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Professional Punjabi Translation Services: TheWordPoint Overview

Punjabi is the 10th most spoken language in the world, with 100 million speakers. If you personally, your business, brand, or loved ones have anything to do with the Punjab region of South Asia, where it’s spoken as official, chances are you’ll need to find professional Punjabi translation services.

Translating important documents, communicating with people who speak Punjabi, or expanding your business activity to India, Pakistan, or other countries where Punjabi communities are strong are just some of the reasons to hire professional translators. This overview will tell you everything you should know about TheWordPoint and what kind of high-quality translation services you can find there.

Experts with International Certifications

All our employees are trained experts with years of experience.

Only Human Translation

We only hire human translators to translate English to Punjabi. We never use machine translations.

What’s Included in Our Professional Punjabi Translation Service?

Choosing the right professional service to hire to do your Punjabi translation is a responsible task. With dozens of companies offering to do the job, make sure you’re choosing a reliable and highly professional one to handle it. Why? Because you can’t risk ending up with poorly done translations full of errors and linguistic flaws.

At TheWordPoint, we offer so much more than just English Punjabi translation. The wide selection of services we have gives you a chance to find translators specifically trained for any type of translation. Here’s what we cover.


We offer localization services to businesses that know the importance of cultural adaptation of their business content. Our localization specialists will do the translation and apply all the necessary content changes to make it fit for the new target audience.

Video/Audio Transcription

Usually requested for social media and marketing purposes, video and audio transcription is also a regular part of our offer. We’ll assign you a Punjabi language translator specialized in this type of translation.


If you require any type of voice-over for your artistic, business, or advertising needs, we have trained linguists ready to step in.

Certified Translation

Presenting legal documents, immigration papers, student exchange papers, and other similar documents to official institutions requires a certified translation. At our service, you can receive certified Punjabi language translation, certified by internationally recognized certificates.


In case you already have a Punjabi text written and just require proofreading, send it to us so that we make sure it’s completely error-free and ready to be published, submitted, or otherwise finalized.

Punjabi Translation Service For Every Industry

You may be surprised to hear that our translation service can seamlessly and professionally translate documents of any kind for virtually any industry. How? Simply, we hire industry experts who’ve either worked in a specific industry or specialized in translating for it.

Here’s a list of the industries in which people most commonly hire us to translate Punjabi to English. If your industry is not on the list, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

  • Legal: From court documents to legal contracts, we handle the legal industry with ease.
  • Medical: Whether you want to translate vaccination record or patient documents, we're ready to take your order.
  • Technical: Technical documentation is another type of content we regularly translate to Punjabi. From user manuals and product specifications to engineering documents- we’ll be happy to do it.
  • Business: Business translation Punjabi to English is highly requested for business expansion, market research, or making business deals.
  • Financial: We deal with finance translation as well, covering banking documents, financial statements, reports, and more.
  • Advertising/Marketing: We help businesses and brands break into Punjabi-speaking markets through accurate and compelling marketing translation.
  • eLearning: We translate learning materials, course materials, documents, handbooks, students’ books, and more.
  • Multimedia: Finally, we offer Persian translation of multimedia of any type - from images and videos to presentations and animation.
We Guarantee Confidentiality

Your private information, as well as the content of the texts we translate, are 100% safe with us.

Work with Any Format

We work with and translate any format you request.

Top Benefits of Hiring Our Service

When looking for a Punjabi document translation service, you should know what are the specific benefits each company offers. We love to think that we've managed to cover it all so that our customers have no worries, stress, or potential issues throughout the entire process of doing business with us.

Here's what makes our English to Punjabi translation services the best choice.

  • Human Experts: We believe in human translations only. Even with all technological advancements, AI, and NLP, no machine can translate as accurately as a human. This is why there is 0 machine translation in our company.
  • Accuracy: We’ll translate and transfer every piece of information from the source to the target text. Whether it’s Punjabi to English or vice versa, we’ll make sure the text is accurate to perfection.
  • Glossary Memory Tools: We used advanced glossary memory tools to improve and build our language database. This makes our translations consistent and helps us be one bit better with every new assignment.
  • Quick Delivery: Professional Punjabi translator is at your disposal whenever you require one. And, if the deadline is super tight, we’ll have several of them team up to deliver your urgent order quickly. This means you can rely on us, no matter the urgency of your project.
  • Top Quality Customer Service: We offer customer service help 24/7/365! We’re ready to answer all your questions, help you find a language expert, or choose the type of documents translation you seek.
  • Affordable Prices: We know that you have a budget to stick to when hiring professionals for Punjabi translation to English. Our prices are reasonable and affordable compared to other top-quality services on the market. If you’re not sure how much your translation would cost, just ask for a quote and learn about the price before placing the order.

Need English to Punjabi Translator? Look no Further

As you can see, TheWordPoint is a highly reliable localization service with an impeccable track record in translating the most diverse types of documents for a wide variety of industries. We have experts on standby, waiting to start working on your project the moment you need it. Plus, our customer service is at your disposal whenever you need it. We are the ultimate resource when you need to translate Punjabi quickly, professionally, and affordably. So, look no further and find your reliable language company today.


What is the cost of translation to Punjabi?

It depends. The complexity, length, and urgency of the project dictate the price. The type of translation is also an important factor. Luckily, we can give you a price quote on your potential order to make sure you’re happy with the offer.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

Any format you ask for, we can cover and deliver.

How fast can you translate my document into Punjabi?

We can do your translation English to Punjabi in the shortest deadlines imaginable. This is thanks to our tactics of splitting your text up between different language specialists who work on it simultaneously. They use our glossary memory tools to make sure they’re all translating consistently.

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I run a YouTube channel for Punjabi-speaking audiences but translate it into English as well. I hire this service for all my Punjabi translation needs and have been doing so for almost a year. I highly recommend them for their professional approach to artistic and creative translation and top-notch localization of online content.

I needed an urgent academic Punjabi translation for my dissertation, and this service responded quickly and professionally. The order was delivered one day before the agreed deadline, and it was done impeccably. I loved the communication as well and would definitely hire them for similar future needs.

For business translation needs, I regularly hire TheWordPoint to handle Punjabi translation of our business documents, marketing content, website content, and more. Things always run smoothly thanks to their dedication to customers and expert translators.

I looked for reliable Romanian translations online and was lucky to choose The Word Point. They provided nothing but professional and quick service and managed to deliver an accurate translation

I requested a Punjabi translation of my medical documentation, and this service did a great job. They provided all the requested materials on time and even kept the original format of the document. I’d hire them again for any type of translation.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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