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In the current economic environment, technology companies are experiencing intense global competition. Technology unavoidably plays a major part in most people’s lives, with companies creating ever newer innovations for providing more sophisticated ways to provide entertainment, communication, defense, transportation and so many other consumer and nationally required goods. The pace of transformation in technology appears to be breathtaking.

With so much trade going on in technology products, it is certain that many manufacturers will need technology translation services.

According to the 41studio website, ten of the fifteen countries with the highest technology in the world are the following. This list also provides some examples of the export technology products they produce.

  • Japan – Etchers used to make LCD panels; iPhone components; Boeing aircraft parts
  • South Korea – Machinery (including computers); optical, technical and medical apparatus
  • Germany – Aerospace; pharmaceuticals; scientific instruments; electrical machinery
  • China – Computers and related equipment; other electronic components
  • India – India ranks third in terms of artificial intelligence research (after China and the United States).
  • England – Machine tools; electric power equipment; automation equipment
  • Canada – Cars; vehicle and aircraft parts
  • Sweden – Delivery trucks; combustion engines; electrical transformers
  • Australia – Chemical analysis instruments; therapeutic appliances; orthopaedic appliances
  • Finland – Hydrometers; thermostats; medical instruments

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Technology Translation Services


These countries’ technological products are just a small sampling of the international trade going on in the technology business. So, it is clear that there is a huge need for technology translation services. This need comes first from the fact that all this trade, with imports and exports of technology products crisscrossing the planet, requires successful navigation of various countries’ customs processes.

  • Transport documents

The bureaucratic processes involved in getting technology products, as well as any other products, coming from one country to another accepted in the receiving country include many documents.

Those documents include:

  • Shipping orders
  • Dock receipts
  • Waybills
  • Shipping guarantees
  • Bills of lading
  • Packing lists

All of these documents must properly identify, enumerate, and describe the technological products to be officially accepted by the receiving country. To accomplish this, all transport documents must be accurately translated from one language to another.

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Technology translations

With the fact in mind that the countries listed above are exporting their technology products to other countries, it goes without saying that an exporting country must be able to provide information to customers in the receiving countries regarding the use of the product. This information must be easily understandable in the customers’ native tongue to have satisfied, and not frustrated, customers. As a result, technology translations are essential.

Some of this informational material may include:

  • Smartphone user manuals
  • User directions for software
  • Operational and maintenance instructions for complicated machinery

However, translating this type of information for product use presents some challenges. Instructional manuals often include a lot of terminology specific to the product. In fact, if a product is brand new on the market, there may be many terms that are not easily translatable from one language to another.

Someone who translates technical manuals from the native language of a product manufacturer to the language of the target customer must have a very sophisticated understanding of the concepts involved in technological products. Such a translator must have a working knowledge of relevant terminology in the target language and be able to effectively translate instructions into the target language.

Here are some important factors to make sure that technology translations are understandable and effective for the users,

  • Simplicity is key

With the complexity of providing technology translations in mind, translators must keep these translations as simple and straightforward as possible. So, they should resist the urge to use humor or culturally-specific references to create a lighter tone. Humor does not always translate well between languages, so it may not come off as intended in the target language.

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  • Provide a glossary

Technology translations will be more helpful to the customer if a translator takes some essential concepts and words in the instructional text and translates them as accurately as possible into the target language. Then the translator can create a well-organized list of these terms, placing it in an easily located section of the instructions.

  • Manufacturers should keep length in mind in the original text

It may be difficult to keep technology instructions brief when describing a very complex product. However, translators tend to charge either by the word or page. So, the original instructional text should be as brief and to-the-point as possible to manage translation costs. One consideration to remember is that if a user’s guide is going to be translated from English to one of the “Romance Languages” such as Italian, French or Spanish, the text generally grows in translation.

  • Save older translations

A company that produces several similar technology products and has had instructions with similar terminology translated into the same target language in the past should keep those earlier technology translations in the company archives to ease future translation needs.

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Accurate technology translation services

So, if you are entering the technology market and expect to export your product to countries where your native language is not spoken, you will need technology translation services to complete customs paperwork properly. You will also need technology translations to help your product instructions to be understandable to your customers. The Word Point can help you with both needs with its expert technology translation services.