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It may not seem obvious, but Greek translation played a crucial role in shaping the modern world the way it is. Any exaggerations aside, it really did so because originally, the New Testament of the Bible, which is the source of the Christian religion, was written in Koine Greek. Later it was translated into Latin and then into other European languages, which gave a strong impetus for the development of their writing systems and the rise of the Medieval culture. Nowadays, professional Greek translators work in a much broader context. Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus which are popular tourist destinations and global exporters. So translations are necessary in a variety of fields, from entertainment and culture to commerce, law, and the financial sector.

Translators with International Certifications.

Expertise and translation skills matter for us above all, so our professionals hold certificates from reputable global organizations.

Only Human Translation

We only work with human specialists to provide top quality. No AI can do it better than we do!

Types of Greek Translation Service We Offer

The translation is a rather obvious thing, and most people think of it only in the context of written text. However, the range of services provided in this field is quite versatile and may require not only the mastery of at least two languages but also cultural context and, when it comes to specific industries, domain knowledge. Of course, the most basic and common type of Greek translations is informational text because this is the most widespread way of transmitting and sharing knowledge. However, language services may also be creative when it comes, for example, to script translation of a movie where it is required to use some culturally sensitive expressions to convey the meaning of the original version. Also, professional Greek translation services may include product localizationю In this case, the specialist would make up the way to make a product attractive in a specific linguistic and cultural environment. Dubbing is another interesting service we offer in this regard, as first, the script needs to be translated and then recorded by professional speakers.
This, however, is not even half of what we can do. Our language experts are also good at proofreading and editing texts. When it comes to transcription service, our Greek translator with strong listening skills would listen to the recording and then write it down in the required format. When it comes to official documents or scientific papers, a certified translation is an option too. In short, there is nothing impossible for our team as we have specialists in Greek who can cover any kind of language service with top quality.

Get Certified Greek Translation in Any Industry You Need

Specific fields such as engineering, law, and healthcare require translators to have in-depth domain knowledge and huge experience apart from language skills. It is the only way in which quality and accuracy can be guaranteed with 100% confidence. The logic here is simple if one needs Bulgarian translation services in a technical industry, one requirs a person who both knows Bulgarian and the required technical field. Our team has the best Greek language specialists for any kind of specific industry, so let’s make a short overview of each:

  • Business: Greece is one of the world’s biggest exporters of olive oil and many other products, so it is no surprise that many contracts, business plans, letters, NDA, business memos, and documents for logistics require Greek to English translation services to facilitate the processes. Language experts in this field know exactly how to help one’s enterprise thrive and develop globally.
  • Medical: Hopefully, COVID has gone, but there is a lot of work in this sector, including medical research, patient healthcare records, etc.
  • Technical: This type of translation is used when dealing with technical specifications documents, user manuals for devices and equipment, engineering projects, industry-related literature, and other technical texts.
  • eLearning: Online education sector is booming as ever before, so the number of learning materials that should be translated into the Greek language is growing every day. These include videos, slides, e-books, tests, quizzes, and many more.
  • Legal: This sphere can relate to law in its narrow sense, including lawsuits, literature on the matter, explanatory documents on legal aspects, etc., and also it can facilitate other industries such as finance or business, helping to translate contracts, service agreements, and so on.
  • Financial: Cyprus, in recent years, has been growing as a fintech hub. Many neo-banking projects are opened there to operate in domestic and European markets. This requires a lot of documents and financial reports in Greek translate into other languages. This field demands extra precision, and our specialists can handle that.
  • Advertising and marketing: For those who want to extend their commercial projects, our company offers a creative team of specialists who will help to translate advertising content to make it catchy for foreign audiences.
  • Localization: Fitting a product into a foreign market or translating software and mobile apps is one more thing we offer among Greek translation services for various projects. This includes a wide range of work with content, from localizing a video game to designing new product names. Sometimes it requires a lot of creativity and knowledge of the market, but that’s no problem for our language specialists.
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Work with Any Format

There is nothing impossible for our team. We translate text, images, voice recordings, and many more

Why Our Greek Language Translator Services Are Outstanding?

We Ensure Accuracy

Our translators are true experts with extensive experience that take quality very seriously. They double-check and polish every Greek translation to English to perfection to meet the high standards of our customers. We also have industry-specific specialists that operate with professional terms in the required domain.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are fair and honest, and we make it clear to the customer how it is calculated for their order. With us, one would not need to spend a fortune on high-quality translation.

Only Human Translation

We want our service to be impeccable. This is why our company only works with human specialists to provide professional translations into Greek of the highest quality possible. Language expertise and strong translation skills matter to us above all.

Quick Delivery

There is nothing impossible for language specialists in our team. Have you just realized that you are searching for Macedonian translation done by tomorrow evening? No worries, we can translate anything you need by the deadline. and many more.

Helpful Support Team

Just like our translators, our support team is real humans who know their work well. If you want to order any kind of English to Greek translation service, they will be able to help you out and explain everything. Our support team replies very fast and is always there for you.

Empowered with Glossary Memory Tools

This is one of the cutting-edge technologies that help us to improve translation and maintain quick order delivery. We save the frequent phrases that often appear in similar contexts, which helps translate them fast yet accurately.

Trust Greek Language Professionals

Just like centuries ago, Greek translation is still required for a variety of industries. In some specific sectors, its popularity is growing due to its rapid development. But the good news is that our team of language experts can assist with any kind of work, be it formal translation from Greek to English or localization of a video game. In our striving for excellence, we use a personal approach to every client and are ready to be flexible to satisfy anyone’s needs and comply with firing deadlines while keeping our service affordable.


What is the cost of translation to Greek?

Our basic rate starts at only 0.11 USD per word, while our quality is always high.

What kinds of formats do you deliver?

We are very flexible on this matter. Whatever you need, from website localization services or video dubbing to legal documents Greek translation services we can find a suitable expert for any kind of project.

How fast can you translate my document into Greek?

Urgency does not scare us. Even if it is only a few hours before the deadline, we would do our best to help one out with translation.

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Greek translation

The service is just awesome! When I was looking for a company to help me out with Greek translation at first, I thought it would be hard since I needed localization of different media such as video ads, text, pictures, etc. But they support it all! It literally makes my work half easier. I am also impressed with their professionalism. Keep on!

Greek translation

It is the best translation service I have used so far. For my business, I sometimes need Bulgarian, Romanian, and Greek translation done urgently, and they always prepare it on time. This is a 100% trustworthy company, and the prices are reasonable. I recommend it.

Greek translation

Thank you so much! Your entire team is so great that I’m speechless. You made professional Greek translation for me in short terms and just saved me! Now I know that TheWordPoint is absolutely reliable, and I can always count on you.

Greek translation

I tried several different services until I found this one. Now I only order translations with them because I get a high-quality job at an affordable price. They have great Greek translation experts, and the ordering process is super easy. I appreciate the convenience and reliability the company provides.

Greek translation

TheWordPoint has great customer support! I was applying for a new job abroad, and it required from English to Greek translation of several documents. I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed, and I came to support with a lot of questions. They replied very fast and explained everything to me. So it’s definitely 5 stars!

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