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In the modern world, China is gaining strength day after day. Businesses try to translate their materials for foreign market with the help of professional Chinese translation services. This way, they win a large segment of foreign customers, because Chinese economy is booming. Also, people need translation to Chinese when they work in legal or medical spheres, or need their technical texts in other languages. If your professional activity connects with China, be sure to use our reliable service.

Why We Are The Best

Our Chinese translation company is the best choice due to several factors. Our localization services allow us to adjust any materials for the target audience. Chinese have culture that differs, that’s why knowledge of customs, laws, superstitions, or beliefs is very important. In localization, experts adjust your text so it looks like it was written by a native speaker. Moreover, our services are certified and can process important documents like birth or marriage certificate, or any other official or legal document. This is useful if you travel, do business, or immigrate.

Our experts are humans, not machines so you can be sure that an experienced specialist works on your text. Plus, our company deals with different dialects, which allows you to reach any part of the country. China has a large territory where people prefer their exact way of speaking, that’s why dialects are important. Our experts know Mandarin Chinese and translate to and from it, which gives you a possibility to find business contacts or travel with ease.

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Mandarin Translation Services for Any Industry

Every industry benefits from English to Mandarin translation. This country is well-developed, it operates in several spheres, so industries go to China for higher profits as well as knowledge sharing. We can provide assistance in any sphere of human activity. Our experts provide accurate service for industry experts in technical sphere, business, medical, or legal professionals. Any industry will be successful with accurate documentation, manuals, supplementary materials, or technical texts.

Fast and Accurate Chinese Medical Documentation

Experts in medical field carefully handle your documents to provide accurate results. We have certified medical Chinese translator who carefully proofreads, certifies any document. If you have materials, hire medical translator online to have the best results. Our team deals with patient reports like test outcomes, observation reports, or filled questionnaires for your use. Also, we deal with clinical protocols, both non-research or research ones, which you may need for your activity. Packaging as well as labeling are also safe with us, so drugs, equipment, devices will have appropriate labels. Also, you can order training materials in Chinese. By translating English to Mandarin Chinese, you will give people in another country access your priceless knowledge. Scientific articles, research studies or medical journals are challenging. Still, we can deliver them for you with accurate terminology in any languages. Also, our service deals with regulations, SOP procedures, and company website and provide all-round localization for Chinese speakers.

Certified Legal Papers for Chinese Operation

We understand that court transcriptions and other legal papers are hard to translate without knowing the specific rules of target languages. The same goes for consent forms, case reports, or other regulatory and financial papers. Terminology in Chinese differs from English, so certified native speaking specialists will help you. We work with contracts, lawsuits, different agreements. Also, we work with such documents as personal ID, criminal background checks, and many certificates that a person may need when they go abroad. For students, we may translate high school, college transcript, university admissions paperwork, and other helpful documents. Your divorce, birth, marriage, or death certificates will be handled with care and done by our experts in the legal field. We provide Chinese to English translation service for apostille, VISA application, and many immigration documents that need USCIS approval.

Services for Chinese Business Industry

Business sphere is growing incredibly fast. Globalization makes businesses spread their activities abroad. China is a fast-growing country that is open for doing business worldwide; so, companies around the world include China in their market shortlists. That’s why many people turn to our business translation agency which performs fast, reliable, and affordable services. Our experienced professionals translate accounting or audit documents, as well as different kinds of reports like quarterly, annual reports, employee agreements, contracts. Plus, we deal with Articles of incorporation, Non-disclosure agreements, Employee handbook, etc. These documents can help you do business and connect with foreign partners in China.

Help with Chinese Technical Documents

Many technology companies strive to win the world market, including China. This country’s economic boom makes the Chinese technology market very broad. Still, to enter this market, you need technical translation service Chinese-English and vice versa. We provide service for software user directions, smartphone user manuals, instructions for complicated machinery, etc. Also, transport documents are useful for bureaucracy which you face on customs. We deal with waybills, bills of lading, dock receipts, packaging lists, shipping orders, which guarantees your comfortable operations.

Benefits of Our Mandarin Language Translations

Our company differs from others by many advantages we offer concerning price, quality, speed of delivery, and many others. Here are some of them:

  • Human experts. All our Chinese translator services are provideed by humans who can handle documents of any difficulty. Machines are imperfect, that’s why we hire professionals who do certified translation in many spheres of human activity.
  • Accuracy. We will always proofread and check the quality of all our documents because delivering error-free service is our goal. Accuracy of our service makes customers prefer us over our competitors.
  • Glossary memory tools. These tools help us to work quickly and efficiently. We use glossary and check the most popular phrases. Our tools take accurate vocabulary units from the database which makes our service up-to-date and fast.
  • Quick delivery. Usually, our specialists perform 2 to 8 thousand words per day. We can be even faster if you need quick translation services until a certain date and time. A team of experts will work together and meet your deadlines.
  • Affordable prices. Our prices are below average ones in the market. Some companies may charge higher for the same quality that we provide. So, we save your money by offering a unique mix of quality and price.

Confidential and Secure Services

We always make sure that our customers’ data is safe with TheWordPoint. Our Privacy Policy states that we never distribute your data to a third party, which means your documents, contracts, or personal information is secure. We use such data as email and phone number for communicating with you about the order, but never send this information anywhere else.

Choose Our English to Chinese Translation Service

Our reliable, accurate agency works with any documents or industries. If you want medical, legal, technical, or business documents in Chinese, you've come to the right place. We provide services by certified specialists who can work with Mandarin Chinese as well as many Chinese dialects. We also have localization service online which adjusts your text to target audience, their beliefs and culture. Our quick, high-quality service is secure and reliable. Order now and get fast, affordable, accurate Chinese translation for any industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any differences between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

Traditional Chinese characters look more complicated than Simplified Chinese. Also, Simplified version is officially used in all Chinese-speaking countries, which are Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, along with Chinese living in Malaysia.

  • How fast do you translate a text to Chinese?

Our specialists process 2 to 8 thousand words a day, but the service could be even faster if several experts work on the order together. This way, we perform service of any speed.

  • Which file formats do you work with?

We work with almost all existing formats and provide output in any form you want. We can make it a Microsoft Office document, PDF, HTML, Open Office, plain text, etc.

  • What is the cost of translation to Chinese?

We have affordable prices for our service. You pay for the exact number of words in the text which is more convenient as well as saves your money. We don’t charge for pages.

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