarding the translation organization, we are ready to provide the Translation Accuracy Certificate from our company. This certificate will be sent to you as a separate document once your translation is completed. You can use this certificate in order to prove that the translation is correct and accurate. Just email us and we will send you a sample of the certificate, so you can check it before placing an order.

Translator Certification

Each year at least 500,000 people graduate from different colleges around the world with a diploma in translation. Half of them get positions in related spheres, and only 25% get the necessary certification to be able to work as professional translators in and outside of the US. In this case, experience doesn’t play the main role. Without the combination of writing skills, background in translations and required certification no translation resource with an expert approach would hire such specialist, especially for the online certified translation services. Our experts go through the long process of certification before they are being given any of the projects. Here are types of certificates that we accept:

  1. ATA: American Translators Association. This is a voluntary membership organization for translators and interpreters who have jobs in the United States. It has a stellar representation, and membership entails proof of academic credentials and translation experience. 
  2. BDÜ: Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators: This is the largest German organization that establishes European and international standards in a number of manufacturing and industrial sectors since 1995. When our translators provide official translation services for businesses and industries moving into European nations, they ensure that documentation is in compliance with this standard when performing a translation.
  3. NAJIT: The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators: This organization guarantees qualified approach with any kind of online certified translation, such as temporary residency status, work permits for foreign national, requests for asylum and visas, judicial and legal documents, etc. Our translators cooperate closely with different institutions and support the partnership with this organization when dealing with certified online document translation that must be provided to the governmental or non-governmental bodies around the world.
  4. APTS: Arab Professional Translators Society Bylaws: This organization takes seriously the role of related Bachelor degree, four years of experience and a must of Professional Code of Ethics knowledge. 
  5. ITIA: Irish Translators and Interpreters Association: This is not a general accreditation but is specifically for translators specializing in the translation of legal and state documentation. One must have at least 5 years of experience in written translation. The organization sets the standards for the translators in Ireland, and all of our specialists, who deal with non/legal documents around Ireland are members of this Association.

Although in most countries there is no necessity for a translator`s certification or proven experience for legal translation services, we place high attention on it for the most competent results for every project completion. We are proud to comment upon our partnership with a lot of governmental bodies throughout the world and their positive feedback on the translation that we do. Our customers can be assured that all the online certified translation services that we perform meet the established standards of most worldwide organizations and are legitimate.

Types of Documents

Seek for a certified translation of diploma, high school certificate? Medical reports, employee manuals or marriage certificate, or any kind of personal documents - order it from our service.

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