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Being one of the top 20 most widely spoken languages of the world, Farsi is in high demand when it comes to both business and personal communication needs. So are Farsi translation services provided by companies that help people translate any type of content from and to Farsi. Whether it’s for doing business internationally, moving to Iran, selling products, or offering services to people from Farsi-speaking areas, professional translation help is a must.

Our company offers professional translators who are trained to handle any type of document you need to be translated from any domain and for a number of different purposes.

Experts with International Certifications

We hire trained and experienced translation experts only.

Only Human Translation

100% of our translations are done by humans, thus being more accurate and natural than machine ones.

Reliable Farsi Translation Service: What We Offer

Farsi, also known as Persian, is spoken primarily in Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Due to the high demand for translation to and from this language, dozens of translation companies offer such services. The question you're probably asking is- why choose TheWordPoint?

Our Farsi language translation offer is so much more than translating documents from one language to the other. We offer several different specific services that people need to achieve their specific needs. Here's a list of professional translation services at our company.


Localization services are highly requested in business. People who are expanding their business to international markets need more than just translation. They need adaptation of the text to a specific culture while respecting their points of view and upbringing and staying politically correct.  We do Farsi to English localization, as well as with many other languages.

Video/audio Transcription

Transcription of video and audio materials is needed in industries such as marketing, education, entertainment, and content creation. We’ll connect you with a Farsi language translator who’s an expert in this field.


From advertising and marketing to podcasts and cartoons, voice-overs are a powerful tool of today. We offer them regardless of the purpose.

Certified Farsi Translators

One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to translation is finding certified translation services. Our Farsi translation services are aligned with internationally recognized certificates and can be presented in courts, official government documents, immigration papers, and more.


Finally, customers hire us to do thorough proofreading of any documents and make sure the quality is of the highest level.

Considering the wide range of services we have in the domain of Persian translation, we are confident that we are one of the most professional, reliable, and all-encompassing translation services you can hire.

Top Industries That We Cover

To make sure we professionally translate texts from different industries, we hire industry experts to do the job. That means that we have language specialists specifically trained and experienced in various industries, available to translate from Farsi to English and other languages.

Below, you'll find a list of the most popular industries we cover and the types of translations we do within them.

  • Legal: Contracts, certificates, court documents, legal correspondence, and regulatory compliance documents are in high demand at our service when it comes to professional English to Persian translation.
  • Medical: We receive daily orders to translate medical records, reports, patients' medical histories, pharmaceutical documents, clinical trial documents, and more.
  • Technical: In the technical domain, we regularly translate user manuals, guides, technical proposals, specifications, software interfaces, and more.
  • Business: Customers contact us to provide a Farsi to English translator for business localization services and translating business correspondence, business plans, contracts, agreements, and HR documents.
  • Financial: Another industry in which we confidently translate English to Persian and vice versa is finance. We do anything from financial statements and reports to banking documents and compliance.
  • Advertising/marketing: Advertising and marketing are another dominant industry we do. We help businesses and individuals break into international markets by translating their ads, collateral, social media content, email campaigns, and more.
  • eLearning: We actively translate English to Farsi in the eLearning industry. Customers often order translations of course materials, modules, assessments, quizzes, training materials, and other similar content.
  • Multimedia: Finally, we help our customers deal with multimedia localization, which is essential for reaching international audiences.

These are just some of the industries we confidently translate into. We also translate to Persian in dozens of other industries, so feel free to contact us regardless of which one you’re coming from.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

We secure your privacy and protect your data and personal information.

Work with Any Format

No need to worry about the format of your translation, we can cover any given one.

Main Benefits of Using Our Services

Apart from being highly diverse in the type of services we offer and the industries we operate in, using our services comes with several additional services. Whether your request is as simple as translating high school diploma or you need complex financial documents translation, we’ll always provide the same level of attention and quality.

Here’s what makes us the best choice when you need an English to Farsi translator.

  • Human Experts: We don’t use machine translation since we find it to be sloppy and unethical. Only human experts deal with your orders.
  • Accuracy: We translate all your documents with the highest accuracy and attention to detail. Whether it’s legal documents, medical records, or social media posts, we’ll make sure every word is accounted for.
  • Affordable Prices: We made sure that the price of services is affordable so that anyone can hire our experts to translate Farsi to English.
  • Glossary Memory Tools: The more we translate, the smarter and more professional we get. Our glossary memory tools are constantly updating and building a base of terminology to use in future translations.
  • Quick Delivery: When there’s a tight deadline that you need to meet, we have our linguists team up and work on your order simultaneously. This is why we can always provide quick delivery.
  • Top Quality Customer Service: You can reach us 24/7, and our customer service will solve your problem, answer your question, and help you with your dilemmas in no time.

TheWordPoint: Best English to Farsi Translation Services

Our main goal at TheWordPoint is to make professional translations accessible and affordable to anyone who needs them. We pay special attention to finding the best experts for your specific needs and pairing you with a script translator who’s experienced in your field.

Choosing to order translation from us means choosing a reliable team of people who will work round the clock to deliver your translation timely and seamlessly.


What is the cost of translation to Farsi?

The cost of our services depends on your specific request. The factors that dictate the prices are urgency, number of pages, type of translation, complexity, and others. Luckily, you can ask for a quote before placing an order to find out the exact price for your case.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

We can deliver any format that you need. Just specify it while placing the order, and we’ll cover the rest.

How fast can you translate my document into Farsi?

This depends on the complexity and number of words in your order. Still, we work with highly urgent tasks thanks to our teams of language experts so that we can meet virtually any deadline.

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My company hires TheWordPoint for Farsi translation and localization regularly. They handle our social media, website, and email content making our international advertising highly successful. Plus, their turnaround time is simply amazing.

I highly recommend this service for any kind of student or academic Farsi translation. Their prices are great for the student's budget, especially if you place your order on time. I've used it several times and will continue to do so.

I hired the company to do a Farsi script for my college project, and they did a great job. I was amazed by how they managed to translate the artistic tone and style of the script, making it the same as the original.

I’ve used this company several times for the Farsi translation of my documents and immigration papers. I’ve used their certified services and can honestly say they do a great job. I love their customer service as well, being extremely helpful and alert.

Love the professionalism and simplicity of placing a Farsi translation order at TheWordPoint. They've translated my legal documents several times and made the whole process stress-free.

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